JOHN THAW: Redcap Annual 1965.

Hi Everyone and welcome to a new post. I managed to get hold of an annual that was based on the John Thaw series from the 1960s, Redcap. 

Redcap is a British television series produced by ABC Weekend Television and broadcast on the ITV network.

It starred John Thaw as Sergeant John Mann, a member of the Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Military Police and ran for two series and 26 episodes between 1964 and 1966. Other actors appearing in the series included Kenneth Colley, Keith Barron, Windsor Davies, David Battley and Allan Cuthbertson. The series was created by Jack Bell and employed a variety of writers including Roger Marshall, Troy Kennedy-Martin, Jeremy Paul, Robert Holles and Richard Harris. Of the run, 23 of the 26 episodes still exist. It was the series that made John Thaw a TV star and a household name. 

What I plan to do is put the contents of the annual onto my website in sizeable chunks. I have also created a PDF that you can download and so read the articles, stories etc at your leisure.

Click HERE to open PDF

So, here is the first part of my posts on the REDCAP annual. I hope you enjoy.

I hope you all enjoyed the post and are looking forward to the next stories from the annual.

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  1. Super post, Chris — what a delight for those of us who would never have been able to find such a treasure!! Thanks for bringing us such joy with each and every one of your posts!!!

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