Endeavour Series 6 Trailer Reaction And What It All Means.

Hello everyone and welcome to a new post. So, at last we have the first trailer for the sixth series, moustache and all. Below you will find TWO videos, the trailer plus a video I have made where I give my reaction to the trailer plus I give my thoughts on what is included in the video plus any hints as to what I think we can glean from the trailer as to what is to come in series 6.


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Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

18 thoughts

  1. So, Morse is back in uniform, is that for an undercover assignment perhaps? Regarding Fred Thursday, he doesn’t strike me as a man who can be bought. Just my opinion.

  2. Thanks so much Chris. We have no idea when series 6 will be release at SouthAmerics. We’ve just watched Series 4 at cable network. I think at the open of the trailer, is the new building for Thames Valley Police. And about the moustache, to me , has some conection with Legrand’s music. French were so fashion about moustaches, even to police officers ( Poirot, Maigret) so maybe they’d have tried to become new fashion style. Ja ja ja ja .

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us, certainly plenty of food for thought…..Glad its only 4 eps, I found last series 2 two too many….

    1. You’re right, Sue skx was too many. It made the last series feel flabby. Hopefully, returning to four will keep the writing tighter.

  4. This was so interesting – to show the trailer and then for you to talk about it. As always, thanks for all the work you do.

  5. The trailer looks really interesting to me. I can’t imagine that Fred Thursday will get chummy with Ronnie Box, though, and I don’t think that Thursday will turn bent copper to recoup his losses from his gormless brother. I do hope that the endless Joan/Endeavour will they/won’t they will finally end. I am looking forward to series 6.

    1. Interesting article Sheldon. Certainly you have to assume the choice of song was not an arbitrary one.

  6. I kind of get the feeling this will be quite a dark series for Endeavour, especially as it opens under the shadow of the Fancy murder investigation,

  7. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your very interesting observations on the trailer. There is no way that Fred has turned into a bent copper…Yet we find him ensconced & demoted under the direction of Ronnie Box…A Met wide boy, seemingly rough & ready & with an eye for the main chance. We see Fred engaged in dubious interrogation techniques under his watchful eye. .We know Fred has used similar persuasive action on previous occasions in order to elicit information but this is an exception & not the rule. Fred has Workhouse rules…Box asks ‘Are you ‘In’ or ‘Out’ with an implication that Box is a bent copper, on the ‘Take’ & he wants Fred to stand in line… Fred has been under pressure with Win & his chancer brother Charlie took him to the cleaners with the money loan which will never be seen again..I can only assume that Fred is involved in an undercover covert operation to flush Box & his cronies out. Box is of the Sweeney type school of coppers, rough & ready & with perhaps a nod to John Thaw’s Regan *The Flying Squad, the difference being that Regan hated bent coppers with a vengeance. We find Endeavour in uniform & an image change replete with moustache which I have to say I have grown quite fond of & it is certainly, in keeping with the late 60’s. early 70’s mode of hirsuteness. Is he doing his statutory 2 years on the beat as coppering in Oxford is a far cry from the Met? No doubt, we will be enlightened. A new woman in Endeavour’s life or a new WPC on the force? What of Strange? intent on finding Fancy’s killer, Bright, meanwhile has been side lined to traffic management duties & Reginald will not like that! We will also get to see his other half whom, up until now has only been mentioned in the context of the story lines. Loving the incidental music…The Windmills of your Mind which somehow fits the climate of the action & change. This is the Dusty Springfield version (1969) I remember the Noel Harrison version (1968) & written by the great Michel Legrande & the theme music to The Thomas Crown Affair. An Oscar winning song with a truly remarkable construction within the melody & the number of round objects alluded to with circular descriptions…revolving, spinning, turning, whirling. There is so much movement & depth & the words like hollow, cavern, tunnel, ripples….evoke the sound. A truly remarkable song & with a fair swell, should be a truly remarkable episode also.

  8. Just some trivia, the father of Simon Harrison, (Ronnie Box in this new series) is the Noel Harrison, who sung the song in this trailer, ‘windmills of your mind’ for which it won an Oscar in 1969.
    Noel’s own father the actor Rex Harrison also sang an Oscar winning song a year or two before ‘talk to the animals’ from the film Dr Doolittle. Six degrees of separation and all that. 🙂

  9. Enjoyed your breaking apart the clip with your observations- I really do hope the series does turn darker- it needs to in my opinion– it will give us some “meat” for viewing- shouldn’t be light with Fancy’s death.

  10. Sean Evans should go onto make the 33 episodes total, but we need to see future episodes that are not ‘formulaic’ and predictable where you can spot a crime that you knew happened in the 70’s (as we are now in this timeframe).

    The original Morse had the benefit of a variety of writers and that did make for some great episodes.

    (I tended not to like Lewis as much as the original Morse, it seemed to have a lot of diversity box ticking going on. And when Lewis ‘came back’ as an adjunct, who was really in charge? Hathaway or Lewis?)

    For Endeavour, 6 good episodes in a finale season 7 should make this a canon that television makers can refer to as how it should be done.

    There are plenty of ‘classic’ Detective characters out there on screen, I wonder how many from the recent 20 years will be around in another 20? Morse aside as we know this exists only within parameters of Colin Dexter’s wishes for Sean to be the last to play Morse.

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