Degüello S6E4: Missing and truncated scenes from some regions of the USA.

Hello fellow Endeavourists and welcome to another in the series of posts in regard to missing and truncated scenes from the Endeavour episodes.

As always thank you everyone with help in regard to finding the afore-mentioned missing and truncated scenes but special mention goes to Edwina and Barbara.

As these posts have been so popular I am going to attempt to find the missing scenes from previous Endeavour episodes. I have already done this with series five.

  1. ENDEAVOUR: Series 5, Episode 1, MUSE. Scenes Missing From USA Version.
  2. ENDEAVOUR: Series 5, Episode 2, CARTOUCHE. Scenes Missing From Some USA Versions.
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  6. ENDEAVOUR: Series 5, episode 6, ICARUS. Scenes missing from some US versions.

So, if any of you know of missing scenes from the pilot episode, series 1,2,3 and 4 that were not shown in the original broadcast in the United States please let me know.

Onward and upward. So it appears that for some there was quite a few missing and truncated scenes. let’s get started. As always with missing scenes I will include portions of the scenes before and after the missing scene.

Let us start with the truncated scenes. First up is the scene with Bright with his wife around 26 minute mark.

Around the 46 minute mark we see Bright entering the gentleman’s club to meet the ACC and the councillor.

Third truncated scene is when Morse visits Wicklesham around the 48 minute mark.

Next is a scene at around the one hour and 20 minute mark. It was part of a montage with Fred at home and Strange taking down Fancy’s picture.

Up next we have the gunfight at the OK Corral, I mean the gunfight at Wicklesham. This truncated scene also includes a missing scene when Max is shown to have been untied and given back his glasses.

The next truncated scene is the final scenes at the end of the episode in the police station.

The final truncated scene for many US viewers will not make sense due to the exclusion of the ‘pelican’ advert at the beginning of the first episode Pylon. So in case anyone has come to this first I have included below the pelican advert and the truncated scene with Bright being saved by the children.

Now onto the missing scenes. Firstly, we have a scene where Bright finds a note on his desk from ACC Bottoms to meet him at New College lane.

Next up we have the discussion of the Golem, it’s significance and why it was left in Dr Nicholson’s drawer.

I also got an email stating that she and some people on a forum on the Digital Spy website mentioned that they did not get to see the scene at about 54 minutes when Fred and Bright talk about how they met their wives.

UPDATE: 11th July 2019. I have been told that the following scene between Morse and Joan was edited out of some US versions.

I hoped you all enjoyed the post.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

26 thoughts

  1. You are not including the scene with Morse and Joan in the hospital after the collapse of the building. She asks him he is alright.

    1. I was also going to point out the missing scene between Joan and Morse at the hospital after the building collapse.

  2. Mahalo for including those scenes, Chris. I also note the difference in the music, especially in the denouement at Castle Gate. It made the scene softer, not so CSI, more hopeful leading towards season 7 and the new decade (1970). Mind you, the 70s were a tough time in the UK, but how were our guys to know at this point in time. It’s all rose colored glasses right now. Looking forward to, hopefully, a February broadcast on ITV.

  3. I was sorry to learn we didn’t get to see Max and Morse after the battle here in the U.S. Thanks for including that. I can’t say that the Bright and Thursday chat about their wives added an awful lot, except at the end when Bright says, “Now I can’t (save her).” The delivery between them struck me as a little “stagey.” Bright says something about his first encounter with the future Mrs. Bright, Thursday comes back with a line about his and Win’s, pauses for Bright to say his next line, who then delivers his, then Fred, then Bright comes back with a line about the sky. Real conversations don’t typically unfold that way. On the printed page, it must have looked great, but in its execution, not so much. I think the reason for the chat was clear, but I’d have been just as good if Bright had been unburdening his sense of helplessness to Fred, perhaps more to Fred’s great, but respectful, surprise.

    But that’s just my take.

    1. Disgraceful and infuriating, those mooks over at MasterCheat Theater cutting out scenes.
      Signed, Mr. and Mrs. Someday-We’ll-Get-Over-This-Outrage.

  4. On the scene with the ambulance so typical Max. But even more significantly left out I think was at the end of that scene where Thursday admitted taking a bad turn. I don’t know if it was too big of a jump that he did that or not. I wouldn’t have predicted it from his character in the series overall. Even giving the money to Charlie was an error in judgment.. but maybe all that plus Fancy’s death was enough to put him over the edge? Not sure as yet I buy that.

  5. Does any one know the name of the song Thursday is listening to at his home? It has the words
    Vaya con dios – Series six Deguello

  6. Hello, thank you so much for putting these missing scenes together! I thought I was going crazy when I watched episode 1&2 again and didn’t see certain things I remembered! One thing I didn’t see in your missing scenes and am not sure is even a scene is one with Morse kissing Joan in season 6. Does that actually happen somewhere? I thought I saw a clip of it somewhere but haven’t seen it so far in my version (USA Amazon stream).
    Thank you again!
    p.s. Now that I have found your site I will be digging all through it. What a treasure😊

      1. Was the not Isla, the veterinarian’s lovely-but-lethal daughter in S6E3, “Confection?” She and Morse kissed outside her home after the date that Thursday later scolded him for. I watched that preview many times waiting for S6 and knew it was not Joan, so when Isla appeared, I thought right away (short 4 episode season and all) that it had to be her!

    1. I saw that clip on PBS and it’s a girl with same hair color as Joanie, don’t know why they would do that. Add fake scenes in the ad and cut real scenes from the show :-[

      1. I found the image…it’s Morse and Joan with her hand on his cheek. They are in some sort of room, it is kind of dark. There’s a clock above the doorway behind them, a chalkboard, and a desk. It is suppose to be episode 4 (it is the image title for episode 4 in my amazon stream). But I don’t remember that scene. I am going to have to watch it again☺

  7. That’s different from the clip I saw in the PBS ad, they were outside on the sidewalk and the girl kissed E… I wonder if I imagined it ?? ; -]

  8. Who sings the song “Deguello” in this episode? Thursday is listening to it at his home in one scene, he turns the sound up after Win leaves the room. Deguello is also the name of this episode. I can find the lyrics for Deguello on the internet, but I can’t see who sings this version in the credits for this episode. It is lovely. Thanks

    1. With further research I found my answer. The song is indeed Deguello, if you go to you can click on that song and hear it in it’s entirety. From what I can tell Slater may have composed the song, but not sure who is singing it. The meaning of the song is interesting. If you do research on the word deguello and it’s history as the bugler’s call etc.

    2. Did my comment go through? further research found song Deguello, go to and click on last song Deguello to hear entire song. Pretty sure he composed it but not sure who sings it.

  9. The scene where Bright comes in to his wife. She refers to him as “Puli”? At least that’s how it is spelled in the captioning. What is the story with the nickname? I suppose that the rest of her comments about him not coming in time, etc., is that she is in a fugue state from the cancer or her nap and is remembering when he was not around when their daughter died – Dulcie? The daughter was mentioned in an earlier episode when Morse visited Bright and saw a photo. Thanks for any clarification!

    1. Hi! Welcome to my website. I mention the use of the name ‘Puli’ in my review of the episode.

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