Abigail Thaw Speaking at Morse Festival, Jericho, Oxford, 4th March 2023.

While I try and sort myself mentally I thought it only fair to post this video. There is no reason I should punish you all for what happened to me by not showing this video. My video of Anton Lesser will be posted at a later date. I meet Abigail and she was lovely and even more attractive in real life.


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I hope you enjoyed the video. Look out for Anton Lesser coming soon.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

13 thoughts

    1. Thank you, Chris, for making this interview available, BUT, the sound is mostly echo, and & hardly audible…I’ve checked all my settings on volume, etc. & they’re all ok…any suggestions…? I was so looking forward to this, but now frustrated. Many thanks.

      1. Sorry, Maria but the sound system at the event was not good. Best suggestion is to use headphones.

  1. Enjoyed but CC helped me -audio not too good- Thank you for sharing and as they say may your difficulties be sorted ;o)

  2. Thanks for this. Very sorry your Morse event didn’t go as planned. With respect, Chris, have you considered perhaps presenting your ten-minute talk and Powerpoint as a video on YouTube? I’d be very interested in seeing it, as I’m sure would everyone who visits your website. It would reach a wide, appreciative audience.

    1. Hi David. Thank you for your concern. Coincidentally enough I have created a video of my talk and will be uploading it to my website today.

  3. Excellent!!!! Abigail is definitely beautiful and looks 15 years younger than Dorothea Frazil. The talk was excellent and Abigail was very easy to understand as her accent is not heavy to may Yank ears. Thank you so much for going to all the trouble to share this talk with your readership.

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