MY BOOK ON THE LEWIS SERIES. UPDATE: Unknown Pubs Now Identified.

Hello everyone and welcome to a new post.

This is an update for those who bought my book though I’m sure others will also find this interesting.

I believe with this list below that is now all the pubs in the Lewis series identified.

A huge thank you to Ken Coombs, who was Kevin Whately’s stand in, who supplied me with the pub information. Thank you Ken.

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Firstly, we have omissions I made in regard to Hathaway’s smoking. I have slapped my own hand as a punishment. 🙂

The Great and the Good Series 2, Episode 4. Hathaway smokes at around five minutes outside the hospital.

Old School Ties Series 1, Episode 2. Hathaway smoking as he leaves the church around the 14 minute mark.

(There may be others omissions in regard to Hathaway’s smoking. When I find those (or someone points them out) I will post another update.


PAGE 116. 43m. DEAD OF WINTER – The scene with Frances Woodville was filmed at The Castle, 22 Box Road, Ottershaw KT16 0LW – Sorry I got that wrong.

PAGE 116. 1h13m. Laura and Lewis in a pub as well – this was the one filmed at The Royal Standard of England, Forty Green, Beaconsfield HP1 1XT

PAGE 186. 46m. THE GIFT OF PROMISE – The Irish Pub, The Swan, 119 Acton Lane, Chiswick W4 5HH.

PAGE 206. 48m. GENERATION OF VIPERS – Lewis and Hobson in pub. The Coy Carp, Copper Mill Lane, Harefield, Uxbridge UB9 6HZ

PAGE 206. 48m. GENERATION OF VIPERS – Kit Renton in pub. The Coy Carp, Copper Mill Lane, Harefield, Uxbridge UB9 6HZ.

PAGE 224. 1m. THE INDELIBLE STAIN – Kev watching football on TV. The Stag , Wexham Street, Slough SL3 6PA

PAGE 244. 9m. THE RAMBLING BOY – Hathaway has a drink before heading off to Kosovo. The Falcon, Old Moor Lane, High Wycombe HP10 0NE

PAGE 253. 1h13m. INTELLIGENT DESIGN – Kev & Lawrence The Old Ship, 3 King Street, Richmond TW9 1ND.

PAGE 298. 2m and 39m The group meet in a pub. MAGNUM OPUS The Barmy Arms, The Embankment, Twickenham, TW1 3DU.

Ken has agreed to help with other locations I couldn’t locate. I will post a new update once I get the new information.

Thanks also to my friend Francoise who found the pub in the episode The Ramblin’ Boy where Laura and Lewis first kiss.

PAGE 244. 1H25M. Lewis and Laura snog. The Falcon Pub, Old Watery Lane Lane, Wooburn, HP10 0NA. This is a strange one because they enter the White Horse Pub in Broad Street Oxford but the interior is the Falcon Pub.

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  1. Chris, Thanks you so much for keeping me from going crazy:)!!! I started watching Morse again in October when we moved to Maryland and Morse was being broadcast on the local PBS TV station. Wodnerful to see it again after 20 years.I picked it up again weekly January through March. Then for some unknown reason they stopped. So I picked it up on my little lap top via Amazon and am going through all of the episodes until they stop the end of April. Twelve more to go!
    I am sequestered in a retirement community in Maryland USA. So maybe I am going a little bit crazy!!
    Thanks anyway!

    1. Hi Ruth and you’re welcome. Twenty years is a long gap between viewings but good to know you are still enjoying it.

  2. Dear Chris, I was wondering if you could help on this: in Endeavour episode Colours, 4 of season 5, one of the officers sings the mad Scotsman to sleep with The flowers of the forest, but it is a version I had never heard and even more beautiful than the “usual” one. Do you know how I could find that? if I google up the title it’s always the other version. Thaniks, and keep safe

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