ENDEAVOUR: PYLON. Changes to the Soundtrack. From British Televised Version to British DVD version.

Well this is all very strange and something I have only today noticed. As those who watched the televised version of the Pylon episode will know, after the Bright and Pelican scene we have a montage of shots with a Led Zeppelin song played over them. American subscribers told me that the Led Zeppelin was missing from the version broadcast in the USA.

I have a copy of the televised version and the DVDs and on checking the DVD I realised that the Led Zeppelin song is missing and it now has Michael Slater’s incidental music.

So I decided to check if the other rock piece played on the televised version, Velvet Underground’s The Song is What Goes On, was also missing from the DVD version; IT IS. It has been replaced with some generic rock music.

So, below are the scenes from the televised versions and the DVD versions.

The Led Zeppelin montage is after the Bright and Pelican scene which I have included.

First up the televised version with the Led Zeppelin soundtrack.

Next up we have the DVD version of the same scenes.

Next we have the televised version with the Velvet Underground track.

And now the DVD version.

One can only assume that the reason for the difference is cost and maybe copyright.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

6 thoughts

  1. I supposed it’s not as bad as deleting scenes but still disappointing. Being a 60’s “child,”it’s music that I love along with, of course, classical. I guess we just can’t get the whole package. Bummer!

  2. Thank you for this column. I watched the series in the UK and now have friends back home in the US watching it. I decided to rewatch it to refresh my memory and I was sure the beginning was different! BTW, good luck at university! After raising my twins, I took care of my mum through Alzheimers and then my husband with Lewi-Body Parkinson’s. When he passed – I decided to finally take a year for myself in England and it has been a great experience! Cheers!

    1. Sorry to read that you and your family have had a bad time. I wouldn’t wish Alzheimers on my worst enemy.

  3. Having viewed all the Endeavour episodes in the US (PBS) (and the ITV broadcast versions), I’m now viewing the DVDs and have, so far, found two soundtrack changes: S02E03 (Sway) is missing the Dean Martin song ‘Sway’ (which, btw, gives that episode its entire metaphor!) and S03E01 (Ride) in the first ‘party’ scene (00:17:00 about), the party music has all been changed (changing the whole mood of the scene!). This is as far as I’ve gotten in my re-watch.

  4. Greetings from Finland and thank you for your post, it solved the mystery of me not finding the Led Zeppelin song in the episode Pylon. The version broadcast on Finnish television was the same as the DVD version above and same goes for the Velvet Underground song.

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