Filming in Jericho, Oxford: Inspector Morse Locations. (Including Bookbinders Pub)

Hello everyone and welcome to more filming from when I was in oxford in April 2019.

This film is set in the Oxford area of Jericho where famously the first episode of Inspector Morse was filmed.

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Find the video below the maps.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

6 thoughts

  1. Thanks Chris for your detective work in Oxford!
    Nice that you alternate with some real shots from the episode.
    Will be in Oxford in September again and have a look for my self as you did all the frontwork.



  2. Hi Chris
    Thank you for the interesting video. I wonder which back wall Morse is climbing over when Lewis catches him in the Dead of Jericho? Maybe the now ivy clad one shown in your video. I agree that the interior of the Bookbinders is nothing like that shown in The Dead of Jericho, it is much more like a typical ‘70’s working men’s club (along with typical landlady!) and I would be inclined to think filmed elsewhere. Although sparse enough to be a film set I think the furniture is so typical I’d be inclined to think it was another genuine venue.
    Thanks again for the video, I like the way you cut it with the scenes from Morse.

  3. So cool to see the quiet river. Was thinking about Hathaway going to Zoe Kenneth’s place in Jericho,would like to have seen it,ohh wait ,it blew up,bluuu…


  4. Not changed that much, really, has it? And the boat hire company is still College Cruisers.
    I used to wander around Jericho a lot when I was at OUP. Great place for pubs and restaurants.

  5. Enjoyed that. Had a wander around Jericho on a recent trip to Oxford and saw Combe Lane and went into the Bookbinders, which does good French food. In the Morse episode, Dead of Jericho, the pub was a Morrells pub, Morrells being the main Oxford brewery, but their pubs were taken over in 1998 and most sold again to Greene King in 2002.

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