REPOST FOR USA. ENDEAVOUR: ‘Quartet’ S5E5; Review, Music, Locations, etc.


Hello fellow Endeavourists and a special welcome to those in the USA who have just recently watched the episode Quartet, the fifth of six episodes of the fifth series.

A major landmark occurs in this episode: two actors who appeared in this episode have also appeared in a Morse and a Lewis episode. Richard Durden who played Prof Alexander Richmond in this Endeavour episode and Andrew Paul who played Joe Dozier.

More about this in my review of the episode.

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There is a lot of comments at the bottom of my review so please take time to read those as well as my review etc.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

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  1. “The Dozier’s shop front features a fairly prominent advert for Grimsby Pilchards, which were also in the Diana Day advertising hoarding which was progressively defaced in each episode of Series 2.”

    Grimsby Pilchards also showed up in a series of fictional commercials which Tony Hancock did in his sitcom’s episode “The Bowmans”. The episode can be found at Dailymotion.

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