Obituary: Jack Gold, Director of The Remorseful Day.



(Above) Jack Gold on the left directing John Hurt in the wonderful, ‘The Naked Civil Servant’.

On the 9th August 2015 film and TV director died aged 85.

Jack Gold and John Thaw were very close friends. Jack Gold directed John in many productions including 1968 British drama ‘The Bofors Gun’.



For Morse fans in particular he directed John Thaw in the final episode of Inspector Morse, ‘The Remorseful Day’ in 2000. Of course he also directed John Thaw in the television drama , ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ and several Kavanagh QC episodes: ‘Mute of Malice’ series 3 episode 1; ‘The End of Law’, Season 6, Episode 1; ‘Care in the Community’, Season 4, Episode 2 and ‘Blood Money’, Season 3, Episode 2.

Jack Gold also directed John Thaw in the 1997 drama ‘Into the Blue’. Gold was also responsible for directing the tribute programme after John Thaw’s death, ‘The John Thaw Story’ (2002).


Sheila Hancock wrote in the Guardian newspaper, “Jack Gold: he was the director my husband John Thaw loved and respected above all others. My husband John Thaw worked with many directors, some of whom cut their teeth working on the Sweeney, Kavanagh QC and Morse before going on to illustrious careers. Jack Gold was there at the start of his professional life in the film The Bofors Gun (1968) and at the end when he devised and directed the beautiful tribute after John’s death. He was responsible for some of John’s, and many other actors’, best performances. Jack was the man whom John, not one to give his trust easily, loved and respected above all others.”


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