Endeavour Morse: Weekly News Round Up W/E 25th March 2017.

The Morse universe lost one of its biggest stars this week, Colin Dexter. But like all stars Colin will continue to brighten all our lives for many, many years.

This post will be about Colin and only Colin. I have trawled the net looking for as many tweets, obituaries and other material that related to Colin’s death.

Let’s start with Twitter.

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Newspaper Obituaries.

New York Times

Obituary Headline:

Colin Dexter, 86, Dies; Creator of Inspector Morse, a Sleuth on Page and Screen


The Guardian

Obituary Headline;

Colin Dexter: the writer who brought novel ideas to television
TV took the Inspector Morse stories of the late Colin Dexter into the homes of millions – and he wasn’t the only novelist to bathe in the glow of the small screen


The Independent

Obituary Headline:

Colin Dexter obituary: Inspector Morse creator and one of the great whodunnit men


The Seattle Times

Obituary Headline;

Colin Dexter, creator of the beloved Inspector Morse, dies at 86


Colin Dexter | Tribute from the Scorpion Press

Colin Dexter | Tribute from the Scorpion Press



Morse’s Oxford: The city that inspired Colin Dexter.


Oxford Mail


Tributes flood in for Oxford legend and Inspector Morse author Colin Dexter


Radio Show Obituaries;

Laurence Fox, Kevin Whately etc talk on BBC Radio Shows about Colin Dexter.

BBC Radio 4 Obituary Programme ‘The Last Word’: Colin Dexter (24th March 2017)

Colin Dexter Cameos etc

  1. Endeavour: British Magazine Articles About Series 4. (Includes article about Colin)
  2. Colin Dexter: Another Double Sighting in a Lewis Episode, ‘Life Born of Fire’.
  3. UPDATE: More Sightings of Colin Dexter in Lewis.
  4. Double Sighting of Colin Dexter in the Lewis Episode, ‘Allegory of Love’.
  5. Colin Dexter’s appearances in Endeavour.
  6. Colin Dexter to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award from The Strand Magazine.
  7. Colin Dexter’s appearances in the Lewis series.
  8. Colin Dexter’s appearances in the Inspector Morse series.

From the Find My Past website;

Famous family trees: Colin Dexter


The Indian Express Website

Morse Code: Fifteen memorable quotes from Colin Dexter

“Patrick thinks you’re a very good detective. A poor policeman, and a very good detective.”
“Really. Well I suppose half a compliment is better than none.”
Second Time Around (TV series)
(on why he – Morse – never married) “No one would put up with me – I play my records too loud.”
The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn (TV series)
He was somewhat of a loner by temperament…though never wholly happy when alone, he was usually slightly more miserable when with other people.
The Wench is Dead
He had no time for reports. He suspected that 95 per cent of the written word was never read by anyone anyway.
– The Last Bus to Woodstock
“Morse’ Law is there’s always time for one more pint…except that there isn’t.”
The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn (TV series)
The wider the circle of knowledge, the greater the circumference of ignorance.
– The Riddle of the Third Mile
Life was full of “if only” for everyone.
The Dead of Jericho
“I like being dead. It takes the strain out of living.”
Masonic Mysteries (TV series)
“The secret of a happy life, Lewis, is to know when to stop and then to go that little bit further.”
The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
“Unlike you, I’ve lived a very sheltered life. I have tried to get invited along to one of these porno-parties, but everybody seems to think I’m above such things.”
Morse’s Greatest Mystery and other stories
“I stumble about. That’s what I do. Sometimes I stumble in the right direction”
– Deceived by Flight (TV series)
“You can’t arrest the man just because you don’t like him”
“More’s the pity!”
Driven to Distraction (TV series)
“If anybody wants me, they’ll find me looking at fish. Through the bottom of a beer glass!”
– The Wolvercote Tongue (TV series)
This was exactly why holidays were so valuable…they allowed you to stand back a bit, and see where you were going rusty.
The Way Through the Woods
“What’s your first name?”
– Remorseful Day (TV series)

We come to the end of this particular post. However, I am hoping to post again later today with a recording of the BBC radio 4 drama House of Ghosts: A Case for Inspector Morse. Until then, take care.

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