Deleted/truncated scenes missing from the US Version of the LEWIS Episode, Whom the Gods Would Destroy., Series 1, Episode 1.

Hello everyone and welcome to a new post. In the past I have created posts showing the missing scenes from series five and six of the Endeavour series. You can find these posts by clicking HERE and go to section 15 on the page.

I have now found out, thanks to Lewis fans on my live streams, that PBS also edited scenes from the Lewis series. A huge thank you to Nate who took the time to compare the PBS aired episode and the original UK broadcast allowing me to find the scenes and record the scenes. Unbelievably, there are some important scenes that have been excised by the editor for PBS who is akin to a heavy handed butcher.

Of course it is possible that not all regions had the following scenes deleted. To put the missing scenes into context I will include parts of the scenes that came before and after. Let me know your thoughts on this post in the comments section. The running times I have mentioned below are those for the UK broadcast and DVD. So, for US viewers they will be approximate.

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Are you sitting comfortably because there are quite a lot of deleted scenes. Go and grab a coffee and a snack and I will start when you are ready………………………………………………………………….You’re back? Good. Here we go.

First up is a scene without dialogue. It starts at around 12m50s after Lewis and Hathaway have a drink at a pub. Lewis and Hathaway are making their to the Bodleian and then walking through the Bodleian. The deleted scene ends when Lewis says, “Professor Gold.”.

The second deletion is again a scene with no dialogue. It occurs at the end of the scene with Professor Gold and Lewis and Hathaway at around 14m40s. The deleted scene is Lewis and Hathaway leave Professor Gold and she watches them go then looks at a newspaper.

The third deleted scene starts at around the 19m40s mark. The scene is during Lewis and Hathaway’s interview of Theodore Platt. The deleted scene starts when Platt says, “What?” after Lewis says, “Well, thank you both for your time.” The deleted scene ends just before Hathaway says, ” Oh, there is one more question, Mr Platt.”

The fourth deleted scene starts when Sefton Linn’s daughter says to Lewis and Hathaway regarding the motor oil on the ground, “I’ve been telling them about that.” The deleted scene ends after Sefton and his wife Catherine have argued.

The fifth deleted scene is another non dialogue scene at around 29m25s.  The scene starts after  Sefton Line says, “We’ll see.” after Harry Bundrick says, ” I hear you’re destined for great things.” The deleted scene involves Hathaway walking to the Bodleian.

The sixth deleted scene is during Lewis getting ready to attend a dinner with Jean Innocent and talking to Hathaway. It starts after Lewis says, “Theology and mind altering substances. Don’t really go hand in hand do they?” Hathaway replies, “No you wouldn’t think so, would you.”  It ends after the scene in which Harry and Ingrid burn Dean Greely’s paintings.

The seventh deleted scene is when the string quartet are playing. It starts after Lewis says, “It’s time we were getting in.” The deleted scene ends when Lewis excuses himself to go after Linn.

The eighth deleted scene is immediately after the seventh deleted scene. The deleted scene is a full scene with Lewis and Professor Gold.

The ninth deleted scene is after the above scene with Lewis walking home to his flat at 46m11s

The tenth deleted scene is around the 56m35s mark. It is the complete scene between Innocent, Lewis and Hathaway.

The eleventh deleted scene is another non dialogue scene at 59m40s. It is when Lewis is walking to through the murder scene.

The twelfth deleted scene starts around 1h6m40s. The deleted scene is both the Lewis and Hathaway office scene and the scene with Lewis and Hathaway talking to Ingrid Neilson.

The thirteenth deleted scene starts around 1h10m40s. It is another short non dialogue scene with Lewis walking to the car where Hathaway is sitting reading.

Deleted scene fourteen starts at around 1h15m30s. Another non dialogue scene with Lewis and Hathaway going to search Tina Daniels flat.

Deleted scene fifteen starts around 1h25m15s. The deleted scene is with Lewis and Hathaway in the car.

Deleted scene sixteen is around the 1h30m25s mark. The deleted scene is just the shot of the skull.


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