Morse, Lewis, Endeavour: A Guide on What to Watch During Self Isolation. Part 1.

Hello everyone and welcome to a new post. So, while we all do our best to self isolate and defeat this damned virus here are some choices of Morse episodes that may help you to get through this time. If you are like me you suffer occasionally from choice paralysis. The Morse Universe has 96, yes 96 episodes to choose from so it’s no wonder that we are paralysed by the amount of choice we have.

Here is my guide to the five episodes that may help get you through the self isolation. Of course this type of thing is subjective but I hope that it may help especially if you haven’t watched many Morse episodes or you haven’t watched the episodes for some time.

This is only part one of what will be a three part series. Next video will be my five episodes of choice from the Lewis series and then , of course, my five episodes of choice from the Endeavour series.

I hope you are all well and taking care. Take comfort in the Morse Universe.


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Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

6 thoughts

  1. Bravo Chris! What a Terrific idea! So so clever! Really dearest gift to these awful days… Keep safe and let’s meet on Twitch..Bye!

  2. Warning to viewers, before you watch this: if you’re drinking hot coffee or tea, put it down before the 4:20 mark or so … because otherwise you WILL end up squirting it through your nose.

    Oh, Chris, you and that green top…

  3. If she had that on backwards, wouldn’t the production crew or costume person have noticed it? I think it was worn that way on purpose. Distracting to us watching but more so to Morse, I’m sure!

  4. From The Scotsman with Frances Barber: “The truth is that top was backless and should have been worn the other way around. I was asked to wear a jacket with it, and [together] they didn’t look nice. The poor hapless costume supervisor, who I don’t blame for one second, said, ‘Let’s turn it the other way around.’ I went ‘Oh, yes let’s because I’ll be in the jacket.’ Then we got to the scene, where I’m walking through the vineyard with Morse, looking lovingly into his eyes and he’s supposed to be fancying me. They said, ‘take the jacket off’, then went, ‘Gulp, that’s so low.’ But for continuity I had to wear it that way. It became a little bit of a cause celebre. I’m half naked walking through a vineyard with dear John Thaw, who said, afterwards, ‘I never even noticed.’ A gentleman.”

    1. Oh, Thank you Bo for researching and clearing that up. I really like that episode and whether he really did or didn’t notice, I love that John Thaw said that to her. 🙂

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