Join Me LIVE on the Social Media Site TWITCH, Monday 8pm GMT. Let’s talk about the new episode.

Hello everyone. I have created a new Twitch account on which I plan to do many exciting things in regard to Morse, Lewis and Endeavour.

On Monday night at 8pm GMT I am hoping that many of you will join me for a discussion about the new episode.

Here is how to find me. Firstly go to

This is what you will see.

Then in the search box, type morselewisendeavour.

When you finish typing you will see several options. One of those will be ‘LIVE’ click that.

You will then see this,

Click on that and it will take you to my live stream.

I hope to see you there.



Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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      1. Hi Randy. It is primarily live streaming but you can go to my Twitch channel and see the stream I did last night.

      2. Hello Chris,

        I looked at Twitch on my phone, I can’t see the recorded video, but it is available on my desktop. Odd.

        After the Endeavour season is finished, I’d enjoy seeing a discussion on British mystery authors other than Colin Dexter, maybe a reading list.

        Thanks for your work

  1. Hi Chris, thank you for this initiative. Unfortunately I have problems getting registered so that I can log in and join. I hope to get it sorted for next time.
    I loved the episode, it had a great atmosphere which to me is more important than the plot itself and all the references. It just has to feel good and this one did. Acting, camera etc. outstanding as usual and beyond discussion.
    My comments: The character in Insp.Morse, which you refer to with regards to Ronnie Box, actually looks a lot like Simon Harrison.
    Dorothea Frazil indeed might as well not have been there at all.
    I would have liked to chat about the opening noise. Fan of Led Zeppelin or not, this is just out of style and character. Surely there is plenty of classical music to illustrate aggressiveness. They sometimes seem to forget that the sixties are a frame for telling the Endeavour story rather than Endeavour being an excuse to show us the sixties.
    Glad the Joan thing has come to an end, although her reaction was illogical as usual. First she walks away even if he as good as declares his love, then keeps him away, then seeks his help, then walks away again, then behaves as a stranger, then breaks his heart matching him with another girl, and now she complains that he has kept her waiting. Good riddance, I’d say and I’m glad to see that Endeavour has given up on her. Let;s hope it stays that way.
    Will be following your chat anyway even if I can’t participate now. All the best and thanks again for all your work and effort!

    1. Thanks Josephine. I wonder why you couldn’t get registered? Hopefully it can be sorted out. Hopefully see you on Saturday.

      1. I really liked the episode. The led zeppelin music was a bit different at the start, but I liked it. I actually saw the C. Dexter reference. Off to a good start I think.

  2. I missed the chat, so sorry if I say something already discussed.

    The one thing that I really noticed is how downtrodden both Thursday and Morse early in the episode. Thursday is humiliated by the death of the officer and his demotion, made worse by reporting to a terrible boss. Morse is taking victim statements for petty crimes, knowing nothing would ever come from his reports. This was a tough story for both men, but Thursday’s boss seemed to have come around, knowing Thursday is a far better cop, and Morse gets to take off the uniform.

    I’m happy that Morse is done with Thursday’s daughter, I think that thing lasted too long.

    I thought this was one of the better stories, even though it started off a bit rough with Led Zeppelin instead of opera music. I love their music, but it seemed out of place.

    I hope to catch the next chat, I assume next Monday.

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