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Hello and welcome to antepenultimate weekly news round-up before Christmas day.

Before I start I thought I should let you know that I wrote to ITV regarding a release date for the fourth Endeavour series. They said they can only comment on release dates up to ten days ahead in the schedules. I did notice on Abigail Thaw’s Twitter account on the 5th December she mentioned that they are still doing some ADR work. (Automated dialogue replacement (ADR) is the process of re-recording dialogue by the original actor after the filming process to improve audio quality or reflect dialogue changes (also known as “looping” or a “looping session”). So for the moment we will have have to continue to wait with bated breath.

So let’s jingle that Twitter and other social media bells and see what song they sing. Wow that was florid.

Laurence Fox on Twitter and Instagram.







Below is from The Stage a British weekly magazine on news, reviews, interviews and jobs within the entertainment business. The story below (which I have edited) is from December 9th this year.

Paul Clayton: My Christmas wish list – less nonsense, for Fox’s sake.

Laurence Fox in The patriotic Traitor at the Park Theatre. Photo: Tristram Kenton

By Paul Clayton. Paul Clayton
Paul Clayton is an actor and chairman of the Actors Centre.

The Laurence Fox Book of Being Working Class. Harrovian and member of the Fox dynasty Laurence decided this year he was, in actual fact, working class. No doubt this book holds his secrets. Evidently this is simply achieved by taking a low-paid job, as Fox did on an independent film. In that case, Laurence, an awful lot of us are working class. We are right there with you, comrade.

Below is from The Sun newspaper online.

MAGICAL CHRISTMAS TAIL Laurence Fox narrates magical new festive story Elmo’s Christmas Tail, passing on powerful and enchanting message.

For the full story click here.

Here is the trailer for Elmo’s Christmas Tail.

The photos below were found on Pinterest.

Another gem from Mr Fox's twitter...:


Laurence Fox, Sergeant Hathaway in "Inspector Lewis.":

Laurence Fox:

Laurence Fox in Mission Survive Ep.3:

Laurence Fox:

Lovely photo x:

Between takes: Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox & producer Chris Burt:

Rebecca Front on Twitter.




Pictures from Pinterest.

'Inspector Lewis', Rebecca Front as Chief Superintendent, Jean Innocent.:

Is Doctor Thorne the new Downton? Let's play period drama bingo!:

Rebecca Front: 'I've suffered panic attacks all my life' - Telegraph:

Angela Griffin on Twitter and Instagram.





Roger Allam on Twitter.




The pictures below are from Pinterest.

philip quast (georges), sir ian mckellen and roger allam (albin) attend a party to celebrate sir ian mckellen's 70th birthday following a performance of la cage aux folles at the playhouse theatre, london, england on 25th may 2009.:


Gallery Page 3 - All Allam: One of my fave pix of Roger!:

Above is an image from Roger Allam’s forthcoming film, ‘The Hippopotamus’.

A Masterpiece podcast with Anton Lesser (Chief Superintendent Bright) 

Click here to listen to it.

Pictures of John Thaw on Pinterest.

John Thaw 60, sadly missed:

Morse: “Is this a dagger I see before me? I wish it was a pint.”:

John Thaw:

John Thaw The Sweeney as Jack Regan.:

John Thaw (by charles Hopkins):

The following are from Kim Quiddington’s Pinterest. (Hope you don’t mind Kim. )

Laurence age 23.:

Laurence Fox in Cornwall 2015:

Inspector Lewis: The Mind Has Mountains - Kevin Whately as Lewis:

Shaun Evans:

(Shaun Evans) As I said, his face is beautiful. I mean, look at his eyes:

Laurence Fox with his son. Awwwwww *wibbles*:

Well folks that is all for this week. Next week I hope to post the next in the series of music, art and literary references in the Morse episode, ‘Deceived by Flight. I am also working on the information about how each person died and by which method in the Lewis series. I have already done this for Morse and this can be found by clicking here. Until then take care.

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