A New Reference to the Morse episode Dead of Jericho Found in the Endeavour Episode ‘Game’.

Hello everyone and welcome to a rather short but interesting post in regard to a new reference I just today noticed when looking through the Endeavour episode ‘Game’ for a new post I am working on.

As I mentioned before in my review of the episode ‘GAME ( click HERE to read that review)  there was a nice reference to the original Morse series that was the inclusion of the actor James Laurenson who played Professor George Amory. 

James was of course in the first Morse episode, ‘The Dead of Jericho‘ thirty years ago.

Also, in regard to James Laurenson I noticed today, (5th December 2018), that there was a cheeky little reference to James’s character in Morse episode Dead of Jericho. The Christian name of the body that is dragged from the River Cherwell near the beginning of the episode is Richard. James Laurenson’s character in The Dead of Jericho is Tony Richards. But that is not all. Watch this short video of a scene from the episode, ‘Game’ when Morse visits Richard’s colleagues.

Did you see it? In regard to the flask Morse is holding the woman says it was ‘Richards’. James Laurenson turns to look at here as if he is acknowledging the name beyond the scope of the episode. Don’t know why I never picked up on that before.

I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post.


Author: Chris Sullivan

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