TWITCH: Changes To Stream Times As The UK Changes To GMT. UK Clocks Go Back 1 Hour On 31st October.

Hello everyone. Thanks to Nate for the following.

I’ve set up the links for the different time zones of our Sunday Morse/Lewis/Endeavour watch. The Sunday watch always starts at 8PM local Edinburgh time (Standard Time or British Summer Time). Wednesday discussions/viewings are normally one hour earlier. As always, everything is subject to change by Chris.

Before I give the links, here are a couple of notes.

First, for those who are not aware, if you have a account and subscribe to Chris’s channel, you can get either a text message or an email as soon as Chris goes live, usually some minutes before the scheduled time.

Second, I want to share something I only recently noticed that’s been right under my nose all along! It’s an extremely easy way for individuals to keep track of times for Internet meetups with people in other locations, *including* Daylight Saving Time changes. If you don’t already use it, I hope you will find it helpful.

I give current instructions for those who use the Google Calendar browser app ( or Outlook Calendar browser app ( Other calendar apps probably have their own ways to do this.

Simply add a recurring weekly appointment to start on *Sunday at 8PM* and set the *appointment time zone* to a *UK time zone.*

Using Google, click on “time zone” and select “United Kingdom”.
Using Outlook, click on the tiny globe icon under end time and select “Dublin/Edinburgh/Lisbon/London”.

The appointment will then be scheduled on your calendar at *your correct local time every week,* including adjustments for the DST changes. We’ve had one or two people in Australia who’ve joined us, and the meetup would appear correctly on their calendars on early *Monday* morning.

Use the above or the links below (or your own method), whatever you prefer. I’ve used all three methods shown here to confirm that they give the same correct times and dates for my own time zone (Chicago).

FINALLY, here are the links. All of the links provided are based on the dates of DST change for the USA and the UK (UK is the same as the EU). If your dates are different or your area is not here, at the website you can customize the lists any way you like. All the info is in the URL, so no one else will be affected, and you can save your own custom versions of the lists just by bookmarking the pages.


—– Sunday, October 31 ONLY (British Summer Time ends)





—– Sundays starting November 7 (USA and Canada DST ends)




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