ENDEAVOUR: Series 5, Episode 6, ICARUS. Scenes Missing From Some USA Versions.

Hello Endeavourists and welcome to the sixth and last post on the the missing scenes from the fifth series of Endeavour.

A huge thank you must go to my American friend Kathleen who took the time and effort to go through the episodes and find the afore-mentioned scenes. Thank you Kathleen.

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As before I have split the scenes into two parts. Enjoy.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

2 thoughts

  1. But the music! The song playing when they enter the pub to the scene of death and mayhem is different in the US and UK versions. Are you able to share the song playing on the US version?
    Thanks 😊

  2. I feel so CHEATED! I had no idea they cut so much for the PBS version in the US! I plan to write a very angry email. Thank you so much for posting these! The Icarus episode had always struck me as ‘not complete’. And how dare they withhold the Bright scene? (I knew there was a sad daughter backstory!)

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