Dr. Laura Hobson (Clare Holman): Her body of Work; my Favourite Scenes, Part 2.


Here is part two of my tribute to the wonderful Clare Holman who plays the equally wonderful character, Dr. Laura Dobson. Cheryl Rampley Hume, the above picture is especially just for you as you mentioned on the Endeavour Facebook page that it was one of your favourite scenes involving Lewis and Laura.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as many of you appeared to enjoy the first one.

Love to you all.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. Lovely! I get chills when Laura and Robbie walk away together and the theme music starts to play…Sigh. I love seeing once again Innocent’s and Hathaway’s reaction to them as a real couple for the first time! Thank you so much for sharing these scenes.

  2. Love this! All my favourite moments in one place. Thank you!
    Now, how to get them back together on screen…

    1. Hi Louise. Welcome to my blog and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Regarding Lewis and Laura, you never know they may still do a one off episode of Lewis and we see them getting married.

      1. Here’s hoping, Chris. They’re such lovely characters and so sensitively acted. Clare Holman briefly appeared on a programme called “Undercover” recently. Hopefully she and Kevin Whately will reappear together soon!

  3. I really enjoyed not only both parts of your video, but also to learn that I’m not the only one absorbed by the Morse/Lewis/Endeavor series and especially by the Lewis-Hobson romance. I live in the U.S., where the last season of Lewis hasn’t been released yet, and am delighted to see that in the final episode, Lewis & Hobson are still a couple.
    July 24, 2016

  4. March 16, 2017

    Hi, Chris,

    I agree, a one off episode showing Laura and Robbie returning to Oxford and settling their lives together and likely getting married would truly provide closure for the series, and its legion of fans. Six months of being away from the job and with Laura should make him see the light and understand that it is past time to fully retire and devote himself to her, especially if she is retiring also. It’s obvious, from the final episode, that Laura doesn’t want him taking on a risky job any longer, and losing him to a bullet or bomb.

    I found Robbie to be rather obtuse where Laura is concerned, and the responsibilities that a relationship involves, especially communicating (as in, when he returns to work as a consultant without talking it over with her). Granted, it is a long time since he was married, and his wife may have been a more passive, stay-at-home spouse. It’s obvious from early days that Laura cares about him, and is waiting patiently until he can move beyond his wife.

    Retirement can be a big problem for people for whom, unhealthily so, their jobs have been their whole lives.Robbie, though, has the sad example of Morse before him, who was terrified of retiring and, in effect, committed suicide by ignoring his doctor’s orders because, essentially, he had almost nothing to live for; especially, no one to share his life with.

    Despite the fact that it took so long for Laura and Robbie to get together, the way it was played out was beautifully handled, seeing two decent, lonely people gradually move forward from being friends, to lovers, to partners. It seems so rare these days, on TV and in movies, that producers take the time to develop relationships for characters; a man and woman meet and within 24 hours they’re sharing a bed. There’s too much emphasis on moving the plot forward as quickly as possible.

    In “Lewis” there were so many nice touches, Laura dropping hints and knowing remarks here and there, and picking up on things Robbie said, such as being alone. Clare Holman was perfect for the part; she could do so much with a facial expression, or a tone of voice.

    John Thompson

  5. March 20-17

    Laura Hobson’s interest in Robbie may have gone back further than realized. In Series One of Lewis, there is a character in one of the episodes whom Robbie had briefly dated at school. After this woman encounters Laura by chance at the police station in the present, and chats with her briefly, the old girl friend later mentions to Robbie that “I think she (Laura Hobson) fancies you”. This was probably news to Robbie, but women can pick up on such things; the woman, whose name escapes me, probably noticed some tension, a slight coldness, on Laura’s part, who feared (groundlessly) that Robbie might take up again with the old school friend.

    John Thompson

  6. March 30-17

    There was another, related scene, in another early episode, although I may be reading too much into Laura’s remark. Laura is holding a birthday party at her house, and invites Robbie, and says “Bring someone along if you want”. He replies “I don’t have anyone”. From this, Laura knows that he doesn’t have a current girl friend, and he is thus potentially available for her.

    John Thompson

  7. June 7 – 2017

    I rewatched “The Ramblin’ Boy” on video recently and there was one scene that was unexplained. Laura is sitting byself at a riverside restaurant; Robbie is standing nearby but doesn’t notice her there, although she sees him. Then, a strange man comes over and joins here at her table. I may have missed something, but who was this man and why was Laura having supper with him?

    John Thompson

    1. Hi John. The man Laura meets is just a date. Nothing more than that. She doesn’t call to Robbie because she is on a date and doesn’t want Robbie to know. She doesn’t want Robbie to know because she has feelings for him but as yet she has been unable to make Robbie aware of them: he of course has strong feelings for her but doesn’t know if he wants to act on them as he feels it would be like cheating on his long dead wife. It’s a moment where Laura looks at Robbie and realises she has strong feelings for him. Hope this helps.

  8. Very late to the party on this and having suddenly had evenings to catch up on the reruns of Lewis recently, I AM HOOKED on Robbie and Laura! So happy that they finally get together and seem to be their “happily ever after”. So nicely handled. Thank you for creating the videos, they are FAB and yes, love the scene where they finally get together and my hand would have been up as it did make me cry at the end.
    Gutted it’s finished, but I think it was finished well.
    Much love x

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