Sunday Night Lewis Club: Live Stream of ALLEGORY OF LOVE. on Twitch, SUNDAY 31ST MAY 2020; 8pm BST. Watch and Chat.

Hello fellow Lewisians. I hope everyone is well.

I’m as well as can be expected. I am trying to live by those three little words that one hears and reads so often after the death of someone you love. Those three words are made up of only ten letters and three syllables. The trio of words can seem trite and unsympathetic. They can make one feel guilty for contemplating the message within the triumvirate of words. But as a distance grows between the death of my mum to the present day it becomes more obvious that the message in the three words I write of must be listened to: ‘life goes on’. I must not allow my mum’s death to define the rest of my life.

To paraphrase a line from the film Shawshank Redemption, ‘get busy living or get busy dying.

It is difficult to believe that it has been seven weeks since I live streamed the Lewis episode, The Great and the Good. Allegory of Love is one of my favourites from the Lewis series. There is so much to enjoy about this episode and I will get into all that when I give my ten minute waffle before the episode.

I hope many of you will be able to make it and I look forward to ‘talking’ to you.

After spending 18 months watching and re watching the Lewis series for my book I still love this series and many of the episodes are some of my favourites in the Morse Universe. Many of the episodes are my ‘comfort’ episodes’ (for a list of my ‘comfort’ episodes click HERE to read my post about them).

And last but not least please think about buying my book on the Lewis TV series. It is available in paperback and a Kindle version.

VERY IMPORTANT: For all those outside the UK you should be aware that the UK British Summer Time has ended and we are now on BST. This means that the clocks went back one hour. 

One of my lovely subscribers Edwina, kindly told me that the in the United States Daylight Saving began on Sunday, March 8th. Here is a website for further information.

Hopefully the times I have below are accurate. If not, let me know.

For the USA:

8pm in the UK is 3pm in New York.

8pm in the UK is 2pm in Chicago.

8pm in the UK is Midday in California.

8pm in the UK is 11am in Alaska and

8pm in the UK is 9am in Hawaii.

For elsewhere the times are;

8pm in the UK is 9pm in Italy.

Canadian Time Zones.

8pm in the UK is 4.30pm in Newfoundland Daylight Time.
8pm in the UK is 4pm in Atlantic Daylight Time, Halifax, NS, Canada.
8pm in the UK is 2pm Central Daylight Time, Winnipeg.
8pm in the UK is 1pm in Central Standard Time, Regina.
8pm in the UK is 1pm Mountain Daylight Time, Edmonton.
8pm in the UK is Midday in Pacific Daylight Time, Vancouver.

8pm in the UK is Midday in Phoenix

South America.

8pm in the UK is 4 pm in Argentina and Chile.

If there are other time zones you think I should add please let me know.

Hope all this helps.

You don’t have to join Twitch to watch but if you do join (it’s free) it has only the minimal amount of signing up protocol to go through and this will allow you to chat to me and everybody else.

Not only can you enjoy watching the episode but you can chat (via text box) with other Lewis fans. Some people who have watched the episodes on the live stream have said that they have not only learned more about the episodes but come to appreciate episodes they had previously disliked.

Please join me and many others to watch this great episode on the social media platform, (one of the biggest in the world) TWITCH and watch the episode on a live stream. Twitch is FREE to join and FREE to watch.

For those not in the know in regard to Twitch, when I write ‘watch and chat’ the chat is via a text window so there is no actual talking over the episode.

To ‘chat’ (this means to type in the chat window that runs alongside the video) you need to register but that is all rather simple. It’s only a matter of choosing a screen name and entering your email address.

So, over the next weeks I am hoping to live stream all 33 of the Lewis episodes on Twitch. Twitch is one of the biggest social media sites in the world which allows people to live stream their various activities.

I am hoping that many of you will be able to join me on Sunday 19th 31st May at 8pm BST.

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I hope to see many of you there for a fun time at what has become known as the Sunday Club Lewis Night.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

5 thoughts

  1. Hi Chris, thanks for the preamble – “life goes on”. It is very generous of you to share your obvious strength with your followers. I hope you realise how much the work that you do on this site helps others – well me anyway. I always get so much additional depth from your insights into each episode that I have missed myself.
    All the best

    1. Thank you Leo for this wonderfully nice comment. I get a lot of support and strength from people like yourself who come to my website. It has been an immeasurable help to me.

  2. Hello Chris. I am sure a bit of escapism with the Lewis series, can make you, and many of us, feel a little happier. I agree with you, regarding “Allegory of Love”, as it is one of my favourite Lewis episodes. It’s certainly in my top ten, out of the entire Lewis series. It has a number of features, that make it a great episode. For a start, it has wonderful actors, such as James Fox (Laurence’s father), Art Malik, Adrian Lukis, Anastasia Hille and Selina Cadell. I just wondered Chris, if you knew, that Selina Cadell, was married to Michael Thomas, who sadly died last year, which you nobly portrayed on this website. Michael Thomas of course, appeared in the Morse episode, “Ghost in the Machine”, and the Endeavour episode, “Sway”. Furthermore, Selina and Michael, have a son, Edwin Thomas, who played “Reuben Beatty”, in the Lewis episode, “Down Among the Fearful”, and he has also played a part in an Endeavour episode, he was “Noel Porter” in “Passenger”.

    Secondly, “Allegory of Love”, has beautiful scenic Oxford filming locations, and the themes in the episode could have been written by Colin Dexter himself. For instance, in Dexter’s novel, “The Secret of Annexe 3”, we find Morse and Lewis in “The Eagle and Child”, taking their usual “lunchtime calories”. Here is a little quotation, “Lewis reads the plaque commemorating the fact that C.S. Lewis, W.H. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein and Charles Williams met there for many years, each Tuesday, to drink and talk about literary endeavours and other subjects. The alcohol gets Lewis wondering whether another plaque will describe how he and Morse sat there to solve this bizarre puzzle.”

    It is thus, lovely to see the themes from this original Dexter story, woven into this great Lewis episode. Those group of literary friends, I have just mentioned, were known as the “Inklings”, and in this Lewis episode, “Dorian Crane” attempts to reform a modern day “Inklings” at “The Bird and Baby”, as it is locally known. Did you know Chris, that although the exterior shots of “The Eagle and Child” were filmed for this episode, the interior shots filmed inside, were actually of “The Dove” public house in Hammersmith, London. This information, I gleaned from “The Original & Bestselling Guide to The Oxford of Inspector Morse”, by Antony Richards and Philip Attwell, published in 2012.

    In addition, as we know, the famous Oxford hotel, “The Randolph”, has a prominent role in this episode, as it is where Marina Hartner works, and where Dorian Crane’s book launch takes place. We see many exterior shots of “The Randolph”, however, did you also know Chris, that the interior filming took place at “Templeton”, a conference centre at Roehampton, near London. The clue being the fine gardens visible just outside the function room, where the book launch is taking place. The Randolph Hotel has no such gardens. This filming location knowledge, again came through the same book, I alluded to above, by Antony Richards and Philip Attwell.

    Anyway, that is all for now, as I am in danger of writing and going on, for far too long. Thank you, and all the best.

  3. I could have also mentioned, this episode contains plenty of humour throughout, and of course, various delightful pub scenes. In fact, you could put those two great features of this episode together, and say, there were many moments of humour, prevalent, inside the pub.

    Finally, I suppose what I really meant in the final sentence, of my first comment above was, if I spoke any longer about, “Allegory of Love”, I would have risked spoiling it, for those that are not yet lucky enough to have seen it, especially with the Sunday Night Lewis Club, looming tonight.

  4. Hey Chris. Looking forward to watching with you today. Hope you are well. I know from experience losing a parent is a process to work though. Hope your Lewis community has been a source of support.

    On a Lewis note, Amazon had the 1st season on this month for free. I enjoyed them so much more after watching with your group. I caught so much more.

    See you later today.


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