ENDEAVOUR: Series 5, Episode 1, MUSE. Scenes Missing From USA Version.

Hello my fellow Morsonians, Endeavourists and Lewisians and welcome to a new post. This post is about all the missing scenes and edited scenes in the USA version. There are 12 scenes that were shown in the original British version but were either excised or edited when shown in the USA.

I understand why the American company does this so the episode fits into the confines of their time-slot and of course one must get plenty of advertisements in there as well. But it is unfair to the American viewers as they miss scenes which can help understand the motives and the characters in the episode that much better.

I have created a video of all twelve scenes. If the scene was missing from the US version I have set it between the before after scenes to give the missing scene context. Extended scenes are shown in their entirety.

These videos below are the first of what will probably be 12 videos in total. Videos will highlight an episode from the fifth series/season.

A huge thank you to my American friend Kathleen Avalone who identified all the scenes.

I hope you enjoy the video.

To read my review and learn of the music, locations, literary references and what those strange British phrases mean in the episode of the Endeavour episode MUSE click HERE.

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The video on the missing scenes in the episode ‘Cartouche’ will be uploaded on Wednesday, 8th August.


Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. Thanks, Chris! I did get to see the original ITV broadcast in the spring; the drawbacks were the commercials, no closed captioning, and the incredibly loud interfering music for dramatic effect. But they don’t edit out what the Endeavour team puts out for broadcast, I’ll give them that. PBS does great social media and that nice bit with the “clues” in their crew credits but it’s quite infuriating with their “judicial” edits to squeeze in advertising time in the beginning and ending of the broadcast but such are times with PBS. I really appreciate your taking the time to do this and pat myself on the back in subscribing to your blog. Cheers and Mahalo! Edwina

  2. But these were really important to the storylines!!!
    Thank you so much!
    I’m not very savvy. I want to subscribe to your page, but ended up on word something. Gave name, JessicaLynn Myers and email below. Is that all? I haven’t a web page.

  3. In the final episode Icarus, the scene where Morse visits Bright at Home was not in the version I viewed. It was on Masterpiece so no commercials, very strange.

    1. Anton Lesser is my favorite actor. His portrayal of Bright is deep and nuanced. His performance crosses from talented to genius in this role. I look forward to seeing, thanks to Chris, what I missed.

  4. Funny I am in US and have these scenes from Amazon prime and/or britbox. Could not get each one until it had already played on PBS but compared and at least have some of them.

      1. Endeavour isn’t on Britbox. The first four seasons are on Amazon Prime. Since we’ve only just finished season 5 on PBS it may be a while before it’s available.

  5. American broadcasts on PBS are shown commercial-free, with short advertising/programming spots at the beginning and end of the program. Endeavour on Masterpiece Mystery is slotted for 90 minutes. I estimate the run time for each episode is roughly 83 minutes.

  6. Sorry it wasn’t britbox in this case it was Amazon prime and I had to buy it separately . Seasons 1 through 4 were included on prime.

  7. Chris, I rewatched “Icarus” last night, the PBS version instead of the ITV version I saw the first go-round, and caught something that’s not a cut scene, but I’m not sure what to make of it. This seemed to be a good place to ask.

    About half-way through, I guess, Morse and Trewlove are at home, chatting, in the living room. The conversation turns from Fancy to Trewlove-and-Fancy to something more philosophical about love and careers and seizing the moment, something that seems to hit Morse where he lives. Through out, he’s putting a record on the record player and it starts to play. And it’s jazz! In fact, my closed captioning says, “Jazz music plays.” Nothing I recognized, but pretty good and pretty distinctive and of the period. I expected Morse to say something about it being one of Trewlove’s records, but he didn’t. I’ve never heard of Morse being a jazz fan before. Is he? Or was this a substitution for the American audience? I certainly don’t remember it from my first watching, but that may not mean anything.

    1. The Jazz music was also in the British version. I assumed the Jazz records were left by the previous owner.

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