Colin Dexter: Another Double Sighting in a Lewis Episode.


Hello everyone and welcome to a short post on another new sighting of Colin Dexter.

Thanks to Roland an eagle-eyed blog reader, we have another Lewis episode where he appears twice; ‘Life Born of Fire’ (Series 2, Episode 3). The first time he appears in the episode at 47 minutes and 35 seconds I had noticed.


Colin’s first appearance in the episode, ‘Life Born of Fire’ (Series 2, Episode 3).

The second sighting I never noticed and that is at the end of the episode at one hour, 31 minutes and 43 seconds.


Colin in academic robes.

Well spotted Roland. For my post on Colin Dexter’s appearances in the Morse series, click here. For Colin’s appearances in the Lewis series click here. As for the Endeavour series, Colin’s appearances are spread over a 12 part post I did on the Endeavour series. For the first part click here. When you click on the links they will open in a new window. Enjoy!

So onward and upwards. Take care everyone.

Author: Chris Sullivan

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