LEWIS: Behind the Scenes Photos from the Lewis Episodes, Entry Wounds, The Lions of Nemea and Beyond Good and Evil.

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well, mentally as well as physically.

A big thank you to Ken Coombs for sending me these photos to share with you. Ken was Kevin Whately’s stand-in during the Lewis series.

The photos are all from series eight of the Lewis series.


Up first, Entry Wounds.

Car being being prepared for a driving scene. This is at the corner of Merton Street and Oriel Square.

Lewis and Hathaway messing about on the river.

Setting up the scene with Jean Innocent and Lewis. This is Head of the River pub, Oxford. This is when Innocent is trying to persuade Lewis to come back to work.

Pauline Harlow The Script Supervisor, Terry Collins Kevin’s driver, Pauline’s daughter Katie also a Script Supervisor



Next up we have, The Lions of Nemea.

Filming in Broad Street, Oxford.

Setting up scenes in the planatarium.

Next we have scenes from Beyond Good and Evil.

Setting up the scene for Laura and Lewis’s picnic.

Sound Department recording the shot of Lewis racing to the Pumping Station.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the photos.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. In case you couldn’t find this message, Chris, which you said, you would try your best to reply to, on Sunday, I have reposted this comment for a second time. I mentioned two weeks ago, during that Tuesday’s “Inspecting Leiws” discussion, that the excellent Lewis episode, “Entry Wounds”, portrayed a suicide dressed up as a murder, with the death of Rizwan Nooran. I thought this was an unusual occurence in the Morse universe, as I couldn’t remember many examples off the top of my head, from other episodes. There are, of course, plenty of instances of murders dressed up as suicides, but I have now recalled a couple of instances from Inspector Morse, of the former.

    The classic Morse episode, “Dead on Time”, featured the assisted suicide of Henry Fallon, by his wife Susan, which was cleverly designed to frame their son-in-law for murder. Furthermore, another Morse episode springs to mind, “The Wolvercote Tongue”. The elderly lady who had brought the valuable tongue with her from the USA, to reunite it with the buckle already on display at the Ashmolean museum, suddenly died in her Randolph hotel room, and the tongue had also disappeared. Morse initially thought, it was murder in pursuance of theft. It turned out though, that the lady had a severe heart condition, and she died of a massive heart attack. However, her husband knew this, and just after she died, he decided to take the Wolvercote tongue and throw it in the River Thames, to try to gain a handsome amount of insurance money. He thus almost unintentionally, was portraying his wife had perhaps died, as a result of a burglary. He owns up to this scheme at the end of the episode. This is then, not so much a suicide dressed up as murder, but a death by natural causes, made to look like it could possibly, have been a murder.

  2. Hello Chris I have just discovered your website and may I congratulate you on such a well researched and presented tribute.
    I appeared in the Lewis episode “Beyond Good and Evil” where I played a Prison Officer , so it was a pleasant trip down memory lane to see the behind the scenes feature recently.
    Keep up the good work.

    Stephen Boyd

      1. Yes , all three. Kevin was charming throughout – a real gentleman. He immediately impressed all the SA’s (Supporting Artists) by squeezing onto the lunch bus with everyone else instead of eating alone in his trailer , and during a scene I shot with him and Lawrence where they exit the murderer’s cell and I unlock the security doors for them to pass through he patted me on the arm and said “thanks mate” because we had to retake the scene several times as Lawrence had trouble remembering the dialogue !.
        We filmed the prison scenes at a recently decommissioned gaol at Ham near Richmond, and the courtroom scenes (where I escort the prisoner) at Kingston upon Thames Town Hall – very enjoyable weeks work and a happy cast and crew

  3. Hi Chris. On your Twitch site, I was aiming to watch/listen to the Wednesday discussion, I missed nearly two weeks ago, on Entry Wounds. I clicked on videos, then highlights and found the aforementioned stream. Yet, when I clicked on this and tried to play it, I just had a black screen saying; “There was a network error. Please try again. (Error #2000). Henceforth, at the moment I can’t watch this video? Would you be able to solve this problem, please? Thanks and take care.

    1. Hi James. The stream for the discussion on Entry Wounds is working for me. try again and let me know the outcome.

      1. Thanks for reply, Chris. I still have the same issue, sorry to say. As before, it says; “There was a network error. Please try again. (Error #2000)”. Underneath this, it also shows; “Click here to reload player.” However, when I click on that, the same thing re-appears, namely this error. Anyway, sorry to worry you.

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