My Tribute and a Video Obituary to the Character Actors of Morse. PART TWO


Here is part two of my video tribute and obituary to all those character actors who appeared in the Inspector Morse series.


Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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      1. Chris,
        Truly stunning piece of work. I came across this when I tried to Google for actors who had appeared in all 3 series, Morse, Lewis and Endeavour. I just watched Endeavour series 1 and thought Martin Jarvis–Rocket–Henry Bloom, also in Morse Deceived by Flight–was he in Lewis ? Also, any recurring characters in all 3 series e.g Copley Barnes–Endeavor Series 2 Ep 1 reappears in Morse ? Obviously Sgt strange too but others ??

      2. Hi Mark. Thank you so much for your kind comment and its good to know Google throws up my blog in its search engine. Regarding characters who have appeared in all three series. I don’t believe there has been anyone else other than those you mentioned but as the series Endeavour continues that may all change. I did a few posts on this blog about actors who have appeared in at least two of the Morse series and spin offs.

  1. Oh, this is lovely, thank you. I so appreciate all the diligence and work that went into these offerings. A beautiful tribute to many much-loved faces and wonderful actors. But I have to admit, watching this makes me feel my own mortality……still, to have had the joy of watching John Thaw makes my life blessed indeed.

    The above paragraph sounds very fulsome, sorry. But it is well-meant and true.

    Thank you again, and best wishes for joyful holidays. Merry Christmas!



    1. Hi Mary. I know what you mean regarding one’s own mortality when watching favourite TV and Films and knowing that so many of the faces are now gone. But they have given us so much pleasure and here we are still watching them and talking about them many, many years later. It is a type of immortality and I for one won’t forget them. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year

  2. I watched part 2 right after part 1, and they both gave me such pleasure. The Thaw section was an inspired choice. He was so playful in it. I hope the families of these actors see the work you’ve done, and appreciate your kindness in paying homage. I think the British have an especially excellent group of actors, both past and present. And I love the way older ones are utilized in television programs. Over here it seems like any show has actors maybe 45 years old and younger, and they all have this sort of ‘beauty.’ I love shows that offer all ages and all kinds of faces. Perhaps this is one of the many reasons why I greatly prefer, and pretty much only watch British programs. They are so real. One forgets almost that they are fiction. Thanks again for all your work. I’ve been sick with a cold today and have spent the whole of it catching up on this exceptionally wonderful blog.

    1. Sorry to read that you have the cold I hope you get better soon. We British do have a good, solid group of character actors who, as I wrote in my post, do not get the attention they deserve. Wrap up and keep warm with Morse and Co’ 😉

  3. Oh, I meant to tell you that Duck Duck Go, the search engine that doesn’t track its users, also brings up the name of your blog when one types in actors who appeared in morse, lewis, and endeavour.

  4. I really loved this and the previous part. I have always enjoyed following character actors and this was so well done, it’s a lovey tribute to those who really add so much to the programs but are often overlooked. I read the comments and my thought is while we are all mortal I think these actors are lucky to have achieved a certain immortality in that their work was preserved and appreciated even after their passing.

    1. Thank you Angela for your kind comment. You are right regarding immortality in their work. There is always a small part of me hopes that those actors or their loved ones will see something like my video and blog and know that they are appreciated.

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