UPDATE: My Mum’s Battle With the Coronavirus.

Hello everyone. I hope this post finds you all well and safe. I decided to make a video rather than writing a post as I think it has more of a personal touch.

Thank you to everyone for your support for me and my mum.


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Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

25 thoughts

  1. So glad you and your mom are doing better. Missed the Sunday night viewings, looking forward to them starting again.😊

  2. Great to see you “in the flesh” Chris and thank you for taking the time to post a video. Sending you, your Mum and your children continued love and best wishes and wishing you strength and positivity.

  3. Don’t worry about feeling a little uninterested in doing the normal things. I think all of us are feeling a little of that anyway going through this nightmare even without having an ill parent to worry about. I actually read an article yesterday that explained it as allostatic load. There is too much to worry about now and the brain is having a hard time coping. Be easy on yourself. Do all the things that you enjoy. Make sure to stay connected with those who love you. Which includes all of us. Praying for better times ahead.

  4. Hi Chris, I do know from experience how easily it is to fall into those doldrums and to lose interest and desire to do anything at all, even the things we love. Getting over a mild (thankfully) case of COVID myself which, on the bright side, allowed me to finish that wonderful book, The Splendid and the Vile by Eric Larsen. Things about Churchill I never knew! But I’m so glad you are bouncing back. We need you! Looking forward to whatever you “feel” like doing and hoping everything turns out the way you want it to. All the best, Kathleen

  5. Chris, I’m so sorry about your mum. I know it’s extra hard not being able to physically be with the ones you love, too, but you seem to be a very strong and steady person. I would also say you’re cautiously realistic, noting the seriousness of this whole covid thing. Thank you for your videos, blog and all your insightful commentary on these stories we love so much. I hope things continue to go well for you and you get to see the kids very soon. Hang in… Cheers from Ohio…

  6. Chin-up Chris, We are all in this together. Check out the WETA schedule here in Washington DC. As I’ve said I spend April watching Morse again (after 20 years). The TV stations here have been rebroadcasting the series off and on since last Fall. So now they will start again next week and finish up with Morse then start Lewis in June. (I do have the series on DVD, but do not want to mess with my new TV.)
    In the mean time there are water colours to do and books to read… By the way I have and autographed copy of “The two of Us” by Sheila Hancock that I purchased in Edinburg years ago (15?).
    Thanks so much for keeping us busy with your entertaining as well as interesting blog!

  7. so glad to see you in person again, and than you for the update! Sending thoughts of strength and support as you and she struggle with this!! thank goodness you have the NHS to help her as you go through this process….it is so hard to know what to say but we are all pulling for her and for you!

  8. Hang in there , Chris. I understand being superstitious about parents. I cared for mine for several years, I would think , I can handle this situation if it doesn’t get worse. Worse always seem to happen. I stopped myself from ever saying that.
    I know you are missing your kids dreadfully. I am sure missing mine. Zoom or FB chats just don’t take the place of seeing them in person.

    Keeping you , your Mum and the rest of your family in my prayers. Do try to find a couple of things to do every day. It is too easy to drift into melancholy.

    I am missing our Sundays with Lewis but totally understand. If you aren’t up to doing a show on Sunday and just want to chat for a few minutes with the gang, I know we would love to check in live with you for a few minutes.

    Amazon Prime is showing the 1st season of Lewis free this month. I re-watched the 1st episode. I caught so much more after watching it with the group. Planning on watching episode 2 this week.

    Take care and stay well. We are all thinking of you and your sweet Mum.


  9. Oh Chris: so glad to watch you well, let’s keep optimistic, that’s the best way. These are hard times to everyone, her in Chile, we are coming to winter time so we’re very worry about how this will outcones.
    Let’s keep praying for your Mum’s recovery. So glad your kids are doing that extraordinary job being close to you.
    Always see the glass half full Chris, that’s the good way… especially right now… And please do not worry about your “Lazyness”, as you said, today our main job is to keep us safe and fine, so NO feel Lazy, please,}
    We ought and must remain at home, calm, fine, sane. You are a brave and kind guy, , and we admire so much for all your achivements, mainly to create this Amazing Universe for all of us, your work is Extraordinary, so is time to rest and keep strong to your love ones, especially Mum. These Sunday here is Mother’s Day, so, as mine is at heaven since 2003, I’ll pray for your dear Mom….to remain a time still with you….. Be fine and good..
    Kind regards

  10. Hi, Chris
    Glad to hear from you. I’m sending your mom healing energy and hope that she improves.
    This is a rough time so hang in there.

    The Lewis book is wonderful. I’m so glad that you took the time and energy to do all the research and write it.

    Take care — Sue

  11. Good to hear your Mum is no worse Chris I hope she starts to improve -she sounds like a trouper. I totally get the feeling of lethargy and worry, it would be odd not to have these feelings, we all react in different ways so don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s a lot to go through for us all but especially if you have the extra stress of a loved one being directly affected. Thank you for taking the time to send us all a message and take care, looking forward to better times for us all. With love Midland Mains x x

  12. Aloha and good morning from Hawaii, Chris! It’s good to see you and hear from you – as Robin above says, cautiously optimistic about your mum, I’m glad to hear you say she’s a tough one! And to keep your spirits up as well, Zoom your kids in a video conference – it seems the thing to do nowadays – people need that connection and words on screen are great but seeing your loved ones faces and hearing their voices make a huge difference:-) If you can’t focus on reading a book at long stretches, perhaps do a small puzzle (not one of those infuriating 1000-piece ones, just a nice starter one) or write in a diary instead of writing your novel. Transitioning to your normal intellectual work in small doses might help – you’re still recovering yourself, you know, from dealing with your mom and withdrawals from your family and friends. It’s been tough for you – I think it’s fair to say that, we can see the result in your video post – but please continue to keep your spirits up! Sending you and your ohana my best wishes, Chris and if possible, I’ll “see” you on Sunday!

  13. Hello Chris. Thank you for posting this video of yourself with the latest news, regarding your mother’s battle with the dreaded virus. Pleased to hear, that after nearly two weeks since your Mum tested positive, she is stable, and has not deteriorated further. Let us hope she will start to get better, and that there will be some improvement, in the coming days and weeks, and I wish her a full and speedy, eventual recovery. Given the events of the past fortnight, you have put together this piece for your website, a lot quicker than I expected, and it is good to see you are keeping well, Chris. All the best to you, your Mum, and your family.

  14. No worse is the operative phrasing, and I am so happy for you all because of it. Prayer of comfort offered for your mum and your family.

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