Another Actor In The Morse Universe Has Died: Robert Blythe. (1947 – November 20, 2018. Age 71)

While on my travels around the net I found out that another actor from the Morse Universe died last year, Robert Blythe. To those of a certain age he will be known as a British character actor who had turned up on television since the 1970s. I’m sure once you look at the photo you will remember seeing him in various shows through the years.

Robert Blythe appeared briefly in the Endeavour episode Fugue. He played Farmer Oakshott. Endeavour asks him the way to Ben Nimmo’s farm. It may only have been a small part in the episode but he was still part of the Morse Universe.

Those who know me will be aware that I like to salute all those who appeared in the Morse Universe no matter how small the role was. All the actors who appear in Morse, Lewis or Endeavour are part of the Morse Universe family. R.I.P Robert and condolences to his family. Thank you for being part of our universe. Watch Robert in the video below.

Robert’s IMDB.

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