Double Sighting of Colin Dexter in the Lewis Episode, ‘Allegory of Love’.

Just a short post to mention a double appearance of Colin Dexter in a Lewis episode. While watching the Lewis episode ‘Allegory of Love’ (Series 3, Episode 1) last night I was surprised by not only Mr Dexter appearing twice in the episode but that I hadn’t noticed this on a previous viewing.

allegory of love 6m8s (2)

Colin’s first appearance in the episode coming out of the Randolph at 6 minutes and 10 seconds.


Colin’s second appearance in the episode at 20 minutes and 24 seconds.

Now, I am wondering if Mr Dexter has made other multiple appearances in any of the Morse, Lewis and Endeavour series. Has anyone else noticed multiple appearances of Mr Dexter?


Author: Chris Sullivan

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  1. As I’ve said before, I always mean to look for Mr. Dexter, but I always forget! Thank you for “finding” him for me.

  2. Thanks for confirming it. I originally discounted the second one on the ground that I had already spotted him once!

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