My Talk At The Morse Festival, Jericho, Oxford, 4th March 2023. Or What You Should Have Heard.

Hello everyone and welcome to a new post. As most of you know I was supposed to give a talk at last Saturday’s Morse Festival but due to, let’s be kind and write, ‘technical difficulties’ I was unable to give my talk. Anyway, here is the talk I had planned. I hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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I hope you enjoyed my talk. What do you think of my choice of locations? What do you think of my idea of having QR codes on the plaques? let me know in the comments.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

25 thoughts

  1. Christopher – a very informative and well thought out presentation. It’s a shame about the “technical difficulties,” and I say a big thank you for posting your talk here.

  2. An enjoyable 10 minute watch. Good choice of locations. I like the idea of the qr codes because it’s interesting to see how they are used in the different series. There could be a walking tour to join the 10 plaques which take you past other areas of interest or may be a pub for a swift half.

  3. I was lucky enough to sit in a front row at Morsefest so I did hear the part about the QR code plaques and I loved the idea instantly!

  4. Thank you posting this. Now more people beyond your Twitch viewers can enjoy it. It’s such a fitting and moving tribute.

  5. Thank you Chris- I have enjoyed & appreciated all your hard work & dedication to this my dearly loved Universe wendy

  6. Very interesting talk.It would be even more interesting to know what the ‘technical difficulties’ were! Lt’s hope that the plaque idea takes off,but perhaps the Council are too busy trying to set up ’15 minute prison camps’ to be bothered!

  7. I really enjoyed your very entertaining presentation, Chris. Excellent choices for Morse plaques, which would enrich the streets of Oxford. My kids have both studied there over the last 6 years and while visiting them I have got to know the city well and see many Morse locations. Exeter might be a good choice too with its connection to The Remorseful Day. Thanks again.

  8. Congratulations, Chris! We all know it’s more than “technical difficulties”, and it’s their loss and a real shame that people at the festival couldn’t hear your talk, especially Abigail and Anton.

  9. This was a great talk – thanks so much for sharing it. So sorry for what happened at the festival. I truly appreciate all of your hard work. I am a big fan of the Morse universe and of YOU. Thanks again.

  10. Thank you for sharing your talk here Chris-an amazing idea of the QR codes and having the option of downloading the locations that appear in the Morse universe. The choices are really good and it was lovely to hear your talk on here.

  11. Plaques would be good for the tourist trade, though would Oxford want to be seen pandering to what it might view as a trivial and ephemeral popular entertainment? They’d be wrong, I feel, The Morse Universe will outlast us all. QR codes are a great idea provided someone undertakes to support the URL indefinitely. Local government reorganisations can leave such things orphaned.

    1. Hi and welcome to my website. My idea regarding the QR code information was to run it from my website. I would set up separate pages for each plaque. It’s very easy.

  12. Firstly, you are the go to person for all things Morse. Thanks for doing a thorough job. The QR code idea is brilliant go for it Chris!! We are all behind you. A grant needed.

  13. Very interesting talk. Thank you for sharing it. I think the plaques are a great idea.

  14. Thank you for a most enjoyable talk. Your research has greatly extended my appreciation of the Morse universe.

  15. Thanks for sharing Chris – fabulous- you are such a font of all things Morse ! Great idea re: the plaques….

    A shame that Allam or Evans were not able to be in attendance but Abigail and Anton are incredible – they both seem to embrace their connection the series – especially Abigail.

    I must say I am a bit old fashioned and like it when I see actors embrace and not bite the hand that feeds them – i get the feeling that Evans will possibly not even answer any Endeavour questions in the near future interviews…. Can’t say I blame him – wanting to separate himself as much as possible but I always think it is a bit sad.

  16. I’m guessing you are not at liberty to explain more fully the “technical difficulties” ….how fitting a mystery for us all 🤣😢

  17. Hi Chris, I just want to say thank you for streaming the new Endeavours. My stream kept on buffering so some of the plots of those 3 episodes was not clear to me but I was mostly interested in what happened to the our beloved characters! It might have been because I was in the midst of moving into my new apartment and I did have to watch them after you originally streamed them. I know you did not like Endeavour’s dream of Joan but I did because it was what I wanted to happen right from the first episode of the first series. I just thought they belonged together even though we know that never could happen. I thought Bright’s leaving was very sad, in fact I am so sad to see it all end, good and bad. I do plan on ordering the DVD of season 9 when it comes out as I have all the other seasons and obsessive as I am I must finish the collection. 🙂

      1. Sorry. I was replying to Kathleen’s comment regarding her wanting Joan and Morse together from the first episode of the first series of ENDEAVOUR: Joan isn’t in that episode. She first appears in FUGUE.

  18. This is brilliant Chris, I will use it as a guide when I am in Oxford in the summer. Thanks for everything you do!

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