Round Up of News From Within the Morse Universe.

Hi everyone. I hope you are all well.

This post is part of an occasional series I write about on what is happening on social media and the internet connected to the Morse universe. The post is particularly for those who are not part of all the social media outlets or simply don’t have the time to scour through the internet and it’s many outlets. I hope you enjoy.

This post will deal primarily with the new and up and coming fifth series. There are no spoilers.

Up first we have items from Twitter.

Let’s start with Lewis Peek who will play George Fancy in the fifth series of Endeavour.

Up next we have Dakota Blue Richards Twitter feed.

Next we have Matthew Slater, Composer for ITV’s Endeavour

Next we have the excellent tweet feed of Shaun Evans Only
(I’m not Shaun, I’m just an admirer. Join me and tweet; About this man, so talented, gorgeous and sweet.)

Here is the filming scene mentioned above.

Up next the brilliant and informative Twitter feed of endeavourneverland.

For more photos visit endeavourneverland @te_angeli or visit their Instagram account at

That is all for now. I will create a similar post next week. Take care everyone.



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