John Thaw on a Casting List for the 1979 Sci-Fi film Alien.

Hello everyone and welcome to this rather short post. I have already posted about this on Twitter and Facebook but now I have a little time I am posting here as well.

I came across a casting list for the excellent 1979 sci-fi film Alien directed by Ridley Scott.

These types of casting lists are quite common as directors and producers throw out some names for each of the main characters and see what everyone thinks. Actors are not chosen for a variety of reasons but usually it’s because the actor turns it down, the actor has other commitments or simply the actor’s audition showed that they weren’t suitable for the role.

John’s name is under the character name Parker who was eventually played by Yaphet Kotto.

I don’t believe John would have been suitable for the part. He may have been able to play the part of Ashe (which was played by the British Ian Holm in the film)

but I don’t believe John would have been suitable for that part either.

I asked Sheila Hancock and Abigail Thaw if they had any information on whether John auditioned for the part or had any meetings with the director or producers. Unfortunately both woman said that they had no idea if he did or didn’t. Pity.

Anyway, an interesting piece of information in regard to John.

Take care everyone.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

3 thoughts

  1. And I see both John (Thaw spelt as Thor) and Dennis Waterman were earmarked for Brett, the role which went to Harry Dean Stanton. I think Ridley Scott must’ve been watching a lot of Sweeney at the time

  2. If you want an even stranger ‘appearance’ of John Thaw – I’m spending several weeks at my ‘day job’ in Cambridge; last Sunday we were invited to attend the annual ‘Commemoration of Benefactors’ service at St John’s College, and in the Service Booklet were listed the names of the chief donors to the college. Amazed to see ‘John Thaw, actor’ included…! (I can send you photographic evidence if you wish). My other half (a fellow of the College) said he wasn’t aware that JT had any connection whatever with St John’s – he wondered (rather facetiously, I thought) if JT had intended to donate to St John’s OXFORD (where Morse was allegedly an undergraduate) but got his geography wrong… (Incidentally, both St Johnses are very rich and don’t really need the money).

    1. Hello Judith. Welcome to my website. Thank you so much for the information about John Thaw. I would love to have a photograph please and if you don’t mind would like to post it on this website.

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