ENDEAVOUR Article in British Magazine, ‘YOURS’.

Hello everyone and welcome to this short but sweet post.

Yours magazine is one of those weeklies that deals primarily in celebrity stories, recipes, gossip etc. Rather out of my comfort zone but with the new series coming soon, 10th February, I always scan all the TV magazines etc for any stories on the Endeavour series.

This article is primarily about the people behind the scenes, production designer Paul Cripps and costume designer, Molly Emma Rowe.


Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. Owwwe! Amazing articles. Thanks so much Chris, especially for all of us whom luve so far away…..Best Regards & Congrats for your accurate job.

  2. What a delight to read this article — especially for those of us across-the-pond who would never run across this particular magazine — just loved it! I was a teenager here in Texas in the mid/late ’60s, so truly enjoy seeing the true-to-history clothes/cars/music/etc that they incorporate into each and every episode throughout the entire series. Chris — Your time and efforts is also so appreciated by us Morse/etc fans — thank you so much !!!

  3. Perfect article for the fashion folks.
    I watched the second-to-last episode last night of Morse and “The Remorseful Day “ tonight!
    Many thanks Christopher!

  4. It’s the attention to the details of the period that underline the quality of this inspired television series. Can’t wait!

  5. I appreciate your commitment to these series. It has always been a highlight of my viewing year to be able to see such thoughtful stories. I have been asking for some time how someone in Atlanta, GA can find/buy the American-ready CD set for Morse. What ever I have found via Amazon appears to be the British-ready CD sets. Help, anyone?

  6. I love your articles almost as much as I love Morse ! I’ve read all the Colin Dexter books thanks to the first series starring John Thaw & now I love the young Morse, Endeavour series. I was at teacher training college from 1963-66 so am loving all the authentic details of that time. Good luck with your degree!

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