RECORDING of my Twitch Live Stream Discussion on the Lewis Episode DEAD OF WINTER: 8TH July.

Hello everyone and welcome to a new post. I hope you are all well physically and mentally.

Many of you will know that I live stream an episode of the Lewis series once a week, Sundays at 8pm. During Sundays stream, 5th July, I put across the idea of having another live stream to simply discuss the episode. So last night, Wednesday the 8th July me and 25 others met on Twitch to discuss and dissect the episode. It was a very interesting hour with many great theories being discussed in relation to the episode.

Amongst the many things we discussed was the death of the estate manager, Ralph Grahame. Was it suicide or murder? If it was suicide, why did he do it? If he was murdered, who killed him? Other discussions were about Briony Grahame, the estate manager’s daughter, did the episode stand up to scrutiny in relation to its themes. Did the writer Russell Lewis write a good story. We also talked about what are the best scenes in the episode and what scenes made us laugh.

If you get the chance it might be a good idea to watch the episode first and then watch this discussion.

If you want to join the next discussion then join me on Twitch at 7pm BST next Tuesday14th July where we will be discussing the Lewis episode, Dark Matter.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

4 thoughts

  1. Hi Chris. As you are very aware, and I hope I’m not flogging this issue to death, I held the theory, that the estate manager Ralph Grahame, was murdered by Paul Hopkiss, while you believed, with some good reasons, it was suicide. What was clear, about this issue, whether Grahame’s death was caused by a murder, or by suicide, was how unclearly, it was portrayed in, “The Dead of Winter”.

    I thought, Hopkiss had asked Scarlett, to forge love letters between Grahame’s wife and Dr. Black, to create the false impression, that Linda Grahame had run off with Black, all those years ago. The fake love letters were used by Hopkiss, to falsely convey, that Grahame had found out about this relationship, and that in doing so, he had then killed Black, for running off with his wife, Linda. The real truth of course, was that Hopkiss had killed Linda Grahame, a decade before, and Dr. Black, at the start of this episode. The murder of Ralph Grahame by Hopkiss, was made to look like a suicide, to make it seem, as if, Grahame had killed Black, and then in a fit of remorse, killed himself.

    I do not know if you have ever visited this website, which I will provide a link to, further below. It would seem to be American, as “Lewis” is referred to as, “A Masterpiece Mystery”. The Dead of Winter, is reviewed by someone named, Laurel Ann Nattress, and comments/questions are allowed, which are written below the analysis, now where have I seen that before? The writer of the review, attempts to answer the questions posed.

    In the 15th and 16th comment, as you scroll down, below the review, someone named Laine, posted a comment, asking the question:

    “Did Grahame kill himself or was he murdered? It wasn’t clear to me. I think he was murdered because I don’t see him abandoning his daughter.”

    Laurel Ann Nattress replied:

    “I was uncertain about this also Laine. They did not make it clear, but my best guess is that Lewis was right. Grahame would not commit suicide and leave his daughter.

    “Also another clue. Watch the scene again when Brionie walks from the Larch farm house, and is calling her dad. (right before she finds him dead). As she walks towards the barn, there is a yellow hose laid out on the ground, like her dad had been hosing down the ground, and had been called away. Would a man about to commit suicide, be washing down the yard, and leave the hose just lying there”?

    SPOILERS – “I think Paul killed him to cover his tracks, and made Lewis & Hathaway believe that Grahame murdered Dr. Black, and then killed himself in a fit of remorse.”

    Here is the link to this web page:

    I do not know how credible the author of this website is. This person obviously agrees with my theory, but I had never thought, about the hose laid out on the ground. This perhaps suggests, according to the reviewer, that it is unlikely to be suicide, as why would Ralph Grahame, be washing the surface, before killing himself? Anyway, I’ll leave this issue for you to decide, Chris. What do you think of this theory? I know you are always very busy, and I look forward to your reply, when you can find the time. That is all from me. Thank you, and goodbye for now.

    1. Hi James. I was actually unsure if it was suicide or murder though admittedly I was initially drawn to the suicide theory. However, after the live stream of the show and the accompanying chat I now believe it was murder. One of the reasons for my change of mind was that someone mentioned the yellow hose and the idea of why would he be washing out the stables before killing himself. Hope to see you on Sunday, James.

      1. Hi Chris. Thank you for replying so quickly, that is very kind of you. I didn’t realise someone mentioned on the live stream chat, the subject of the yellow hose, and the question, why would Grahame be cleaning out the stables before taking his own life? Obviously, I came across these observations, through the link I posted above. Anyway, perhaps we have finally resolved this matter, Ralph Grahame was murdered by Hopkiss, and this should have made clearer in the episode. For instance, in the final wrapping up of all the events, Lewis and Hathaway were explaining what had occurred. However, they only spoke of the murders of Linda Grahame and Dr. Black, together with the intended confusion created by the loading of the muskets, during the re-enactment battles, which enabled Black’s body to be transported from the chapel to the bus. Ralph Grahame’s death, and its circumstances, were not reiterated, and they probably should have been.

        Thank you Chris, for giving up your own precious time, to discuss Lewis episodes. This friendly debate has allowed us to perhaps resolve some complex issues, such as the one we have been talking about. I have enjoyed these discussions, and yes I hope to join you on Sunday night to watch another great Lewis episode, “Falling Darkness”. That is all for now. Thank you very much Chris, and all the best.

  2. I have just noticed, I made a small error, above, in my last comment, sorry about that. I accidentally, left out the word “been”. I should have said, “Ralph Grahame was murdered by Hopkiss, and this should have “been” made clearer in the episode.” That is all from me, now. Thank you, and keep safe and well.

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