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Hello fans of all things Morse. I had planned to leave all things Lewis until I had reviewed all the 33 episodes of Inspector Morse. However, after my posts on the pub locations in Morse episodes numerous people, (okay three), have asked me to write posts on the pub locations in the Lewis series. So, I decided that rather than just mention pub locations I would try and identify as many locations as possible used in each episode. So, I will attempt over the coming months to write a post on all the locations used in the Lewis series, episode by episode. Reviews of the Lewis series and all other info will still be written after the final Morse episode has been done and dusted. So, here is as many locations I could identify  used in the pilot episode of Lewis or Inspector Lewis as it is known by those in the USA.

wadham college. Where danny studies and his rooms

Above is Wadham College (Wadham College, Parks Rd, Oxford OX1 3PN) where Danny Griffon is a student and has rooms within the building. https://www.wadham.ox.ac.uk/



Next is the Pretorious Laing Institute which Danny Griffen and Regan Peverill both attend as volunteers.

brunel experimental techniques centre at brunel uni in uxbridge

Above is the entrance to the ‘Pretorious Laing Institute’ where we see Hathaway, Lewis and Laura Dobson above to enter.

The Pretorious Laing Institute building is actually part of Brunel Univeristy Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 3PH. I couldn’t find the actual building used for the episode but here is a map of its location.




Danny Griffen and his estranged family live in the beautiful place which is in reality Gaddesden Place, Great Gaddesden, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP2 6EX, UK. http://gaddesdenplace.com/location.htm

gaddesden place hemel hempstead

Above: Danny Griffen driving up to the house.

gaddesden place

Above: Lewis and Hathaway arriving at the house.

gaddesden place hemel hempstead.png2

gaddesden place hemel hempsteadmap


Lewis arrives back in the UK after a two year stint abroad. Here he is arriving at Heathrow Airport.

london heathrow


Lewis is wearing a shirt so loud you can barely hear the aircraft landing.


The first thing Lewis does when he arrives back in Oxford is visit the grave of his wife Val, sadly killed in a hit and run accident while shopping in London.

st laurence (2)

st laurence

This scene was filmed at St Laurence Church, Church Rd, Cowley, Middlesex UB8 3NB. http://stlaurencecowley.org/

st laurence church

Above: the beautiful church of St. Laurence.

st laurence church2


laurence map


the mall ealing

Above is the exterior shot of the building being used to allude to Police HQ. The building is in fact now used as ‘Ealing Services for Children with Additional Needs’ and is called Carmelita House. I did read that the building was at one time used by the Department of Social Security. Below is how it looks now.

police hq carmelita house

The full address for the building is Carmelita House,  21-22 The Mall, London W5 2PJ.

police hq carmelita house ealing

police hq carmelita house ealing2



In the clip above Hathaway and Lewis are parked in Catte Street. They walk down toward New College Lane and stop below Hertford Bridge, popularly known as the Bridge of Sighs. It’s a skyway joining two parts of Hertford College over New College Lane.

bridge of sighs map

(Of course it should read ‘Hathaway stood here…’)


sainsburys watford

Lewis bumps into Kate Jekyll the head of the Pretorious Laing Institute. It was appartently filmed in a Sainsburys Supermarket in Watford.




ambleside walk

Above is where we find Lewis’s abode, Ambleside Walk, Uxbridge UB8 1XE. A few of these houses/flats have been on the market recently for around the £200,000 mark.

ambleside walk

ambleside walkmap

ambleside walkmap2


After Danny Griffen’s aparrant suicide on a rowing boat Hathaway and Lewis visit where Danny Griffen a boat club where Danny was a member and had a locker.

College boat houses between Christ Church Meadow and the River Cherwell

The location used above is the College boat houses between Christ Church Meadow and the River Cherwell.



Hathaway and Lewis visit Ivor Denniston at his home. They appear just as Denniston’s wife who has Motor Neurone Disease is going to a day centre.

woodville gardens ealing

The above is I believe Woodville Gardens in Ealing. Below is what I believe is the actual house used in the episode. There are a few in the street that look similar but I think the one in the picture below is the correct one.

woodville gardens ealing

woodville gardens

woodville gardens2


Next we have the building where Lewis goes to listen to Jessica perform in front of the committee that governs the Endeavour Award.

oriel square


This building is on Oriel Square and Lewis parks his car adjacent to St Mary’s Church. Below is how it looks today.

endeavour award2

endeavour award

Oriel square adjacent ot St Mary's Church

endeavour award map


After Jessica has finished applying for the Endeavour Award, she and Lewis take a walk past the Radcliffe Camera Building on their left. http://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/bodley/finding-resources/find-us/radcliffe_camera

where lewis and girl are walking building is radcliffe camera

As they walk further they pass Brasenose Lane on their right.

opposite rwdcliffe camera


Next we have a scene where Hathaway and Lewis are discussing Kate Jekyll and Hathaway’s belief that she might be involved in the case somehow or at least had a romantic affair with Danny Griffen. The walk and talk takes place in Broad Strret, Oxford. They start at Morton’s Bakery and then stop outside Balliol College.

broad street

balliol college

broad strret


Tom Pollock’s car was stolen and left at what is supposed to be an Oxford railway Station but it is in fact Slough Railway Station car park.

west car park slough railway station (1)



We move on to the scene where Jessica decides to commit suicide at the same spot where Danny Griffen shot himself.

abingdon raod 2

abingdon road looking to where jessica is walking

jessica walking


We find Lewis contemplating the case on Magdalene (pronounced ‘maudlin’) Bridge though he says later with all the traffic noise he could barely hear himself think. Kate Jekyll sees him and offers him, an iced lolly.

magdalene bridge


magdalene bridge

magdalene bridgemap

Both Lewis and Kate then take a walk in the Botanic Gardens. http://www.botanic-garden.ox.ac.uk/

botanic gardens


botanics map


After the case has been solved the detectives retire to one of Morse’s favourite pubs, The Trout Inn.

the trout inn (2)

So, we have come to the end of my first post on the locations used in Lewis episodes. I hope you enjoyed the post and in some small way it has been helpful.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. Wonderful.! Well Done, a joy to read and relish.! I had an ice lolly on Magdalen Bridge, while in Oxford last year……Thanks agian, look forward to the next one…..

  2. Thank you so very much we fans are blessed to have you do this .It is beyond my fondest dreams.I now have a real sense of the places which I hope one one day to see in person.Many thanks from across the pond

  3. The scene where Lewis goes to the graveyard still surprises me. I was so sure he was going to visit Morse’s grave when I first saw the Pilot.

  4. I LOVE getting an email telling me there is a new post on this blog, I love it, so enjoyable and thank you for all your efforts – I hope you see they are appreciated.

  5. ‘Iced lolly’ – what we in the US would call a popsicle, I believe. I’ve just finished watching this for the umpteenth (well, maybe 5th) time. Thank you for your post. I really loved seeing the real locations. You could get a job being one of those tour guides for people who love M, L, E. I wonder if when you have nothing else to do (haha), you might begin a series on the homages to Morse in Lewis. So dear, so touching in this episode, and I know there are others in the series, though the pilot has the most, I think. How wonderful the relationship between Lewis and Hathaway is.

    1. Hi Nan. Re’ homages, interesting idea for a blog post. I will look into how viable it would be as a post because as you wrote most of the homages are in the pilot.

      1. I’m on episode 3 of yet another Lewis journey. I’ll try and jot down any homages if I see them.

  6. I’m rewatching this episode and decided to search for locations in it. Stumbled across this site. Thank you for the great information!

    1. You are very welcome Rebecca and welcome to my website. I hope you find many things to interest you.

  7. I would only add that Jessica’s attempted suicide evokes Ophelia’s drowning in Hamlet. Wonderful work on your part Chris. Look forward to your completion of the Morse articles.

    1. Hi Andrew and welcome. It actually reminded more of Virginia Woolf’s death. She filled her pockets with stones and walked into the River Ouse.

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