Merton Street, Oxford: Its Place in the Morse Universe (Morse, Lewis, Endeavour).

Hello everyone and welcome to a new post. I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last video but I was finally able to inter my mother’s ashes. Due to some restrictions being loosened in regard to lockdown, my brother and my children, Charlotte and Glenn, were able to meet up. I buried my mum’s ashes next to her parent’s grave. The ashes came in a box as I refused to pay the extortionate amount for an urn. Charlotte painted the box beautifully and really made it special. My mum loved foxes.

Anyway, onto the post. Merton Street has been used rather a lot in the Morse Universe. So, I had to be judicious in my choice of scenes to use. I didn’t want to use any scenes that could be spoilers. If I had used all the scenes from the Morse Universe that used Merton Street as a location the video would probably have been around the one hour mark if not longer.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

18 thoughts

  1. That is a one and only, very special urn. I’m sure she would love it. R.I.P. Mrs. Sullivan.

  2. Very sorry you lost your mother.
    I love foxes too. The urn is beautiful.
    Best wishes from Sweden.

  3. Your daughter’s drawings on the box with your mom’s ashes- better than any urn you can buy.

  4. Charlotte made a very good job of that Chris. I hope you can feel more grounded now that it is done. Best wishes to you.

    1. Thank you. I love what Charlotte did. I think I do feel a little more grounded now that there is an element of clousure. Certainly, without wanting to appear sycophantic, the love and support I have received on my website, FB page etc has been invaluable.

  5. Hello Chris. Thank you for kindly telling your loyal readers and subscribers, about the moments, before you finally laid your mother to rest. Hope you can find some peace, now this part, of your recent traumatic experience, has been completed. From one fox, that is of course, part of my surname, I will just say, that I like those drawings of the foxes, by your daughter.

    Thank you also, for putting together, another very interesting and informative video, of the ancient Merton Street of Oxford, combined with the various moments when Morse, Lewis and Endeavour have filmed, along this historic, and partly cobbled area.

    In your excellent video, you wondered whether the cobbled part of the road was listed, and thus, could not be dug or turfed up. I have found an article, in the Oxford Mail online, dated from 2010, which suggests to me, that this section of the picturesque street, is strangely, not listed. The Oxonian locals, it appears, were very disgruntled and unhappy, after repair work ten years ago, left ugly patches of asphalt, amongst areas, that were once cobbled. I have no idea, what happened next, after this temporary repair work. Have laws changed, and has more permanent work been carried out, sorry, but I do not know the answers to that? Anyway, here is the link to this article:

    I was nearly suspended from detective duty, after my recent location error with regards to Exeter’s Fellows’ Garden, and I’m sorry about that. Anyway, one scene you forgot to mention, perhaps you are being modest, was when D.C. Sullivan, gave chase after the murderer, along Merton Street, and single-handledly apprehended the knife wielding villian! Using his experience of filming his walks along Oxford, he managed to lure the criminal on to the cobbled parts of Merton Street, where the villian stood no chance! Lewis and Hathaway were not pleased, and they tried to take all the glory, afterwards! I suppose, that would have been a spoiler, if you had included it! In addition, for some reason, I just cannot remember what the name of that Lewis episode was?

    That is all for now. Stay safe and well. All the best.

  6. I should have added, that perhaps, the repair work carried out ten years ago on Merton Street, does not necessarily mean, the cobbled street was not listed. The council may have only granted the abilty to do minor and temporary repair work, rather than the permanent turfing up, or wholesale change, to the layout, of this historic area of Oxford. The truth is I don’t know the answer to this question, but I thought the article I found about the street, was of some interest to you, Chris. Anyway, thank you, and all the best.

  7. Given that the article I discovered, mentioned, that the council needed approval from English heritage for further work to be completed on Merton Street, I have now come to the possible belief, the cobbled part of the road is indeed, listed. Anyway, thanks Chris, and goodbye for now.

    1. Hi James. If English Heritage are involved then it must be listed. One has to assume that the poor maintenance work done on the road was before the cobbled street was listed and protected.

  8. Hi Chris, thank you for posting the video, I’m going to watch it now in lieu of the Sunday Night Lewis Club! The box painted by Charlotte is beautiful and so much more personal than an overpriced urn.

  9. Thanks very much for your reply Chris. The article slightly confused me over whether or when, the ancient street was listed, but you have made better sense of it, thank you. It would seem likely, that your interpretation is correct, that poor maintenance work was carried out ten years ago, which perhaps prompted, the listing of this historic, cobbled part of the road. I also hope, you didn’t mind the continuation of my little bit of humour, with you. Finally, I will just say, I am grateful for your filming of Oxford’s many beautiful locations. Having never been to the city of dreaming spires, it has been something of an education to me, and I do enjoy your videos, thank you. All the best to you, and goodbye for now.

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