REUPLOAD FOR USA VIEWERS: ENDEAVOUR: S6EP1, PYLON. Review + Locations, Literary References, Music etc. SPOILERS

Hello Endeavourists in the USA who watched the first episode on Sunday 16th June and Australia who watched the first episode of the sixth series on the 7th June.

The link below is my review of the episode PYLON. My review of course includes information on locations, music (though some music may be different to what was used in the US and Australia due to copyright), literary references and much, much more.

I hope you enjoy the review and feel free to comment on what you agree and disagree with in my review.


ENDEAVOUR: S6EP1, PYLON. Review + Locations, Literary References, Music etc. SPOILERS


Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

2 thoughts

  1. Thankfully I purchased the DVD set of Series 6 from ITV rather than waiting for PBS to broadcast it. Out of curiosity, I watched Pylon on PBS fully expecting it to be butchered as were the previous series. I was not disappointed.. The entire beginning was cut so you would not see the full advertisement with Bright and the Pelican. The first scene shown in the PBS version was the one with Stanley Clemence in the doorway.Another scene at the press conference, Ms. Frazil and others were cut out. I became angry so I shut it off knowing there were most likely other scenes cut/shortened. This first scene with Bright would, in my opinion, be very important in a later episode. A few other things – 1) I think Morse and Joan could have had a fling without it reflecting on the original Morse series. None of his relationships lasted and this could have been one of those. 2) Why wouldn’t Joan be at the fete? It is a village fair and many would want to go. 3) I think it might have been possible for “the group” to lose touch with each other given their separate assignments and their, most understandably, bitterness. And Morse did try to connect with Thursday but got no response from him. I have to wonder what other British shows shown on PBS that I’ve watched were sliced up as well. Well, If there is a series 7 I will most definitely purchase that one too, either the DVD or from Amazon, although the DVD was available sooner and has extras. I love your reviews and all your website information, Chris. You point out some of the nuances that might be missed in watching.

  2. I feel quite certain that we lose things via PBS because of all the advertising. They may not call it that but it certainly is – the cruises, and Ralph Lauren. I don’t give to them anymore. I’ve been watching on Netflix DVD.

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