Fellows’ Garden, Exeter College, Oxford: Its Place in the Morse Universe.

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This video is set in one of my favourite colleges in Oxford, Exeter. The college also contains one of my favourite locations in all of Oxford, Fellows’ Garden. I wish the video was better quality. Not until I watched it did I realise I was, at times, moving the camera to quickly from place to place. The next time I get to Oxford (heaven knows when that will be) I will make a better quality video.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

6 thoughts

  1. No apologies necessary, Chris,. Super film. I was in Oxford years ago, well before I found Morse so I now know I how much I couldn’t appreciate what I was looking at. Yes, It is lovely especially with the snow. I lived in NJ and always loved the snow and I so miss that living in Florida now! Someday I will go back – I do want to see the Morse bar at the Randolph Hotel.

  2. I attended a medical meeting in Oxford in 1973, where I arrived by car, with a couple of colleagues. That night we stayed at Exeter College. It was such a nice historic building and with an outstanding location! At 07:00 sharp an elderly lady would knock at the door to wake us up with the classic: “Thank you! Seven o’clock!

    I wish I could return there…

  3. Thank you Chris, for creating this lovely little montage of Fellows’ Garden, Exeter College. I thoroughly enjoy your videos, portraying Oxford’s many scenic locations, particularly when you juxtapose your own location filming, as you walk around certain well known areas of the city, with actual footage of our eponymous heroes, Morse and Lewis, walking through these very same locations. I feel it adds a kind of mystical and magical quality, to these already beautiful parts of the city. Humorously, I wonder when you travel to Oxford, sadly, as you said, not this year, do you get an almost surreal perception that Morse, Lewis, Hathaway or Thursday, are going to appear, or jump out from somewhere, as you tread, on their own delightful patch of scenic locations!

    You have picked out some exquisite moments, where the Morse universe has filmed at Fellows’ Garden, Exeter. I was trying to think of others, off the top of my head, now you have shown me the location in all its glory. The Lewis episode, Generation of Vipers, would be one notable example, a drinks party is held in the garden, near to the beginning of the episode, in which the murder victim, Professor Miranda Thornton, attends. I also thought it was used in the Endeavour episode, Coda, but I could be wrong. This seems to have been filmed in the evening, as Morse enjoys an open air concert in the darkness of the night, where he bumps into an old Oxford tutor and acquaintance, Felix Lorimer. He manages to embroil Morse into an investigation, relating to his much younger and estranged wife. Anyway thanks, Chris, and goodbye for now.

    1. I didn’t want to fill the video to bursting point with all the scenes that included Fellows Garden. When doing this kind of video one has be selective. I’m planning to do a similar video on Merton Street. Can you imagine how the running time of the video if I included ALL scenes of Merton Street from the Morse Universe. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Thanks for the reply Chris. Actually, I wasn’t suggesting you should include in your video, every scene in the Morse universe, that has been filmed in the location, you portrayed beautifully above. I realised that you were perhaps only trying to provide a snapshot, and the best examples you could find of when Morse, Lewis and Endeavour, had been filmed in the area.

    Having never been to Oxford, I suppose what I was doing, now I correctly understand what Exeter Fellows’ Garden looks like, thanks to your lovely video, was trying to decipher myself, from other episodes, when this location had also been utilised. I thought of Generation of Vipers off the top of my head, and then checked in your excellent Lewis book, and thankfully I was right. In the case of the Endeavour episode, Coda, this was only a bit of guesswork, and I am not sure if I have deciphered this correctly, and it was also at night, which makes it slightly harder to uncover. Possibly you would know Chris, and if you don’t mind, I will just ask you, was Exeter Fellows’ Garden filmed, in the episode Coda? Thank you Chris, and goodbye for now.

  5. I have realised, I made a mistake in my last comment above. I thought the drink’s reception, which the murder victim, Professor Miranda Thornton attended, in the early stages of the excellent Lewis episode, “Generation of Vipers”, was set in Fellows’ Garden, Exeter College, Oxford. Alas, I was wrong, and it was actually Fellows’ Garden, Queen’s College, Oxford. I even initially, checked the filming locations in your Lewis book, Chris, for my previous comment, and when I saw Fellows’ Garden mentioned, instead of reading on, which would have revealed, that it was Queen’s College, I must have immediately assumed, it was Exeter’s beautiful, Fellows’ Garden. There is a lesson I have learnt, to leave the deciphering of Oxford locations, and other detective work, in the very capable hands of D.C. Sullivan!

    Anyway, thanks for all your hard work Chris, by furthering my understanding of the Morse universe, you have increased my enjoyment of Morse, Lewis and Endeavour. Goodbye for now.

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