Listen to Laurence Fox talking to Matthew Wright on Talk Radio. 7th Nov’ 2019.

Hello everyone and welcome to another post about Laurence Fox promoting his new album, A Grief Observed.

This is I believe the best of the interviews that Laurence has done recently during his promotion tour. Matthew Wright asks some good questions, he listens to the replies and Laurence does seem to enjoy himself which is more than can be said of many of his recent interviews. He must get so fed up with the same questions, the triteness of those questions and the sycophancy. I wrote above saying that Matthew Wright listened to the replies because many of the interviewers have a set of questions which they do not want to deviate from and so do not listen to Laurence’s replies.

As an example of that in an interview on BBC Scotland, which I will post soon, Laurence talks about a letter he received from someone who wrote how much one of his songs changed their life. The letter writer wrote about how he and his wife were on the verge of breaking up, they were constantly arguing etc. After hearing Laurence’s music on an EP he released and in particular a song titled Mostly Water the couple reconciled and realised the mistakes they were making. Now, I don’t know about you but I had so many questions the ask about that letter, the song, how it affected Laurence. But no, the interviewer moved on to something else.

Interviewers today forget their raison d’être; to ask the questions that the public would ask. When someone has won an award or a sports cup the public wouldn’t ask, ‘How do you feel?’ That question asked by so many bad interviewers who do not own an original thought is the nadir of interview questions. So endeth the rant.

So, enjoy Mr Fox being as charming as ever.

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