Deleted/truncated scenes missing from the US Version of the LEWIS Episode, AND THE MOONBEAMS KISS THE SEA, Series 2, Episode 1.

Hello everyone and welcome to a new post. In the past I have created posts showing the missing scenes from series five and six of the Endeavour series. You can find these posts by clicking HERE and go to section 15 on the page.

I have now found out, thanks to Lewis fans on my live streams, that PBS also edited scenes from the Lewis series. A huge thank you to Nate who took the time to compare the PBS aired episode and the original UK broadcast. Unbelievably, there are some important scenes that have been excised by the editor for PBS who is akin to a heavy handed butcher.

Of course it is possible that not all regions had the following scenes deleted. To put the missing scenes into context I will include parts of the scenes that came before and after. Let me know thoughts on this post in the comments section. The running times I have mentioned below are those for the UK broadcast and DVD. So, for US viewers they will be approximate.

First up we have a scene with the brother in law of Reg Chapman (the first victim), following him out of the Greyhound Track. This is between 3m:12s and 3m:40secs.


Next missing scene starts at 17m:23s and ends at 20m:25s. Nell and Philip are showing tourists around parts of Oxford.


Next scene starts at 21m:33s and ends at 23m:30s  minutes. All mention of Susan Chapman’s brother is excised from the scene.


Again this missing scene excises all mention of Jeffries, the brother of Susan Chapman. Starts at 27m:45s and ends at  29m:40s.


Next we have a truncated scene with Hathaway talking to Philip Horton. Starts at 40m:20s ends at 41m:52s.


Now we have a scene with Hathaway and Lewis talking about the case in their office. Starts at 1h:1m:45s, ends at 1h:3m:50s.


We have another scene with Susan Chapman’s brother, Jeffries and a scene with Sandra Walters and the American, Quentin Jackson. Starts at 1h:6m:50s and ends at 1h:8m:40s.


Scenes at the betting shop and in the police station. Starts at 1h:6m:50s and ends at 1h:8m:40m.


Next scene is a truncated one. It’s when Hathaway and Lewis visit the student house and eventually find the gun in Philip’s room. Starts at 1h:10m:15s and ends at 1h:11m:10s.


A missing scene between Lewis and Innocent.


And the last deleted scene is with the students in a pub. It’s split between a scene with Lewis and Hathaway in the police station. Starts at 1h:14m:30s and ends at 1h:16m:5s.


I hope you found this of interest. Please take the time to read to the end of this post.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

9 thoughts

  1. I had no idea there were deleted scenes! I watch Lewis through a subscription to PBS Masterpiece Theater through Amazon. There’s no reason for edits as it’s not being broadcast so it doesn’t need to fit into any time constraints. I wonder if I can watch the original someplace.

    Now I wonder what other episodes have been edited. I recently rewatched Counter Culture Blues and there’s a huge leap in Lewis thinking there’s blood outside the gates. I wonder if something has been edited.

    Thanks for posting this!

    1. Hi mskyler. One has to assume that ALL the Lewis episodes have scenes that have been excised. As I wrote above to another person who left a comment, buy a multi-regional DVD and get the British DVDs is one of my long time mantras to those fans outside the UK. They are very cheap these days. Hopefully, in time I will be able to post all the missing scenes on my website.

  2. This is exactly why I buy all the DVD’s of Morse, Endeavour and Lewis from ITV. I realized when I compared PBS Masterpiece with the DVD’s I got for Endeavour that many very important touching scenes were deleted. All so they can advertise cruises and fundraisers. When Series 8 does come out, I will buy that from UK which will come out well before it is shown in US. They, and the all region DVD player, are not that expensive either.

    1. Buy a multi-regional DVD and get the British DVDs is one of my long time mantras to those fans outside the UK.

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! These scenes are gems. i agree with you that the butcher was heavy-handed and perhaps heavily sauced as well. There are episodes in which the some of the transitions between scenes are so abrupt as to be puzzling. I’m sure this took a lot of time on your part, and I hope you know how deeply appreciated it is. And also, may I say it one more time– what a superb piece of acting there is by Tom Riley.

    1. You are very welcome Frances and i’m glad you enjoyed the scenes. It’s a shame that so many American Lewis fans are being cheated. Agree 100% about Tom Riley as Philip Horton.

  4. “A huge thank you to Nate who took the time to compare the PBS aired episode and the original UK broadcast.”

    Chris, you’re quite welcome. The viewings have been informative, pleasant and fun, thanks to all the participants but especially, of course, you as our gracious host.

    For those who might read this entry, I just wanted to add here what versions I’m comparing.

    The full versions are from Chris’s own DVDs, which he is showing on our Thursday rewatches.

    The edited versions are those currently on, a service provided for no extra charge via my US city library. They all top out very close to 1h23m (after subtracting a short PBS intro and PBS credits).

    The latest episode on hoopladigital is “Falling Darkness”, so if I wanted to do later episodes, I’d have to find some other source for the edited versions. I know for a fact that some DVDs have the edited version, but others are clearly marked “Original UK edition” or the like and have the full version.

  5. What an excellent, excellent post, Chris!

    I – in the US (Delaware) – ordered the complete Lewis on DVD via amazon just a couple of weeks ago (early July 2021), and started watching them yesterday (after having watched all the Morse episodes).

    I watched this very episode, Moonbeams, earlier today, July 21, 2021.

    Now I have watched all of your deleted scenes.

    NOTE: ALL THE DELETED SCENES ARE THERE on the American DVDs I ordered about 3 weeks ago.


    This episode is my favorite from the broadcast days of several years ago on PBS, and it was interesting: when I saw the deleted scenes, my memory was telling me: Hmmm, I don’t remember seeing this. Particularly the construction worker brother-in-law of the gambler-document-stealer.

    I thought: gaps of memory, it’s been several years. I didn’t think: this is new. I thought: I must have forgotten this.

    But now, Chris, thanks to you: I KNOW why I did not “remember” them: I had never seen them, so as to be able to remember them!

    I think that the episode worked well without them; I love this episode even in the cut US version.

    But the cut scenes DID enrich and clarify the plot, and the characterizations. It was better with the cuts restored.

  6. I coincidentally watched this lovely episode last night, streaming it on YouTube. It was the original version, with no deleted/truncated scenes. The version that I watched was HD quality. The poster has the entire LEWIS series uploaded. At least until ITV finds out about it.

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