Live Stream of the Endeavour Episode, GAME (Series 4, Episode 1) on Twitch, SUNDAY 18th APRIL 2021; 8pm BST. Watch and Chat.

Hello everyone. I hope this post finds you all well, mentally as well as physically.

So the Endeavour stream has reached the fourth series.

To read my review of the episode click HERE.

Remember you don’t have to join Twitch to watch but you do have to join to chat.

I have updated the times below in correspondence to the clocks going back for the USA, Canada and elsewhere.

Join me and many others at

I hope to see many of you there. Bring your favourite drink and snack.

VERY IMPORTANT: For all those outside the UK you should be aware that on Sunday, 28th March the UK GMT will end and we will be on BST. This means that the clocks went forward one hour.

Thank you Nate for the updates regarding times below.

Hopefully the times I have below are accurate. If not, let me know.

For the USA:

8pm in the UK is 3pm in New York.

8pm in the UK is 2pm in Chicago.

8pm in the UK is Midday in California.

8pm in the UK is 11am in Alaska

8pm in the UK is 10am in Hawaii.

8pm in the UK is Midday in Phoenix

For elsewhere the times are;

Canadian Time Zones.

8pm in the UK is 4.30pm in Newfoundland Daylight Time.
8pm in the UK is 4pm in Atlantic Daylight Time, Halifax, NS, Canada.
8pm in the UK is 2pm Central Daylight Time, Winnipeg.
8pm in the UK is 2pm in Central Standard Time, Regina.
8pm in the UK is 1pm Mountain Daylight Time, Edmonton.
8pm in the UK is Midday in Pacific Daylight Time, Vancouver.

Canada Eastern Daylight Saving Time: Montreal and Toronto

8pm in the UK is 3pm in Montreal and Toronto.


8pm in the UK is 9pm in Italy.

South America.

8pm in the UK is 4pm in Argentina and Chile.

If there are other time zones you think I should add please let me know.

Hope all this helps.

You don’t have to join Twitch to watch but if you do join (it’s free) it has only the minimal amount of signing up protocol to go through and this will allow you to chat to me and everybody else.

Not only can you enjoy watching the episode but you can chat (via text box) with other Endeavour fans. Some people who have watched the episodes on the live stream have said that they have not only learned more about the episodes but come to appreciate episodes they had previously disliked.

Please join me and many others to watch this great episode on the social media platform, (one of the biggest in the world) TWITCH and watch the episode on a live stream. Twitch is FREE to join and FREE to watch.

For those not in the know in regard to Twitch, when I write ‘watch and chat’ the chat is via a text window so there is no actual talking over the episode.

To ‘chat’ (this means to type in the chat window that runs alongside the video) you need to register but that is all rather simple. It’s only a matter of choosing a screen name and entering your email address.

So, over the next weeks I am hoping to live stream all 30 of the Endeavour episodes on Twitch. Twitch is one of the biggest social media sites in the world which allows people to live stream their various activities.

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With Patreon you set up how much you wish to pay monthly. There are three tiers, $5, $10 and $15. It’s like paying for a magazine subscription.

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I hope to see many of you there for a fun time at what has become known as the Sunday Night Endeavour Club.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. chris:
    been meaning to ask: how is your schooling going? can relate to some of the lesser-pleasant facts of returning to university life. namely sharing a closed space with the just-out-of-high-school’ers who haven’t heard that biologically-speaking after age 24 it’s all downhill from there. I was sitting in an anatomy/physiology class, at 23.75 years and counting, when the prof destroyed what was left of my youth.

    be not deterred. education is worth every bit of energy it requires. the rewards just keep on, keeping on…

    pleased to see you’ve ‘added’ an edit button! whoopee…

    1. Hi Hespra. I’m not enjoying Uni so much so that Im thinking of not entering third year. It’s stressful and stress makes me very ill. You’re welcome regarding the edit button.

      1. chris:
        truly sorry this happened. i hoped you would find university an intellectual challenge that feeds rather than devours. here in US under-grad years are the least pleasant (for a ton of reasons). if one survives the required coursework one will probably never use (corporate accounting, in my case) and gets to grad school, that’s when course work becomes exciting. no more ‘general ed,’ on to concentrated focus on chosen subject matter. on to sharing univ life with faculty and students interested in similar topics. difference between undergrad and grad: night and day. don’t let the bastards get you down.

  2. Hi Chris. Last week I was perhaps starting to feel better. Unfortunately, I think I overdid things, and thus it is probably for the best, that I give tonight’s stream a miss. Sorry about this, and I hope you all enjoy the “Game” episode, this evening. One question, if you don’t mind, when one clicks on your home page, for the most recent comments, that have been added to your review of “Zenana”, the comments do not appear. Have they been deleted? Anyway, that is all from me for now.

    1. James – I was about to ask the same – re: the comments being deleted. Seemed a little thread that may have gone.

  3. Hello Chris. Did you see my question above, which Maria has also reiterated, thank you Maria? What has happened to a number of recent comments placed on your review of “Zenana”? It appears as if they have been deleted. Sorry to trouble you Chris, and that is all for now.

    1. Hi James. I hope you are feeling better. I deleted quite a few comments and blocked two people due to their inappropriate comments.

      1. Hello Chris. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I’m not very well at all at the moment. There were some signs a week or two ago, I was slowly improving. However, I think I overdid things and I’m in a dark place, again. Therefore I will have to give tonight’s twitch discussion a miss. Sorry to be a purveyor of bad news.

      2. Take care of yourself James and hopefully we will see you at the live streams soon.

  4. in anticipation of series eight: how will the story line explain *why?* everyone in weird-lookin masks?

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