More Missing or Truncated Scenes From Some USA Broadcasts of Endeavour episode PYLON.

Hello Endeavourists and welcome to a new post. Strangely, it seems that while some regions in America see the full episode there are other regions where some scenes are missing or truncated. Also rather peculiarly some regions have different missing or truncated scenes from other regions.

So, I have been told by my American friends that there is a further missing scene from the episode and one truncated scene.

First up we have what I think is an important scene as it leads Endeavour to discovering when the little girl Ann Kirby was last seen. Without it, it appears as if Endeavour just happened across the area where the little girl got off the bus. Mick Haynes, the bus driver, is interviewed by Strange and Morse and he gives them the clue they need. The scene happens around the 49 minute in the British version. I have included the scene before the afore mentioned missing scene to give it context.


Up next we have a truncated scene that is around the 32 minute mark in the British version. It involves the Vicar talking to Endeavour about Stanley Clemence and asking Endeavour about his faith.


If anyone notices any other missing or truncated scenes let me know. Take care everyone.

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