Endeavour: Connections to Morse and Lewis; Part 5. ‘Home’ (S1E4).


Hello and welcome to the Colin Dexter universe where the planets of Lewis, Endeavour, Morse, Hathaway, Strange, Debryn, Griffin and Hobson align to create a pleasurable and contented galaxy. Wow, I’m getting florid in my old age.

Here we are at the fifth part of this thirteen part series of posts. This particular post marks the end of the first series of Endeavour and allowed us a glimpse into Endeavour Morse’s family background.

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As before the first connection should be the man who devised and wrote all thirteen of the Endeavour episodes and that is Russell Lewis. Here below is another reminder of what else he has written within the Morse universe.

Lewis (TV Series) (screenplay – 4 episodes, 2010 – 2012) (story – 1 episode, 2006)
– Fearful Symmetry (2012) … (screenplay)
– Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things (2011) … (screenplay)
– Falling Darkness (2010) … (screenplay)
– The Dead of Winter (2010) … (screenplay)
– Reputation (2006) … (story)

He also wrote the Morse episode, ‘The Way Through the Woods’. (One of my favourite Morse episodes).


Apart from the usual suspects, James Strange and Max DeBryn we do have two characters who appeared in another series, primarily, the original Morse.

Firstly we have Endeavour’s sister Joyce played in this episode by Sonya Cassidy.

sonya cassidy as joyce morse

The character of Joyce also appeared in the Morse series episode, ‘Cherubim and Seraphim’ (series 6, episode 5). Then she was played by Sorcha Cusack.

joyce morse by sorcha cusack

Also appearing in this episode of Endeavour was the character of Gwen Morse, Endeavour’s stepmother. In this episode she was played by Lynda Rooke.

lynda rooke as gwen morse (2)

Gwen Morse’s character also appeared in the Morse episode, ‘Cherubim, and Seraphim’. In that episode she was played by Edwina Day.

gwen morse by edwina day

To the best of my knowledge those were the only two characters with a connection to a previous series.

Actors who appeared in the Endeavour Series 1, Episode 4 ‘Home’ and/or Morse or Lewis.

In this section we have six actors who have appeared in either a Lewis or Morse episode. Firstly we have Paul Venables. Paul played Professor Coke Norris in the Endeavour episode.

paul venables as prof coke norris

Paul Venables as Prof. Coke Norris.

Paul Venables also appeared in an episode of Lewis, ‘Music to Die for’ (Series 2, Episode 2) as Hansi Kriel.

paul venables as hansi kriel in music to die for

Paul Venables as Hansi Kriel.

Our second recurring actor is Louis Dylan. In the Endeavour episode she played Judy Vallens.

louise dylan as judy vallens

Louis Dylan as Judy Vallens.

Louis Dylan also appeared in the Lewis episode, ‘Allegory of Love’ (Series 3, Episode 1) playing the character Melanie Harding.

Louis Dylan as melanie harding in allegory of love

Louis Dylan as Melanie Harding.

Just as an interesting aside. Melanie Harding was Australian and the Harding family who were portrayed in the Morse episode, ‘Promised Land’ were living in Australia. The Hardings had three children, Karen, who was about 11, and the twins whose names were never mentioned. The twins were around 5 years old. The Morse episode, ‘Promised Land’ was set in 1991 and the Lewis episode was set in 2009. This would make one of the female twins around 23 by my reckoning. Melanie Harding could have been in that age range. Co-incidence? I don’t think so. 

Anyway, on to the third actor who is Lloyd McGuire. In the Endeavour episode he played Charlie Ayers.

lloyd mcguire as charlie ayers

Lloyd McGuire as Charlie Ayers.

Lloyd McGuire played a Prison Officer called Clough in the Morse episode ‘The Day of the Devil’ (Series 7, Episode 2).

lloyd mcguire as clough day of the devil

Lloyd McGuire as Clough.

Next up we have Richard Hawley. He played the slimy Morris Cubitt in the Endeavour episode.

richard hawley as morris cubitt

Richard Hawley as Morris Cubitt.

In the Morse episdoe, ‘The Secret of Bay 5b’ (Series 3, Episode 4), Richard played an orderly.

richard hawley

Richard Hawley as an orderly with the lovely Amanda Hillwood in the background.

The fifth actor is Lynda Rooke who played Gwen Morse in this episode as mentioned above. Lynda also played Joyce Gaitteau in the final Lewis episode, ‘What Lies Tangled’ (Series 9, Episode 3).

lynda rooke. joyce guitteau what lies tangled

Lynda Rooke as Joyce Gaitteau.

Last but not least is Sonya Cassidy who as already mentioned played Joyce Morse in the Endeavour episode. In the Lewis episode, ‘Quality of Mercy (Series 3, Episode 2), she played Alison. Now I had a little difficulty in pinpointing who Alison was as her name never seemed to be mentioned but I think this is Sonya Cassidy in the picture below.



At the very start of the episode we hear Faure’s Requiem: VII In Paradisum. This piece is of course very significant in the world of Morse as the same piece of music was playing when Morse collapsed to the ground with a heart attack in the episode, ‘The Remorseful Day’.


Endeavour mentions that in Professor Coke Norris’s briefcase there were essays on the Sophocles play, ‘The Trachiniae’. Sophocles has turned up before in the Morse universe, specifically in the very first episode of the original series, ‘The Dead of Jericho’. In that episode the play mentioned was ‘Oedipus the King’.


John Thaw as Morse reading Anne Staveley’s copy of ‘Oedipus the King’ in the ‘The Dead of Jericho’.

As all fans of John Thaw know he walked with a limp, an accident that occured in his youth. In this episode of Endeavour he is is hit by a bullet. When visiting the doctor he is told that he will probably develop a limp sometime later in life. A very nice touch that gives viewers of the original series a reason for Endeavour Morse’s limp.


Colin in Rocket

Colin as a professor at 3 minutes and 3 seconds.

Well I think that concludes this post. As always I hope you enjoy it and feel free to let me know if I have omitted something.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. Lovely, lovely, and I think This episode about Family Harding – Australia- has another links at Endeavour Series 3, so maybe we might have some more news about it in the future, and do not forget at the begining of the Episode “promised Land” , Morse & Strange are at the cementery watching this funeral from one member of a gangster family, and this family appears again at Endeavour 3, if I’m not wrong at the episode of the Bank robbery… Anyway, it’s fantastic your job, ’cause you make us Think and stay alert¡¡ Thanks for everything

    1. Hi Maria. Thank you your lovely comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. All true regarding the bank robbery and its connection to the Morse episode, ‘Promised Land’. When I get to the final episode of the Endeavour series and so the last post regarding connections I will of course mention the bank robbery.

  2. Thank you for all of this wonderful information! I’ve read and seen all of the Morse books and series. in addition, I met the ingenious and charming Colin Dexter. We haven’t gotten the final episode of Lewis on our PBS station in Dallas yet; however, I’ve enjoyed all the rest and miss Lewis and Hathaway plus the other big star, Oxford, very much. Also, we haven’t seen all of the Endeavours yet. I’m waiting to see Endeavour Morse buy that burgundy Jaguar! Wondering at what point in his life he bought it. His love of Jags has been shown but he’s been too poor from what I’ve seen to buy almost anything except, of course, opera records! You do a brilliant job of keeping us posted.

    1. Hi Carol. You are very lucky to have met Mr Dexter. I’ve read he is a lovely man. Like you I will miss Hathaway and Lewis. It’s a shame you haven’t seen the final Lewis episode but hopefully that will happen soon. It will be well worth the wait. Good question regarding the Jag. I don’t remember it being mentioned in the books or the TV series when he purchased the famous red Jag. It may be too soon even for the fourth season to have him buy it. Maybe when they decide to make no more Endeavour episodes that will be the final shot; Morse driving off in his new red Jag. 🙂

    1. Thanks Mark. The thought never occurred until I was literally writing the post and suddenly the name Harding began to ring bells and that was it. Thanks for your kind comment Mark.

  3. Really well done again, you find so many facts we dont see., as they are so fleeting at the time…..I can hardly beleive Loius Dylan was in those two so different roles….amazing what a wig/hair dye and specs can do.!

  4. I love the Harding connection, and I’m sure you are right. I find it very touching that Morse’s step-mother actor is in the last Lewis episode. I just bought a copy of Oedipus the King after seeing the Lewis episode The Lions of Nemea. I can’t believe I’ve never read it. I love all the music and literature in all three shows. I get smarter just watching.

    1. Hi Nan. Incredibly even though I have watched the Lewis episode many times it wasn’t until I was writing this post that the name, Harding, jumped out at me and I remembered it from the Promised Land episode. The music and literature references are what add to the wonder that is the Morse universe.

  5. Just finished watching this episode for the second time. Is this the only M, L, or E show that featured snow?? I don’t recall it in any other episodes but, of course, I could have forgotten. The actor who plays Endeavour’s father is in a sweet little show called Starlings. As always, I thank you for your good work.

  6. Hi Chris. With reference to Sonya Cassidy (Morse’s sister) I believe the character she played in the Lewis episode ‘Quality of Mercy’ was that of collecting tickets at the entrance of the college where the play was being shown. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and thank you for the time and effort in making such interesting reading!

  7. By the way, excellent work Chris in researching and writing up all this Morse/Lewis/Endeavour background information – it enriches the experience of re-watching the episodes.


  8. Sonya Cassidy plays the money taker at the play, I’m not sure if she’s in it anymore. I recognize her because she’s on Vera.

  9. Does it warrant a mention that the story line includes a dead professor who was the only opposition to a housing development on Beaumont college land versus Lewis episode Generation of Vipers which featured a dead professor who was the only opposition to a housing development on Beaufort college land

  10. Thanks, Chris. I googled for something like your blog to check if the Philip Hathaway in ‘Prey’ was any relation and was so gratified to find such a rich trove as your blog turned out to be (& to find that indeed the fellow is Hathaway senior 🙂 )

  11. In one episode of endeavour he encounters a gardener on an estate who I think must be Hathaway’s father.

  12. Hello, am re-watching Endeavour at the moment and am, as ever, enjoying your notes on all three series. Just a thought I had today watching ‘Home’ – I take it that the casting directors made a very deliberate choice in the actor who plays Endeavour’s father – in my view he is quite reminiscent of John Thaw as Morse – just wondered if you have any thoughts?

    I was very sorry to see the news about your mother – my condolences.

    1. Hello Susannah and welcome to my website. Regarding the actor looking like John Thaw I mentioned that in my review of the episode.

      1. Hello Chris.

        Thanks. Well, that’s a bit embarrassing, how did I manage to miss the reviews?! I’ve been concentrating on the connections pages, so will head over to reviews now!

        Thanks again.

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