All the Oxford Colleges Used As Locations In The ENDEAVOUR Series. PART TWO.

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As the title suggests this post is about all the Oxford colleges used as locations in all 30 episodes of the Endeavour series. (Once the eighth series is broadcast I will add the colleges used in that series to this post). I will only mention those colleges which were used as a location internally. However, I will mention a college if someone is simply exiting or entering a college or it is used to establish where a character is. At the end of the post there is an alphabetical list of the colleges used, plus which episodes were filmed therein.

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Let’s get started.

The times are based on the British DVDs. The times stated are not exact but are within the minute the location appears.

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ENDEAVOUR, GAME (Series 4, Episode 1)


Endeavour arrives at at what is called Lovelace College.

This is in fact St Catherine’s College, Manor Rd, Oxford OX1 3UJ. All college scenes interior and exterior are shot at St Catherines.


We see the Russians walking through St Catherine’s College.

After the above scene the Russians meet Endeavour.

This is the interior of St Catherine’s College.


The large chess set appears to be in the grounds of St Catherine’s College.


The British team celebrate their computer’s win.

It is still St Catherine’s College

ENDEAVOUR, CANTICLE (Series 4, Episode 2)

The opening dance scenes are filmed in New College.


Endeavour walks into the Front quad where the dance scene is being filmed.


The band’s manager is standing waiting for Endeavour and Trewlove.

This is the cloisters of New College.

The next scenes with the manager talking to Trewlove and Endeavour are within the cloisters shown in the above picture.

Endeavour, Lazaretto. (Series 4, Episode 3)


Donna Zacharides is seen cleaning.

This is Merton College seen from the front quad toward Fellows Quad in the background.

Endeavour, Harvest. (Series 4, Episode 4)


After talking to Alison, Morse and Thursday go looking for Professor Donald Bagley. They find him in Magdalen College Chapel.




Endeavour and Thursday talk to Professor Donald Bagley in Magdalen College Cloisters.

Endeavour, Muse (Series 5, Episode 1)


Endeavour is seen walking through the front quad of Exeter College.

Endeavour meets Trewlove.

Faberge Egg is being exhibited and then auctioned.

This is Exeter College Dining Hall.


Endeavour meets Dorothea.

This is the front quad of Exeter College.


Endeavour, Thursday and Fancy walk and talk.

This is again Exeter College Front Quad. It’s the same steps where Endeavour met Dorothea.


Adrian Croxley and Dr. Tancred Howlett talk.

This is Magdalen College Dining Hall.

Endeavour, Cartouche (Series 5, Episode 2)

No college locations.

Endeavour, Passenger (Series 5, Episode 3).

No college locations.

Endeavour, Colours (Series 5, Episode 4)

No college locations.

Endeavour, Quartet (Series 5, Episode 5)


Albert Mullion is walking through a quad.

This is Brasenose College.


Endeavour meets Dr. Gerhardt Schneider.

This is again Brasenose College.


Endeavour goes to meet the porter.

This is Brasenose College Front Quad.


Endeavour meets Dr. Gerhardt Schneider again.

This is Brasenose College.

Endeavour, Icarus (Series 5, Episode 6)

No College Locations.

Endeavour, Pylon (Series 6, Episode 1)


Morse and Strange are seen in a university quad striding toward Sheridan’s rooms.

This is Magdalen College. The large tower structure in the background is Magdalen Chapel.

A few minutes later Thursday and Endeavour are talking. Thursday tells Morse that the past is the past. They are standing again in Magdalen College.

Endeavour, Apollo (Series 6, Episode 2)


The two thugs run into this building being chased by Box and Jago.

They are running into New College from New College Lane.

Endeavour, Confection (Series 6, Episode 3)


Endeavour goes to meet Max.

This is Oriel College.

‘Regnante Carolo’ is carved into the parapet to commemorate the reign of Charles I in which the Quad was finished. The phrase means ‘Charles, being King’.


Max and Endeavour walk through Oriel College.

Endeavour, Degüello (Series 6, Episode 4)


This is St Edmund Hall it is referred to as Garstang College in the episode.


Endeavour and Thursday talk to the porter.

This is St Edmund Hall’s front quad.


Endeavour again talking to the porter.

It is still St Edmunds hall.


Thursday and Endeavour talk to Dr. Jasper Nicholson.

It is still the front quad of St Edmunds Hall.

Endeavour, Oracle (Series 7, Episode 1)

No college locations.

The location of the recital that Morse attends and then meets Ludo looks to be college grounds. However, though it is sandwiched between All Souls College and Queens College it doesn’t appear to belong to either of them . It is called Warden’s Garden.

That central area I have marked in red is where the recital is, on the overview below, I am unclear as to who owns that piece of land or what it is. On the maps for All Souls College on the right it is shown as not being part of it. On the maps for Queen’s College on the right, the red area is not shown as being part of it. The only name I can find for that area is, College Yard Gate.

Endeavour, Raga (Series 7, Episode 2)

No college locations

Endeavour, Zenana (Series 7, Episode 3)


Magdalena Byrne giving a speech.

I believe this is Merton College which stands in for St Matilda’s College but I cannot find a window in Merton College that matches the one shown above.


The singer of Ave Maria is standing in Fellows Quad, Merton College.

The window marked with an arrow below is the room the camera is situated when it films Charlotte Potter singing from afar. The camera then moves into where the Warden is discussing the vote on allowing men into the college.


Endeavour visits Magdalena.

He is walking through the front quad of Merton College with Merton College Chapel in the background.


Endeavour sits with Magdalena

This is Merton College.


Protesters against allowing men into Lady Matilda’s College.

St Alban’s Quad is in the background, Merton College.


Endeavour walks and talks with the professors of St Matildas.

This is the front quad of Merton College. Endeavour then meets Violetta and Ludo in the same location.


The two professors discuss the vote on whether men can attend St Matildas. The vote was ‘no.’

Merton College looking toward the front quad.

Endeavour, Striker (Series 8, Episode 1)

The first college scene. The professor and John Sarson meet.

This is Exeter College.


Endeavour arrives at Lonsdale College.

Exeter College which stands in for Lonsdale College. This is the front quad.


At 40 minutes we get a view of an Oxford College.

This is Exeter College from Fellows Garden.


At around one hour and one minute Endeavour walks through the college to talk to the professor.

This is the Front Quad of Exeter College.


Another view of the Exeter College Fellows’ Gardens when Endeavour is talking to John Sarson.

This is a view of Fellows Garden, Exeter College.


Endeavour, Scherzo. (Series 8, Episode 2)

No college locations.

Endeavour, Terminus (Series 8, Episode 3)

No college locations.

List of Colleges and the episodes filmed at those locations in alphabetical order.

Brasenose College


Exeter College



Merton College



Magdalen College



New College.



Oriel College


St Catherine’s College.


St Edmund Hall


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  1. Thank you for your splendid detective work. Much appreciated. I always like to know where certain scenes were shot and which colleges they used for particular episodes.

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