Round Up of January 2021 Posts + Facebook Posts Not Posted on my Website.

Hello everyone and welcome to my end of the month round up.

Not only will I provide links to the posts I put up on the website in January but also the posts I put on my Facebook that were too small to make a full website post.

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From January 3rd. Behind the Scenes Photos from Morse episode The Remorseful Day.

From January 7th. Another Star of the Morse Universe has Died: James Greene who appeared in the Morse episode; Service of All the Dead.

From January 13th. Two Kevin Whately British Magazine Articles: 2008 and 2015.

From January 17th. British Magazine Article with John Thaw about his new show, A Year in Provence, Feb/March 1993.

From January 29th. All the Oxford Colleges Used As Locations In The Inspector Morse Series. PART TWO.


Now the posts from Facebook that were not posted on this website.

From January 2nd. I see they still have a picture of John Thaw on the wall of the Morse Bar. However, as I mentioned to the bar staff on my last visit, the picture is from when John was filming Kavanagh QC not Inspector Morse.

Photo copyright : Graduate Hotels

Click the following link; A look inside the Randolph Hotel in Oxford before it reopens


From January 5th. Photographs of Oxford: Foggy New Year’s Eve. By Nasir Hamid on January 4th, 2021. Click the following link – PHOTOS.


From January 7th.

As many of you will know I recently wrote the first of two posts on all the Oxford Colleges utilized in the Morse series. As I wrote on the post I wanted to be 100% sure of all identifications before mentioning them in my posts. In the episode Last Seen Wearing I wasn’t sure of my ID of the scene in a library with Morse and Mrs Philipson.

So I wrote to Christ Church and a lovely man, James, wrote back to verify that it was indeed Christ Church Upper Library. So, I have updated my post with this new information. Interestingly, James mentioned that Christ Church does not use the word ‘college’. So, it’s Christ Church not Christ Church College.


From January 13th.

Evening Standard newspaper article. ‘Shaun Evans: ‘The handsome stranger? I’m totally miscast’. Click the following link – SHAUN EVANS


From January 15th.

There are times when I feel my brain’s cylinders are not firing in unison, if at all. During Sunday’s live stream of the pilot episode of Endeavour I mentioned that the house that is used for the location of Endeavour’s lodgings was the same house he eventually buys in the episode Degüello. I was wrong.
I was searching the episode ‘Girl’ (Series 1, Episode 1) for potential scenes to use for my weekly Twitch photoshops when I realised my mistake. The house where Endeavour is sent by Thursday to look into the death of a young girl is the house he eventually buys. The scene in ‘Girl’ is also the first time Endeavour meets Strange.
The top photo is from Girl and the bottom from Degüello.
I blame the cold weather for the brain malfunctions.


From January 17th.

Inspector Morse spin-off Endeavour series eight on ITV could be the last. Clink the following link – LAST SERIES.


From 20th January. 

ITV confirms filming schedule for Inspector Morse spin-off Endeavour series eight. Click the following link – SERIES EIGHT.


From January 21st. I don’t believe the Lamb and Flag was ever used in any Morse or Lewis episodes but was used as a location in episodes of Endeavour.

Historic Lamb & Flag pub in St Giles is to close after lockdowns hit trade. Click the following link – LAMB AND FLAG.


From January 23rd.



From January 31st.

Colin Dexter added to Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Click the following link – COLIN DEXTER.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. Hi Chris. Thanks very much for all your hard work on this website. I don’t know how you’ve found the time alongside your university studies, to complete the second part of your post, portraying the filming locations of all the Oxford colleges used, during the original Morse series. Thank you once again, Chris, as it is always interesting to read your many articles on the Morse universe.

    Can I just ask one question, regarding your filming locations post, on the Oxford colleges. We previously, discussed, “Last Seen Wearing”, and after kindly giving up your own time, writing to Christ Church, we now have verification, that Christ Church’s upper library was used for filming. You have updated the post and placed the photo of Morse and Sheila Phillipson in Christ Church’s upper library, thanks. Are you still awaiting clarification for the overhead Quad scene, in front of Christ Church library, where we see John Thaw pass Colin Dexter? In addition, are you also still awaiting clarification for the scene where Morse and Sheila Phillipson leave a college gate? I thought they left the Canterbury gate of Christ Church, because the gate is at the junction of Oriel Square and Merton Street. This makes sense, as Morse and Sheila then walk into Oriel Square, where Lewis spots the pair of them from his car. Perhaps you considered those brief scenes unnecessary to depict on your web page. I just wondered, and I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    That is all for now. Thank you Chris, and take care.

  2. Sorry about a small mistake above. I accidentally missed out a few words of one sentence, which I will now show in brackets. I should have said, “You have updated the post, and placed the photo of Morse and Sheila Phillipson in Christ Church’s upper library, (on part one of your Oxford college filming locations, web page) thanks”.

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