Colin Dexter’s appearances in Endeavour.


Hi Mateys. Though I have already spotted Colin in the Endeavour episodes and put that information in my series of posts on the connections between the Endeavour series and Morse and Lewis, that was only done in picture form.

Having already done videos on the appearances of Colin in the Morse and Lewis series’ I thought it only made sense to create one on his appearances in the newest addition to the Morse universe, Endeavour.

I hope you all enjoy.

A update to this post (17/07/2016). A follower of my blog, Fran, believes she may have found Colin in the final episode, ‘Coda’. I think she may be right. Colin’s appearance happens during the concert Endeavour attends at 14 minutes and 20 seconds. Fran believes Colin is one of the cello players; the one where we only see the back of his head. Why would the camera linger on the back of this person’s head unless they were leaving a clue to something important. What do you all think of this idea?


Author: Chris Sullivan

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  1. I believe that I located Colin in Coda, towards the beginning during the chamber music segment. Take a look at the way the camera pans the musicians. Two of them are panned quickly, then the camera slowly, and in full frame, pans the back of the head of the cello, player as making a point of lingering. I watched three time to find Colin and finally came back to the cello player frame. It must be him! the back of his head may be a clever visual of “coda”… Colin playing cello in the finale. 🙂

    1. Hi Nasir and thanks for commenting. The scene still begs the question, why does the camera linger so long on the back of the head of one of the cellists. There is always the possibility they shot Colin’s scene at an earlier or later date. Colin has not been keeping well these last few years so it is always possible they reshot a scene just so they could have Colin in the episode. However, thanks for commenting and lucky you getting to watch the filming.

  2. Thanks a lot, so nice to see all the scenes, I can see I differential missed a lot of scenes with him 😉

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