Sunday Night Lewis Club: Live Stream of ONE FOR SORROW on Twitch, SUNDAY 8TH NOVEMBER 2020; 8pm BST. Watch and Chat.

Hello fellow Morsonians, Lewisians and Endeavourists. I hope you and your families are well physically as well as mentally.

My live stream has now reached the final series. Only three more episodes left before the end of the Lewis live streams.

I have updated the times below in correspondence to the clocks going back for the USA, Canada and elsewhere.

Join me and many others at

I hope to see many of you there. Bring your favourite drink and snack.

After spending 18 months watching and re watching the Lewis series for my book I still love this series and many of the episodes are some of my favourites in the Morse Universe. Many of the episodes are my ‘comfort’ episodes’ (for a list of my ‘comfort’ episodes click HERE to read my post about them).

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VERY IMPORTANT: For all those outside the UK you should be aware that on Sunday the UK BST will end and we will be on GMT. This means that the clocks went back one hour. I will adjust the times on Sunday.

Thank you Nate for the updates regarding times below.

Hopefully the times I have below are accurate. If not, let me know.

For the USA:

8pm in the UK is 3pm in New York.

8pm in the UK is 2pm in Chicago.

8pm in the UK is Midday in California.

8pm in the UK is 11am in Alaska

8pm in the UK is 10am in Hawaii.

8pm in the UK is 1pm in Phoenix

For elsewhere the times are;

Canadian Time Zones.

8pm in the UK is 4.30pm in Newfoundland Daylight Time.
8pm in the UK is 4pm in Atlantic Daylight Time, Halifax, NS, Canada.
8pm in the UK is 2pm Central Daylight Time, Winnipeg.
8pm in the UK is 2pm in Central Standard Time, Regina.
8pm in the UK is 1pm Mountain Daylight Time, Edmonton.
8pm in the UK is Midday in Pacific Daylight Time, Vancouver.


8pm in the UK is 9pm in Italy.

South America.

8pm in the UK is 5pm in Argentina and Chile.

If there are other time zones you think I should add please let me know.

Hope all this helps.

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Not only can you enjoy watching the episode but you can chat (via text box) with other Lewis fans. Some people who have watched the episodes on the live stream have said that they have not only learned more about the episodes but come to appreciate episodes they had previously disliked.

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I hope to see many of you there for a fun time at what has become known as the Sunday Club Lewis Night.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. Sadly Chris, I cannot join you all tonight for this very good Lewis episode. My apologies for this, but as ever, I will do my best to make time for Tuesday evening’s “Inspecting Lewis” discussion. I hope to “see” you all then. Tomorrow, I may post, a couple of questions on your website about last week’s episode, “Beyond Good and Evil”. I had enough chance in the conversation last Tuesday, to pose these questions, didn’t I, but unfortunately I forgot!! Anyway Chris, I hope you and all the Lewisians, enjoy tonight’s live twitch stream of “One for Sorrow”.

    I have also discovered a link from the Oxford Mail online, which appears to confirm the surprising fact, one of your other good twitch followers/commentators, mentioned last week, that originally, Angela Griffin, was only supposed to have appeared in one Lewis episode. Here is that link, which was written just after the final series of Lewis was broadcast.

    1. Thank you James, I have put the article on my FB page and Twitter. Hopefully, I will ‘see’ you on Tuesday.

      1. I will be sending off two comments, one after the other.

        Thanks for the reply Chris. I am pleased you found the article interesting. It is slightly strange isn’t it, that Angela Griffin, initially at least, was only expected to appear in one episode of Lewis. What I mean by this, is that if, “Beyond Good and Evil”, was filmed as the last episode in the eighth series, where DS. Lizzie Maddox was meant to be killed off, were “Entry Wounds” and “The Lions of Nemea”, originally, not meant to have included Maddox? If that was the case, perhaps a number of scenes had to be rewritten to include Maddox, because they would have already filmed those episodes without her. That would have required a lot of scenes with Kevin, Laurence, Rebecca and Clare, as well as the guest stars, having to be re-shot, I presume.

        On the other hand, my other theory would be, that possibly, “Beyond Good and Evil”, could have originally been intended to be the first episode of the eighth series. Using this example, Lewis having retired at the end of series 7, was called back to work, maybe, because an old case of his, with very serious implications, was being questioned. A serial killer locked away for thirteen years, for the murder of three policemen, investigated by Lewis himself, all those years before, had been granted an appeal. This development had led to Innocent and Hathaway, re-evaluating the original inquiry, and they needed Lewis back for his knowledge and experience of this old case, he had led. As I have said, perhaps Maddox was Hathaway’s new Sergeant then, with this conceivably being the first episode of a new series, and she was initially meant to have been murdered by the serial killer’s accomplice. If that had been followed through, and I’m glad it wasn’t, Lewis and Hathaway would have continued their usual double act, in “Entry Wounds” and “The Lions of Nemea”, without a third investigative officer assisting them. As it transpired, the character of Lizzie Maddox survived, and the powers that be, in this hypothetical example, must have quickly re-written her scenes for the next two episodes, before filming them. What we do know, of course is that, Angela Griffin appeared in all of the last six episodes of Lewis, which I thought brought a new successful dynamic to the show.

        Anyway, which of those two alternatives I just outlined was true, I have no idea. It could be very different to my suggestions though, because I am no expert, when it comes to understanding the time-frame of shooting scenes in a series, or the writing/rewritng of scenes and episodes in a series.

      2. The two questions I forgot to ask you Chris, regarding “Beyond Good and Evil”, last Tuesday, and I hope you don’t mind me asking you, is firstly, how did Pamela Carson know DS Maddox’s mobile phone number, which enabled her to text Lizzie, and to falsely lure Lizzie to her husband, that is Tony’s workplace? In addition, how did Pamela manage to portray the text, as if it was from Tony’s boss at work? The only answer I could think of was, possibly, the unpleasant journalist, Hugo Blayne. He of course, knew Maddox’s number, because he had been pestering Lizzie, by ringing her frequently. Therefore, he perhaps, naively gave Maddox’s number to Graham Lawrie, who then gave it to Pamela. This still leaves the question though, how did Pamela make the text look like, it was from Tony’s boss at work?

        My second question concerns the academic in philosophy, Dr. Brendan Ward, and his student Luke Burgess. We eventually found out that Dr. Ward had his wallet stolen by Luke, and the student used his tutor’s identity, stolen from the wallet, to falsely grant himself admission to see Lawrie in the secure prison. Why did Dr. Ward not report his wallet stolen? I certainly don’t remember him doing that. Was he still worried after over 13 years, that someone would recognise the photo in the stolen wallet, of one of the three murdered policemen, from all those years before, and this would suggest Dr. Ward was gay? He thus, still didn’t want to reveal his sexuality. Or is there another reason, why he didn’t report it stolen? Possibly, he didn’t want the family and widow of the dead policeman to know, there was a secret, which had never been discovered, and something that had the chance, to slightly diminish their memory of him. Furthermore, perhaps he was ashamed he had never divulged to the policeman’s family, their secret relationship. If he reported it stolen thus, and the police had found it, Dr Ward knew some awkward questions would be asked. This is what happened in the end anyhow, when they brought in Luke for questioning, and discovered the wallet.

        In the end, I have been answering my own questions, although I don’t actually know if I have come to the correct answers!!! Finally, you said Chris, you thought Laura should have been attacked instead of Lizzie, if Lawrie and his accomplice were really after getting revenge on Lewis, for the original investigation, that had left Lawrie imprisoned for 13 years. However, I believe Laura said something in the mortuary to Lewis, when he was wandering around, worrying about her. She said, the killer would be stupid to go after her, because that would make it look personal, and would suggest Lawrie was the original killer, after all. In essence, Pamela was trying to portray Lawrie as innocent. While, he was awaiting his appeal, she was trying to make it falsely seem, as if the original killer hadn’t been caught, and was back to randomly slaughtering police officers, which of course, were perpetrated by Pamela. Notwithstanding another small fact, the reason Maddox was attacked, was because originally, she was going to be killed off, after one episode. Now I am back to where I started!!! Anyway, that is all for now. Thanks Chris, and I look forward to your reply please, if you can find the time.

      3. Hi James. Regarding your first question. I always assumed that Hugo Blayne supplied Lawrie who subsequently gave it to Pamela. The second point about why did Lizzie not realise the call was not from her boss is a bit harder to answer. Again, I assumed that she didn’t have Tony’s boss’s number on her phone, (How many people have their partner’s phone number). Lizzie could have simply texted, blocking her own number, something like, ‘Hi this is Tony’s boss (fill in name) texting to let you know Tony has had an accident.’
        Onto your second question. I will have to have a look at the scenes that included Brendan Ward to answer the question fully. Take care.

      4. Thanks Chris, for kindly taking the time to reply. I very much agree with your first answer, regarding the journalist, Hugo Blayne. I also concur with your reasoning, relating to Pamela writing into the text message to Lizzie, falsely claiming that she was Tony’s boss at work. As you say, Maddox is perhaps not likely to have the mobile number of Tony’s superior, so she was none the wiser. Anyway, thanks for answering my questions as best you could, and sorry for giving you more work, if and when you do look into the scenes including Brendan Ward. Finally, I should be able to watch with you all, this coming Sunday’s Lewis episode, “Magnum Opus”, and I hope to “see” you then. Thanks very much Chris, take care, and goodbye for now.

      5. Hi Chris. I had no intention of writing anymore on this subject, but I just forgot to ask earlier, another question related to your kind reply. How did Pamela know Lizzie was married? Although, I suppose she could have spotted a wedding ring on Maddox, when she was questioned. Furthermore, how did Pamela know Lizzie’s husband, Tony, had a job and was working at the time of the text message? In addition, did Pamela know that Tony worked in a potentially dangerous job, as an engineer at a pumping station, which meant her lie in the text, appeared to carry some credence?

        The only answer I can gather from these questions would be, that the journalist, Hugo Blayne, had been pestering Maddox, ringing her mobile frequently, and perhaps he was able to garner some information from Lizzie about her husband, and his line of work. This was of course, then unfortunately, relayed naively by Hugo to Lawrie, who then told Pamela. Finally, that is all from me for today, and thanks Chris, for hosting all these enjoyable twitch sessions. Goodbye for now.

  2. Hi Chris. Thanks for placing the Angela Griffin article on your Twitter and Facebook pages. I just wondered whether you had observed my response above, to your kind acknowledgement, a couple of days ago. Sorry if those two comments above, were overly long. I was just speculating, if the article reported the truth, how did that affect the writing and filming of the eighth season of Lewis. In addition, I asked you a couple of questions about “Beyond Good and Evil”. Anyway, I know you must be very busy with your university studies, and I look forward to your reply please, if you can find the time.

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