Dexter’s Novels.

Those works that are coloured are those that have been reviewed. Click on the name of the work to open a new page and reveal the post.


  1. Last Bus to Woodstock.
  2. Last Seen Wearing.
  3. The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn.
  4. Service of All the Dead. (Coming soon)
  5. The Dead of Jericho. (Coming soon)
  6. The Riddle of the Third Mile. (Coming soon)
  7. The Secret of Annexe 3. (Coming soon)
  8. The Wench is Dead. (Coming soon)
  9. The Jewel that was Ours. (Coming soon)
  10. The Way Through the Woods. (Coming soon)
  11. The Daughters of Cain. (Coming soon)
  12. Death is Now my Neighbour. (Coming soon)
  13. The Remorseful Day. (Coming soon)

Novellas and short story collections

  1. The Inside Story (1993)
  2. Neighbourhood Watch (1993)
  3. Morse’s Greatest Mystery (1993); also published as As Good as Gold.

“As Good as Gold” (Morse)
“Morse’s Greatest Mystery” (Morse)
“Evans Tries an O-Level”
“Dead as a Dodo” (Morse)
“At the Lulu-Bar Motel”
“Neighbourhood Watch” (Morse)
“A Case of Mis-Identity” (a Sherlock Holmes pastiche)
“The Inside Story” (Morse)
“Monty’s Revolver”
“The Carpet-Bagger”
“Last Call” (Morse)

Uncollected short stories

  1. “The Burglar” in You, The Mail on Sunday
  2. “The Double Crossing” in Mysterious Pleasures (2003)
  3. “Between the Lines” in The Detection Collection (2005)
  4. “The Case of the Curious Quorum” (featuring Inspector Lewis) in The Verdict of Us All (2006)
  5. “The Other Half” in The Strand Magazine (February–May 2007)
  6. “Morse and the Mystery of the Drunken Driver” in Daily Mail (December 2008)
  7. “Clued Up” (a 4-page story featuring Lewis and Morse solving a crossword) in Cracking Cryptic Crosswords (2009)