The Sunday Night MORSE Club: Live Stream of DEAD ON TIME on Twitch, SUNDAY 29nd NOVEMBER 2020; 8pm BST. Watch and Chat.

Hello fellow Morsonians, Lewisians and Endeavourists. I hope you and your families are well physically as well as mentally.

Sadly, last Sunday was the final Sunday Night Lewis Club. But we have four Sunday Night Morse Clubs to look forward to and then in January 2021 we will see the start of the Sunday Night Endeavour Club.

I have updated the times below in correspondence to the clocks going back for the USA, Canada and elsewhere.

Join me and many others at

I hope to see many of you there. Bring your favourite drink and snack.

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VERY IMPORTANT: For all those outside the UK you should be aware that on Sunday the UK BST will end and we will be on GMT. This means that the clocks went back one hour. I will adjust the times on Sunday.

Thank you Nate for the updates regarding times below.

Hopefully the times I have below are accurate. If not, let me know.

For the USA:

8pm in the UK is 3pm in New York.

8pm in the UK is 2pm in Chicago.

8pm in the UK is Midday in California.

8pm in the UK is 11am in Alaska

8pm in the UK is 10am in Hawaii.

8pm in the UK is 1pm in Phoenix

For elsewhere the times are;

Canadian Time Zones.

8pm in the UK is 4.30pm in Newfoundland Daylight Time.
8pm in the UK is 4pm in Atlantic Daylight Time, Halifax, NS, Canada.
8pm in the UK is 2pm Central Daylight Time, Winnipeg.
8pm in the UK is 2pm in Central Standard Time, Regina.
8pm in the UK is 1pm Mountain Daylight Time, Edmonton.
8pm in the UK is Midday in Pacific Daylight Time, Vancouver.


8pm in the UK is 9pm in Italy.

South America.

8pm in the UK is 5pm in Argentina and Chile.

If there are other time zones you think I should add please let me know.

Hope all this helps.

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Not only can you enjoy watching the episode but you can chat (via text box) with other Lewis fans. Some people who have watched the episodes on the live stream have said that they have not only learned more about the episodes but come to appreciate episodes they had previously disliked.

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I hope to see many of you there for a fun time at what has become known as the Sunday Night Morse Club.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

4 thoughts

  1. Hi Chris. As promised, after watching the brilliant and iconic Morse episode, “Dead on Time”, with you all, last Sunday week, I have a question for you please, if you don’t mind. To briefly summarise, the inquest into Henry Fallon’s death appeared straighforward, and the conclusive verdict was suicide. However, fairly soon after, Henry’s Doctor reported a “bombshell” to the police. In his medical opinion, through analysis collated over many months, Mr. Fallon could not have killed himself, such was the state of his degenerative illness. In essence, Henry’s debilitating condition had continued to deteriorate over time, and therefore, he did not have the strength or capability to pull the trigger, and commit suicide, himself. Interestingly, Dr. Marriot had not attended the inquest, he was supposed to have been on holiday. My question was, why did Dr. Marriot, conveniently, make himself unavailable for the inquest?

    I asked that question at the very end of the live twitch stream, and I’m sorry it was a bit too late for you to reply, Chris. My mistake, I should have been quicker typing it. Nevertheless, I now believe, I have the answer. Please correct me if I am wrong. If Dr. Marriot had attended the inquest, and if he had told the authorities, it could not be suicide, given that the Doctor was a keen supporter of some kind of euthanasia pressure group, it may have led to questions by the police, enquiring whether he had helped or assisted Henry Fallon to kill himself. As we know, in fact, Dr. Marriot was actually in collusion with Mr. Fallon’s wife, Susan. She had killed her husband, with his blessing, but the events of that day and the timing of the murder/assisted suicide, were all organised intricately, to frame the son-in-law, Peter Rhodes, for murder. As a consequence, a further interconnecting reason why the Doctor deliberately missed the inquest, would be, if his diagnosis of Mr. Fallon’s illness was well known, by confidently announcing his medical analysis at the inquest, surely the wife would have also been very aware of this prognosis, before her husband’s death. He was thus, protecting Susan, from possibly being suspected early on, for helping to end her husband’s life. A final reason why the Doctor was purposely absent at the inquest, was I assume, due to the holiday he had allegedly taken, which allowed him to have an alibi for the time of the murder/assisted suicide of Henry Fallon.

  2. I should have said Dr. Marriot was in collusion not just with Mr Fallon’s wife, Susan, but Henry himself, as well. The three of them colluded together to give some meaning to Henry’s death, by framing Peter Rhodes for the murder. Henry and Susan blamed Peter for the death of their daughter and grandson, while Dr. Marriot wanted Peter out of the way and in jail, because Peter had been in an affair, with the Doctor’s wife.

    1. Just to make myself clear, I forgot the word “planned” in my comment, above, i.e. “The three of them colluded together to give some meaning to Henry’s “planned” death/assisted suicide, by framing Peter Rhodes for murder.

  3. I also mentioned on Twitch that evening, there is a very minor plot hole, related to what I have just been discussing, which thankfully doesn’t affect the high quality of this episode. Once Morse and Lewis established the truth, that Peter Rhodes had been framed, and as soon as they began to question whether Dr. Marriot had really been on holiday, or whether he’d only, “just”, concluded Mr. Fallon could not use a gun on himself, after his death. Should the police have thought, wouldn’t Susan have known about Dr. Marriot’s diagnosis of her husband? Susan of course, did not tell the inquest, her husband didn’t have the strength to pull the trigger. Therefore, should suspicion have been drawn to her earlier. I realise when it comes to Morse, love is blind, and he would have found it difficult to accept the depressing realities, regarding Susan, eventually uncovered by Lewis. Particularly, as Morse had once been engaged to Susan, and she was perhaps, the true, but sadly lost, love of his life. Finally, should the police have also considered, the subject of euthanasia could have been discussed between Dr. Marriot and the Fallons, Henry and Susan. As after all, the Doctor was a supporter of some form of euthansia pressure group. I know, I’m being rather harsh on this episode, but these were the questions that went through my mind, when I watched this episode again. To be honest, I still believe it is an excellent episode, which I would mark 9 out of 10.

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