New Pub Location Identified In Lewis Series: The Dead of Winter.

Hello everyone and welcome to a new post.

I have been very fortunate that I have been in touch with someone who worked on the Lewis series. Unfortunately it happened after my book was published.

I will over time post new found locations and notify you of any errors, I or the publishers have made in my book.

The pub that has been identified is from the episode Dead of Winter.

This is around the 43 minute mark. Stella Gonet as Frances Woodville and Lewis discuss Dr Stephen Black. The pub is the The Royal Standard of England, Forty Green, Beaconsfield.

Image result for The Royal Standard of England In, Forty Green, Beaconsfield.

This pub has actually been used in the Endeavour series but I never made the connection.

So update your Kindle copy, (I think you can make notes on it) and attach a post-it note to your paperback.

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  1. Only last week, I acquired Bill Leonard’s book The Oxford of Inspector Morse and Lewis, published in 2008, having been inspired by the filming locations you portray on this website and in your newly published Lewis tome. It only covers the first two series of Lewis, given its publication date, however when referring back to the appendix, in your excellent Lewis guide, covering unfound or unconfirmed locations, I have discovered a number of these locations you could not definitively find, in Leonard’s informative book. Would you like me to list these locations, from the first two series of Lewis, that have not been mentioned in your book?

  2. Thanks for the reply Chris. I subscribe to your website, so each time you write a new post, it comes directly to my e-mail address. Therefore, in order to e-mail you, should I just reply to one of those posts you send, or do I need your actual e-mail address? I’ve just had a quick browse on this website, but I cannot find your personal e-mail address, what is it please?

  3. I should have added Chris, only tell me your personal e-mail, if I need that to contact you. Otherwise, as a subscriber, I would reply, via the posts you send to my e-mail account.

  4. I’m making a right meal of this aren’t I, but if needed, you could provide me with your personal e-mail contact details, by sending me an e-mail. Thanks for the reply, and sorry for being long-winded.

    1. James, if you use the ‘contact me’ option at the top of the page on the right hand side, that directs an email to me.

  5. Thanks Chris, I looked at the Contact Me page last night, and I should have realised that was the method to e-mail you.

  6. I will try to e-mail you this new information I discovered Chris, by at least tomorrow, hopefully.

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