Scenes Missing From the US Version of the Endeavour Episode APOLLO, Series 6, Episode 2. (Plus Musical Differences)

Hello fellow Endeavourists and welcome to a new post. I have been told about two missing scenes and one truncated scene. The scenes missing actually run sequentially.

The first scene missing is one that involves Endeavour visiting the social work department to talk to Joan. Though I have lost interest in the ‘will they, won’t they’ relationship between Joan and Endeavour I know many people enjoy it. For that reason alone it is wrong to have excised the scene and what makes it worse is that that scene is referred to in later scenes and so for many American viewers it will be rather confusing.

The second scene is a wonderfully sublime scene and probably the best in the whole episode. The scene is between Bright and Thursday when they sit and talk about they’re situations. One has to wonder why the editor of the episode at PBS would not realise how important this scene is.

Anyway here are the two scenes. I have included the preceding scene between Thursday and Endeavour to show context.

There is one shortened scene that involves Jeff Slaton and Thursday. Slaton talks about his murdered colleague and how he and his sister began their careers. Again I have included a short scene preceding the shortened scene for context.

I am also aware that the televised version shown in the USA did not include a scene that included the Led Zeppelin track Whole Lotta Love. It was replaced by generic rock not only in the USA version but the British DVD version as well. First up the non Led Zep version.

Now the Led Zeppelin version.

Another piece of music missing from the USA version and the British DVD version is the Dinah Washington song Mad about the Boy. This music is played at around the hour mark when Thursday returns home and then goes into a montage.. Up first the non Dinah Washington version.

Now the Dinah Washington version. As you see/hear this version is much better and gives the montage much more meaning and gravitas.. The non Dinah Washington montage is flat and ineffective.


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  1. Don’t think the editors know or maybe even care about the different stories threaded thru Endeavour. I will watch series 6 when the DVD arrives, thank goodness the scenes aren’t cut, it’s too bad about the music. P.S. Endeavour is so brave but can’t handle an autopsy!!

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