Sunday Night Lewis Club: Live Stream of YOUR SUDDEN DEATH QUESTION on Twitch, SUNDAY 19TH JULY 2020; 8pm BST. Watch and Chat.

Hello everyone. I hope you are well mentally as well as physically.

This Sunday night sees the Sunday Night Lewis Club reaching the third episode of the fourth series. This episode is not one of my favourites so it will be interesting to find out what you all think of this episode.

I hope to see many of you there. Bring your favourite drink and snack.

After spending 18 months watching and re watching the Lewis series for my book I still love this series and many of the episodes are some of my favourites in the Morse Universe. Many of the episodes are my ‘comfort’ episodes’ (for a list of my ‘comfort’ episodes click HERE to read my post about them).

And last but not least please think about buying my book on the Lewis TV series. It is available in paperback and a Kindle version on Amazon..

VERY IMPORTANT: For all those outside the UK you should be aware that the UK GMT has ended and we are now on BST. This means that the clocks went forward one hour. 

One of my lovely subscribers Edwina, kindly told me that the in the United States Daylight Saving began on Sunday, March 8th. Here is a website for further information.

Hopefully the times I have below are accurate. If not, let me know.

For the USA:

8pm in the UK is 3pm in New York.

8pm in the UK is 2pm in Chicago.

8pm in the UK is Midday in California.

8pm in the UK is 11am in Alaska and

8pm in the UK is 9am in Hawaii.

For elsewhere the times are;

8pm in the UK is 9pm in Italy.

Canadian Time Zones.

8pm in the UK is 4.30pm in Newfoundland Daylight Time.
8pm in the UK is 4pm in Atlantic Daylight Time, Halifax, NS, Canada.
8pm in the UK is 2pm Central Daylight Time, Winnipeg.
8pm in the UK is 1pm in Central Standard Time, Regina.
8pm in the UK is 1pm Mountain Daylight Time, Edmonton.
8pm in the UK is Midday in Pacific Daylight Time, Vancouver.

8pm in the UK is Midday in Phoenix

South America.

8pm in the UK is 4 pm in Argentina and Chile.

If there are other time zones you think I should add please let me know.

Hope all this helps.

You don’t have to join Twitch to watch but if you do join (it’s free) it has only the minimal amount of signing up protocol to go through and this will allow you to chat to me and everybody else.

Not only can you enjoy watching the episode but you can chat (via text box) with other Lewis fans. Some people who have watched the episodes on the live stream have said that they have not only learned more about the episodes but come to appreciate episodes they had previously disliked.

Please join me and many others to watch this great episode on the social media platform, (one of the biggest in the world) TWITCH and watch the episode on a live stream. Twitch is FREE to join and FREE to watch.

For those not in the know in regard to Twitch, when I write ‘watch and chat’ the chat is via a text window so there is no actual talking over the episode.

To ‘chat’ (this means to type in the chat window that runs alongside the video) you need to register but that is all rather simple. It’s only a matter of choosing a screen name and entering your email address.

So, over the next weeks I am hoping to live stream all 33 of the Lewis episodes on Twitch. Twitch is one of the biggest social media sites in the world which allows people to live stream their various activities.

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I hope to see many of you there for a fun time at what has become known as the Sunday Club Lewis Night.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

9 thoughts

  1. Hope to join you this Sunday, it’s not my favorite episode if I’m honest but perhaps others will change my mind

  2. Sorry to say, I cannot join you Chris, for tonight’s episode. Hopefully I will to be able to catch next week’s Lewis episode. Nonetheless, I should be able to join you, for the discussions on Tuesday and Thursday. Sorry for the short notice. I also apologise if I ask too much of you, but I wondered whether you will in time, reply to my latest comment, on Twilight of the Gods. Thanks Chris, and goodbye for now.

  3. My accidental mistake, the word “to”, after “Hopefully I will”, should not have appeared, sorry about that. Anyway, I hope you are keeping safe and well, Chris, and all the best. Goodbye for now.

  4. Hi Chris. I was in a such a rush earlier, I have now realised, I made another silly mistake, in that first comment. There was no need for the me to use the word, “Nonetheless”. I should have said, “Hopefully I will be able to join you for next week’s Lewis episode, together with the two discussions, this week, on Tuesday and Thursday evening”. You see, I had planned to watch, “Your Sudden Death Question”, with you all, on Twitch, but then I belatedly discovered, there was a programme on TV, that I have always watched with my Mum, so sorry about that. I should be more organised by next week, making time, for the “Sunday Night Lewis Club”. I apologise for bombarding you, with all these comments, but of course, two of those remarks tonight, were corrections. Thanks Chris, and goodbye for now.

  5. The next episode is Falling Darkness, isn’t it? To be honest, it’s the last episode of Lewis I thought was really good

    1. It is Falling Darkness. I will have to strongly disagree regarding all episodes after Falling Darkness being weak episodes. Series five alone has three very good episodes, Wild Justice, The Mind has Mountains and The Gift of Promise. I wonder if myself and others will be able to change your mind if you join me on my live streams. 😉

      1. Just checked on Wikipedia, and you are absolutely correct; series 5 is good. No much after that though

  6. In response to Neil’s comments above, may I say, that I thoroughly disagree with those comments. You are, of course, very welcome to your own opinions, Neil, but I struggle to understand, how by checking Wikipedia, that led you, to stating that series 5 is good, but there is not much after that. I suppose, Wikipedia, could have familiarized you Neil, with the plot summaries of each episode, which reminded you of episodes you didn’t like. However, you give no reasons, as to why, after series 5, the Lewis series, was not up to standard, in your view.

    As for my own opinion, I believe Series 6, had two great episodes, which were “Generation of Vipers”, and “The Indelible Stain”. In the former, it was very interesting, to see Lewis and Hathaway, tackle a new wave of crime, generated by modern technology, involving social media, online dating and trolls. I thought series 7, was a wonderful series, with all three of its episodes, “Down Among the Fearful”, The Ramblin’ Boy”, and “Intelligent Design”, being of a very high quality. In that series, It was lovely to see Lewis and Laura Hobson, finally become closer, and start a relationship. While the final episode of this seventh series, “Intelligent Design”, is one of my favourite Lewis episodes. It could have been the final ever Lewis episode, thankfully it turned out not to be, and it has many poignant scenes, linking it with the original Morse series, such as Lewis and Hathaway sitting in a very similar spot, to where Morse and Lewis had once sat, during “The Remorseful Day”. This was in the beer garden of the Victoria Arms, with a beautiful view of the sky, in the distance. Regarding the final two series of Lewis, series eight and nine, I considered the introduction of Angela Griffin as DS Lizzie Maddox, added an extra dimension and dynamic, to the main partnership between Lewis and Hathaway.

    All of what I have just said, does not mean, I have no criticisms of the series, it is just that, on the whole and as a quick summary, I found there were many fascinating episodes, throughout the entire Lewis series. I will also stress, the previous paragraph, is only my opinion, and you are very much entitled, to your own views and thoughts, Neil. Anyway, that is all from me. Thank you, and goodbye for now.

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