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Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. I haven’t seen any of season 7 since I’m in America but I gather you really did not like this episode! I am saving your reviews for when I do get to see them. I did order season 7 DVD’s from ITV so I will get them around March 9. I refuse to watch them on PBS given the butchering job they do. But If they truly are as bad as you think, maybe that’s not such a bad thing! I certainly hope I find something redeeming about them.

      1. Kathleen,

        The first prerequisite is that you have VPN software for your computer (we watch the shows on our computer, I have a 17″ monitor). The VPN I use is Nordvpn, highly rated by tech magazines.

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        After your account is set up, search for Endeavor. The episodes will be listed.

        This sounds complicated, but it is not.

        If you need further assistance email me directly at

        P.S. Regarding the VPN software, if you browse the internet you should be using one anyway.

      2. Similarly, I use Unblock-Us ( It’s not a VPN but a DNS service, though they do offer a separate VPN that, frankly, isn’t well reviewed. The DNS service is designed for no other purpose than to allow you to watch streaming programming that is usually “geo-restricted”–that is, streaming websites that are only open to people within a certain geographic area. The service simply changes the server you use away from the one in your house to one in the restricted area. All you need to do is change the settings in your computer and you’re good to go, and I’ve found my normal internet activities are completely unaffected. (I’ve never quite understood the technology, but just found this, which explains it all: One advantage I’ve found with it is that when a channel like the BBC cottons on to VPN and DNS users breaking through their geo-restrictions and changes its own settings to thwart those users, Unblock-us is swifter on the uptake to adjust things on its end because streaming is ALL it does, while streaming TV is only a small part of a VPN service’s remit and so a lower priority. It’s cheap, too, and you get at least some of the same protections a VPN offers.

      3. Thanks Steve. I am Neolithic when it comes to tech things. But my son is a software developer so I’m sure he can help. But in a way, I would rather wait for the DVD’s as I can see some of the extras and savor them at my leisure!

  2. I just watched this episode and I really don’t know what to make of it. Disappointing end to Season 7 unfortunately. At least episode 1 was good.

  3. Oh, Chris😞Breathe, step away, eat something, sleep, do something VERY enjoyable completely unrelated to the Morse Universe, eat again, sleep, watch silly telly (not Love Island!), go for a walk, watch the sunset, eat again, sleep. Now, you can either read comments or read your notes to start an outline on your review. We won’t expect it for awhile now we know it will likely get possibly 1 Jag or less but your subscribers and followers will likely have helped you with your usual locations, insights, etc. That may give you an emotional boost. A bit of emotion is fine when you invest yourself into expecting quality. I’m sure you can find something to discuss, even if it’s not exactly what you expected or wanted. You can always reach out to us, your followers/subscribers, to find points that may need finessing – we like to help. Good luck! Ganbatte kudasai!

  4. Oh Chris, I’m with you. It was an awful two hours. Almost a perfect exemplar in what happens when a bunch of self satisfied people disappear up their own backsides. It was embarrassing and enraging to watch. Hardly any of it made sense. Only 2 positives for me: Anton Lesser acting his socks off again and it was nice to see Morse’s house starting to come together. The rest was a mess. I’ve no idea how they can come back from this.

  5. Hi Mark – I have said since series 5 that Shaun Evans has too much influence in the series (no matter that I think he is very talented and seems like a lovely chap) but I have seen so many great shows ruined like this (the x files a case in point)

    My instinct was confirmed by Damian Bancroft’s recent interview with Russ Lewis which confirmed what I thought- it said how a scene was written and even filmed and then Shaun said he didn’t like it and asked him to write a new scene and they actually re-filmed it.

    1. Probably, but it feels like the whole production team have set up home on a distant galaxy. And, it all starts with the script, which I feel in this episode, was incomprehensible. I think a production decision was made after series two, to make each episode very stylised. It’s been wobbling for a while but I feel that on Sunday, it finally crashed into a style over substance pit.

  6. Absolutely awful. The whole series. At the beginning it was moving to see how Shaun Evans brought so much of Morse’s character to the screen but in this series he has become a dislikeable person. We know Morse liked the ladies but he almost comes across as lecherous and unprincipled now. What happened to the music? It was a large part of Morse’s character yet it almost seems that now it’s a competition to find the most obscure music possible. The storylines are ludicrous too. I read recently that Shaun Evans was trying to be truer to the novels and must admit I’ve never read them so that may be true. Anton Lesser and Roger Allam as usual redeemed it with their fine acting but they must be both wondering what they are doing trying to make something of this awful farce.

    1. Totally agree with you….used to love Morse but really beginning to dislike him….hopefully the last season will be better and, hopefully,redeem this one. It was loathesome……..

    1. Chris Jenkins,
      I enjoyed your review of the Outsider and The Stranger. Although I haven’t watched the series yet, I have read Coben’s book, several of them, as they are certainly page turners and can be read in a couple of days. Plus he is from NJ where I was born, raised, and lived most of my life so I recognize many of the places he mentions. And the Outsider is slow moving but compelling and very well acted. Thanks.

  7. Owww Darling Chris ….what can we say after this?? There are so many many wrong things here that would be hard to you to analyze this episode. I tend to think Mr. Evans is getting to close to that Hollywood star standard- self sufficient- egoloving, etc. Mr. Dexter would become a ghost surrounding Oxford trying to understand what’s hell going on here?? “- Just Anton Lesser has given us the highest and brightest scenes.. Who ever thought Violetta is a pasionate character to Morse??.And sorry for this she is not even an atractive face, just an ordinary and regular girl……Well……we knew that would come…don’t we? they are trying to mixed things so quickly…and at the end no one would understand a thing … Pity pity, but we are with you as always, so be strong and keep up yourself for us Chris. we need you¡¡

  8. Very disheartening to read how bad this episode is, and it seems the others in this series are as well. In some of the interviews with Shaun that you have sent, Chris, he repeatedly says he didn’t watch any of Morse series. This never made sense to me because you would think he would want to at least bring some of those characteristics, although through a younger slant, to the character. I had a foreboding, if you will, about the track the series was going to be taking when the rift between Thursday and Morse occurred. Didn’t make sense to me given how close they were and how Thursday looked upon Morse as more of a son who needed guidance and protection. But I guess there had to be some parting of the ways to make room for McNutt. Could have been done in a better way, though, I think. Although, as I say, I haven’t seen this series yet.

  9. Well all I can say is that it isn’t Inspector Morse. It’s a different series albeit set as character prequel.
    I love it but, and this a big but, I cannot for the life of me see how, when Endeavour finally ends, that the Thursday’s and Reg Bright come to be obliterated completely from the later Morse story.
    At least Fred would be mentioned. but as we know, never is. Something that Fred does must be so morally repugnant that Morse keeps him well locked up.
    Yet again, in Morse, coppers from his past are introduced and, again, Thursday, is never mentioned. He seems to be not even the Scottish Play in the John Thaw series.
    I like the classical music but I’d like to hear some more contemporary music as there is so much great rock/popular music, the classical music of the time.
    As far as the shows go, Lewis wasn’t Inspector Morse and I have to accept that Endeavour isn’t Inspector Morse either. What happens when they start making Hathaway? Although Larry Fox has made a bit of an arse of himself in public recently with his foray into “woke” politics.

    1. My opinion is Lewis isn’t Lewis either. He was lovable, sweet, happy go lucky, jovial in Morse. In Lewis he is the opposite, terse, insulting, somber and bitter. Very few lighthearted moments. I’m sure many will disagree with me but his character in Lewis is unlikeable to me. Granted he might have had his reasons in the beginning, loss of his wife, loss of his friend/mentor, Morse, but to carry that on through the entire series is not enjoyable to me. And, to be honest, I’m not enamored with Hathaway either. “Give me my Morse…”

      1. But there is a good reason for the change in Lewis. As I mentioned in my book there is a line in the Morse episode, Dead on Time after the inquest. Morse is looking toward Susan. Lewis comes up behind him and says. “Losing a woman like that, l think l might have turned a bit sour myself.” Lewis did lose a ‘woman like that’, his wife. So Lewis ‘turned a bit sour’.

      2. Yes I do understand that. But even though Morse lost his true love, he had empathy, even sympathy, for those he investigated and met. He had so many bright, philosophical and humorous spots in his discourses with Lewis and Max. He was funny and so charming in, yes, a grouchy sort of way, but his character was balanced with wit, charm, some grouchiness and disdain and yet so moralistic. I love the scene in Deadly Slumber when he is appalled that they ruined a young girl’s life over money. “He was made monstrous.” His sympathy for Dawson in that beautiful poignant ending scene in Second Time Around-one of the best- shows just how empathetic he is and how really sorry he is that this has happened at all. He can be haughty but he is also down to earth. He is brilliant and yet makes mistakes – but admits them! He hates violence but he knows it exists, makes him sad that it does, but deals with it in his intelligent and “crossword kind of mind.” And you see in these episodes so many times the guilty ask for him because he “would understand.” No, no one is like Inspector Morse.

      3. It’s not about the individual characters though. There was a very good reason why Lewis lost his innocence and lighter view of life. In fact, one of the good things about Endeavour is that we are seeing, over the seven series, how he became the middle aged man of the John Thaw era. The problem with this series has been with the style and tone which has lost any semblance to reality.

  10. I enjoyed this episode and indeed the whole three part story this year. The clashes between Morse and Thursday were electric. Some brilliant dramatic moments. Gripping and entertaing.

  11. I found this series especially the last episode really hard to follow, probably because there were several different plot lines going on at the same time and the story stretched over the 3 episodes.

  12. I’m going to be an outlier and say I quite enjoyed the episode – but only quite!

    I didn’t like how instead of 3 separate episodes (albeit with a running thread tying them all together as in earlier series) it was seemingly one episode split into three parts.

    I didn’t like how the series took place over the space of one year, but that nothing seemed to have happened or moved on in between each episode.

    I’m fed up with Russell Lewis apparently deciding that there must be a shooting denouement at the end of each series now – what’s wrong with having a finale where Morse and Thursday aren’t in mortal danger?! It’s too repetitive.

    I liked how Ludo played with Morse and kept tripping him up and destabilising him. It was quite pleasing to see his self-satisfied air punctured when he was in the restaurant with Ludo and Violetta.

    I thought the twist the story took about the insurance policies and the accidental deaths was really clever, I didn’t suspect anything like that.

    Abigail Thaw and Anton Lesser were amazing, as ever. So completely natural and absorbing to watch.

    I felt very sad when Morse and Thursday were arguing throughout the episode; I know there will have to be a schism between them to explain why Thursday (a character invented for this prequel show) is never mentioned in the later Morse series, but part of the charm in the earlier Endeavour episodes was seeing the mutual affection and regard Morse and Thursday held for each other.

    All in all, I enjoyed the episode, was mildly annoyed by some ridiculous coincidences and repetitions, but was left wondering what’s going to happen in the final series and excited to see what’s going to happen next.

  13. I think there are some Columbo fans here and they may be aware of the excellent Columbophile website. Over there, Columbophile has just reviewed the final episode of the classic era: 1968 to 1977/78. 45 episodes in total. He’s also rated the 2 pilots and 7 seasons into favourites.

    All episodes reviewed – good, bad or indifferent. Nudge, nudge Chris!

    Like here, everyone gets the chance to comment on the episode and his review. One thing can be sure – there is often plenty of disagreement about what makes a good Columbo episode.

    On that note, I’m with David Shaw’s comment and enjoyed the 3 episodes this year. There will be a void on Sunday evenings. All over too quickly and I was disappointed to learn they only did three.

    My other 2 gripes – watching the episode on Sunday as it aired live – was the incessant adverts (seemed like every 10 minutes) and the deluge of plot lines and characters to keep track of in the here and now of live transmission.

    In the spirit of a standard episode review we love reading, here’s a few thoughts:

    1. there were a few references to Cousin Kevin. Cousin Kevin was a character from the Who’s “Tommy” album, which was released in 1969 so just before this series started.

    2. Ludo does appear to be a false name – I think we saw him standing in front of a gravestone with the name on at the episode’s conclusion. Unless of course it’s a family name passed down from generation to generation.

    3. Is Ludo really dead? He’s been shot but the body disappeared. Until we know they have the body in autopsy we can’t assume anything. When Conan Doyle killed off Holmes there was no body either.

  14. I enjoyed Chris Jenken’s review. Another Amrican here, The whole episode was a chaotic mess to me. Not helped by lack of captioning. The accents were very difficult to follow and needed the captions to get me through. Reading Chris’s review helped me some in orienting myself. So I understood it more. Upset for some deaths that bordered on the ludacris. I think I slept thrrough the whole Violleta/Morse/Ludo thing. Didn’t like the chemistry between Violetta and Morse. Love scenes were uncomfortable. It was let down from the first episode….I don’t know that much aout Morse and the McNutt thing, so I don’t care who Ludo really was. Anton’s acting was just marvelouis, He is a gem in world of garden variety acting. I purchaased the entire set Pilot through season 6 from ITV. Got myself a multi regional DVD player. PBS is unwatchable. Looing forward to season 7 DVD set. Will mourn this series ending in Season 8. Mostly for Anton.

    1. There were a few weak points but overall it was gripping and entertaining, as David Shaw says. It was funny, moving, plenty of cultural references etc.


  15. I think some of the criticism is not coming from an informed perspective. After all, it’s fiction. Fiction doesn’t mirror reality, but is an observation and a statement about reality. It uses tricks and techniques that help us to react to people and situations in ways that do not occur in real life. it has to find economic ways to convey messages – eg something we experience over a period of years (like male supremacy) might be condensed into a few extreme comments by one Individual character.

    It was quite explicit that this series had a three act operatic structure, and those who are fond of opera know and love the ‘over-the-top’ story lines, the coincidences, the intertwining of themes, and the intensity of the emotions expressed. Much of it is blatantly artificial, and makes no attempt to reflect reality. Real people don’t behave like operatic people. Many of the situations are ridiculous when you think about them with your reason. Fiction doesn’t have to be believable, and if it was a literal reflection of our actual reality we would have no need for it.

    Fiction is important because it entertains. It encourages an awareness of the needs of others and increases empathy. It helps us learn ways to negotiate our own social relationships. it tells us how we should or should not behave. It can be well done or poorly done but if we require it to be true to real life we would be condemning much of the work’s great literature including for example Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dickens, and much good crime fiction as well including Agatha Christie – one of my favorites.

    1. I agree with you Alison about the operatic structure of this series. But it’s still a shock to the system, in series seven, to introduce a completely new structure, abandoning all that the viewer had come to expect. I’m not saying that changing style is wrong, in fact, it can refresh and add to an existing format. That doesn’t excuse the mess that this series became. Even the grandest opera requires logical plotting, consistent characters and tight dialogue. In my opinion, this episode fell well short in all three.

      1. Oh dear – now I feel really bad. Looking back over my comments I can see what you mean. They come across as pompous and patronising. No, I’m not clever and wish I’d never written that post. Sorry everyone.

      2. Alison, Do not feel bad. You have expressed an opinion and you have made some salient points. Sometimes, unfortunately, people tend to take opinions and thoughts of others personally. I know you intended no insult. In fact I though it was well expressed. Have a glass of wine and forget it!

      3. Lovely reply Kathleen. I get attacked for my opinions but I always state that they are just my opinion, not the only opinion and not necessarily the right opinion but for this moment in time it is my opinion.

      4. Alison, do not apologise for giving your opinion. It wasn’t nasty, rude, insulting or even remotely contentious. As I wrote above to Kathleen, I get attacked for my opinions but I always state that they are just my opinion, not the only opinion and not necessarily the right opinion but for this moment in time it is my opinion.

    2. Hi Allison
      Did not mean my comment to be a sarcastic remark.Intelligent would
      Probably have bettet,which you obviously are,sorry.

      1. No problem John. And thanks Kathleen and Chris. I feel a bit better after your comments, but will take more care with my posts in the future. I always enjoy Endeavour and love reading everyone’s comments. Whatever we think about it the show certainly makes an impact!

  16. Hi there Alison – I respect your opinion however to say that some of these opinions are not “coming from an informed perspective” is rather insulting. Your opinion is coming from your perspective and you make some good points / please respect the points of others. I am not a fifth grader and in fact have a degree in literature. By the way that degree I do not believe makes my opinion on a TV show anymore valid or not.

    1. Oh I’m sorry – Of course we are all entitled to our opinions. I expressed my opinion a bit too strongly perhaps. My apologies Maria and others who read my post.

  17. Another irony of this series is that the first episode clashed with the BBC airing the final part of their “The Pale Horse” adaptation. Ludo’s motivation and method was very similar to that of Osbourne, the killer in the Agatha Christie book. Both were insurance type scams and worked on the premise that a series of unexpected deaths could be explained away as accidents.

    I’m not sure that we should make a big thing about why Morse never mentioned Thursday in the John Thaw series. As others have said, very little was said about Morse’s early working life in the 33 episodes. Don’t we all have people who influenced us massively in our lives but drop out of our current narrative? I’ve got quite a few: my English teacher at school, one particular uncle, a boss when I was in my thirties, and more. I think about them from time to time but they seldom come up in conversation.

    1. Hi Julien. Are you referring to the still life or the landscape? The landscape looks like a cheap copy or pastiche of a Canaletto. I don’t recognise the still life.

      1. Thanks Chris for your reaction and your insights through the whole show. I enjoy it immensely! The still life, with the ruin on the background.

      2. Hi Julien. I’m sorry to be pedantic but the still life is the one with the grapes and the apples. The other is a landscape with classical ruins.

      3. Thanks Chris! I found it and indeed you are right: it is from Canaletto! Well done sir!

  18. This series was a real return to form and a real shame there were only three episodes. I am guessing though that it leaves room for three more next year to make it a total of 33.

    It amuses me greatly how ;people pick holes in the plot of some of these last three or so series. Morse has always been utterly bonkers in its plots and Oxford has an insane amount of murders. Suespnd disbelief and enjoy it for what it is: a brilliant cast of brilliant characters that you care and root for, Russell Lewis hs done a stupendous job and Endeavour remains by far the best of the three Morse series.

    Can’t wait to find out what happens with Thursday next year and whether we get to see a bit of McNutt. I’ll be so sad to see the end of this compelling and engrossing programme. Hope to see Joan again as well.

    1. Hi Robert,
      I agree with you and Allison. We get reality in our everyday lives- and sometimes very unrealistic, nonsensical things can happen. So I look for entertainment, and as you say, to enjoy the characters, the acting and yes even the plots. I want to see the drama, the heroics, the emotions. And I want to see the crime solved, no matter what twists it takes to do that. I agree too that Endeavour series is excellent and there are favorite things I like best about Morse and favorite things I like best in Endeavour. Only a couple more weeks and I’ll know what everyone is talking about! 🙂

    2. Aside from cousin kevin,violetta came from the back streets of naples, a la
      Peter Sarstedt ? Have read another fan forum.Not very positive,confusing
      Pompous overblown too little content for 4 episodes too much for 3 seems
      To be consensus.Endeavour is not Harry potter, or a grand opera,it’s a
      Detective show,and must be realistic to appeal to the average viewer
      Which I am.
      One small point that’s bothering me,why did Morse send that package to joan?
      Why not just to Fred or Win,at least he knew their adress.I can only think
      R.L wants to keep Joan in the loop for her return next year- hope so

      1. Hi John – I agree – I love the opera (off to see La Traviata on Sydney Harbour at the end of March and I can’t wait) but I go to the opera to see the opera – I watch Endeavour, Vera etc to see great crime drama. I see Alison’s points although for me the fact that the whole ending was given away in the first 30 seconds of Oracle, operatic or not, was disappointing.

        I think that RL is trying to keep Joan involved – the last line of the letter – “Please believe me to have been, yours always, Morse” – is somewhat leading. But given all of RL’s teasing over the years about Joan unlikely to be more than just that.

        David – I never understood why everyone thought they had to stop at 33 (I know that the previous series both did) but that was Kevin Whaley as he loved and worked with John Thaw – this series has no such tie and in fact Shaun continually says he has never watched any of Inspector Morse but personally I think these guys are done and want to move on.

  19. I get the impression that Endeavour may end up having more than 33 episodes if the storyline warrants it. It’s a fairly arbitrary number which may not fit with the size of the story envisaged to provide a memorable finale for the regular characters. Personally, I’d like to see Endeavour continue well into the Seventies. I don’t see this as disrespectful to the original Morse series.

      1. Everyone pretty much is on the same page with that (3 more episodes) – I must admit I was expecting that announcement at the end of series 7 but maybe they want to generate more publicity.

      2. If that’s the case, I understand their reasoning. It’s just that Shaun Evans seemed to suggest it might not end next year.

      3. I noticed that but ultimately it isn’t his choice, it’s Russell Lewis who has the last say as creator and writer of the series.

  20. Yes it is the worst kept “secret” – I must admit I was expecting that announcement at the end of series 7 but they probably want to get more publicity for it.

    1. Hi Maria
      Thanks for replying.As you say the ending of the letter was leading and
      Intriguing,but given R.L,s history regarding Morse and joan,it,s probably
      Another red herring.
      Personally I think Endeavour is a bigger show in ratings and popularity
      Than its predecessors,and why it should slavishly follow the 33 rule
      I do,nt understand.If the public want more and the cast and crew want to
      Do it .Why not? However after the last offering,I feel it should end while
      It’s ahead.

      1. The original Morse was getting an average of around 14 million viewers per episode and 18 million at the peak of it’s popularity. That is double the viewing figures for Endeavour. Lewis was achieving around the same number of viewing figures as Endeavour. Endeavour is certainly not as popular as the original Morse but time will tell. Morse started 33 years ago and is still popular. I will wager that Endeavour will not be so enduring.

  21. If this will be the end, I’m assuming nobody else could play Morse? There will leave a big gap from the beginning of the 1970’s to l1987 (the beginning of the Morse program). Anything from Russell Lewis about anyting in the Morse universe to come?

      1. So would I. I love Max! Also I don’t know why Endeavour is now smoking. Morse never did.

  22. Hi All – I mentioned that Alison made good points and that I respected her opinion- I just took umbrage on the statement that others opinions here were not coming from an informed perspective. She has been gracious in her reply.

    I will leave all of you to it. Good luck with the Masters Chris – it is a hard slog and I take my hat off to you juggling everything- I took a year off to get mine done. Cheers

  23. These are very niggling things to notice (or, in the end, maybe not so much so), but I do. Thought I’d mention them as much to get them out of my brain as anything else.

    +Have you noticed that every time they’re at the crime scene, and Max says he’ll know more after the autopsy, he gives a time of 2:00 for when he’ll be done. Every. Single. Time. He could be first encountering the body at midnight; it could be at noon. But he ALWAYS says, “May I suggest two o’clock?” as the time they can discuss cause of death in more detail.

    +I’ve read some comments elsewhere that Strange was “horrible” to Morse when he served as Morse’s supervisor in the original series. Is that a common perception? Because it wasn’t mine. Yes, he reined Morse in sometimes–because, let’s face it, Morse really needed to be reined in sometimes, and could abuse his privileges– but he also stood up for him to the brass, cut him some slack (I’m thinking of when Morse’s niece died and Strange basically looked the other way while Morse investigated), etc. Yes, they could have real, and loud, arguments, but they were the kind only two people who have an underlying respect and affection for each other can have, though they may never admit or show it, like two brothers from a dysfunctional family. Am I the only one who saw their relationship this way, and sees the origins of it in “Endeavour”?

    +I’m really getting worried about Thursday. He’s showing all the signs of clinical depression. At least he has Win back by his side.

    1. Hi,
      I absolutely agree about the relationship between Strange and Morse. I think Strange not only liked Morse but admired his intellect and his ability to solve crimes. He respected him even though Morse did not play by the book but in a way, I think that’s what Strange liked about him. I did notice a Morse episode in which Strange says to Morse that he wished he could have known him when he was young. Of course that doesn’t match up with the Endeavour series but a small thing given it is a prequel. I really like their relationship in both series. Strange is very likeable. And he is ethical and I like that he, basically alone, didn’t give up on Fancy’s death.

    2. I have to agree that Strange was only ‘horrible’ when he had to try and keep Morse ‘reined in.’

  24. Violetta came from the backstreets of Naples as did Marie Claire in Peter Sarstedt’s 1969 song: “Where do you go to (my lovely)?”

  25. Just to respond to Maria, yes, I agree the 33 episodes limit was a personal feeling of Kevin Whately. It’s also slightly ironic as Kevin played Lewis (brilliantly of course) in about 65 episodes. Another thing that crossed my mind today: when does the older Morse begin? Is it October 1976 as suggested by the dates in the novel Last Bus to Woodstock, or 1987 as suggested by the Morse TV series?

    1. Hi David
      I can,t t think of another tv or film franchise that,s stopped for such a silly
      reason.Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

  26. Hi Chris
    As regards viewing figures,you have to bear in mind there is far more competition for
    Viewers these days,more channels,netflix,amazon,and various on line things
    Such as u tube. I do,nt Think a direct comparison is correct.A lot more people
    Watched the 4 main channels then

  27. One further thought,and then i,’ll shut up.While the endeavour show is running
    It could encourage people to try and enjoy the original programmes.A much
    better tribute than just stopping because of 33,well I think so.

  28. I agree with markneary. I don’t see the need for Thursday to do something really bad that he is never mentioned later on.

    Doing something really bad would get a mention later in life.

  29. Chris, S7 Body Count = 18. Correct? After binge watching over the weekend, our eyes are crossed trying to keep track.

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